Friday 13 April 2012

Random Wanaka photographs #8

Two more WW1 aircraft - From The Vintage Aviation Ltd's collection - were the Gerald Thornhill TS-1 (Sopwith Camel Replica) ZK-JMU (c/n 11-11-18). This was built by Gerald in Hampshire, Illinois, USA and registered there as N4463 in May 1985. It was listed to Peter Jackson on 26-03-2001.

Below is the Bristol Fighter F2B Replica ZK-JNU (c/n ERS 2) as built up by Ed Storo in Tennessee and listed as N624 in August of 1991. It joined Peter Jackson's collection on 08-05-2002.
(I have cheated here by including this pic of her after refuelling at Rangiora on 02-04-2012, whilst on ferry to Wanaka).

Scurrying for the blue yonder is the ITL Aviation (Brendon Deere) Supermarine Spitfire MkIX ZK-SPI. This has previously served with the RAF, the Italian Air Force, the Israeli Air Force and the Burmese Air Force.
ZK-SCT (c/n 796) is the tail wheel version of the Best Off Skyranger Swift as built by Michael (Skooter) Morris of Wanaka. It came on the register on 05-03-2010. That is "Miss Swift" on the tail, and it carries the "Scootair" title below the door.

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