Thursday 31 December 2015

Phenom VH-PNM at NZTG

Parked alongside the Cessna 650 Citation N163JM (c/n 0163) at Tauranga today was the Embraer EMB500 Phenom VH-PNM (c/n 50000206)
This was registered in Australia on 08-11-2010 to Dos Equis Pty Ltd and is operated by Gojet Pty Ltd of North Nowra, NSW.
It flew over from Essendon, via Hobart to Queenstown on the 29th - on to Kerikeri yesterday and down to Tauranga today.
It has visited NZ several times.
Thanks to the MRC site or its movements.
Check out more posts on this aircraft at :-

A busy heliport.

Purely by chance I was passing the Garden City Helicopter facility today and observed a flurry of  helicopter activity to and from Hagley Park. 

See Press news item below:-
 Above a general view across the area shows the AS 350BA ZK-HGH (c/n 1443) with the all white BK117 B-2 ZK-IVB (c/n 7061) and the BK117 B-2 ZK-IMN (c/n 1018) in the distance.
 Above is a closer shot of the Aerospatiale AS 350BA ZK-HGH.
 Above is the locally based Kawasaki BK117 B-2 ZK-HJC3.
Two views of the normally Nelson based Kawasaki BK117 B-2 ZK-IMN.
 Below is the MBB BK117 B-2 ZK-IVB.
Some time later I noted what looked like a black BK117 heading for town (ZK-HUP from Dunedin ?).

Now I know why I continue to donate to the Westpac Helicopter Appeal.
You never know when you may need them.

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Wednesday 30 December 2015

Tauranga today.

Grayson Ottaway snapped these two shots at Tauranga today.
 Above is the Mitsubishi MU-2B-30 ZK-KOH (c/n 521) of Search and Rescue Services Ltd of Taupo.
See more on this one at :-
    The Cessna 650 Citation III N163JM (c/n 0163) flew into Tauranga from Wellington via Taupo on the 23rd and has been parked up since.
It is operated by Corporate Flight Services out of Wellington.

Aerobatic Monoplanes of New Zealand (11) - Rihn DR 107 One Design

I have posted on this plane before but I include it here as a purpose designed aerobatic monoplane.  This is what I posted previously:

The Rihn DR 107 One Design was designed by Dan Rihn of California, who is a very experienced designer of aerobatic planes (mostly biplanes).  The design came about in 1992 as a (relatively) low cost aerobatic aircraft for aerobatic competitions, and the International Aerobatic Club has created a special competition class for the (one) design.  The idea is that all competing aircraft would be essentially the same so that the best pilot (on the day) would become the winner.  The prototype first flew in August 1993 and by 2013 there were around 50 aircraft registered world-wide.  The airframe is mainly of wooden construction with dope and fabric covering, and it is designed to withstand plus and minus 10G.  The wing is a symmetrical Wainfan airfoil with nearly full span ailerons which give a spectacular roll rate of 360 degrees per second.  It is supplied as a kit from Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Company of Corona, CA.

It is a small plane with a length of 17 feet (5.18 metres), a wingspan of 19 feet 6 inches and a wing area of 75.5 square feet (The Pitts S 1 has a wing area of 98 square feet).  Empty weight is 740 pound (336 Kg) and MAUW is 1,155 pounds (522 Kg).  With a 150 HP O-320 engine fitted the maximum level speed is 185 MPH and the rate of climb is 2,000 feet per minute.

 ZK-XSG (c/n 940141) was registered to the One Design Partnership of Blenheim on 28/1/14. 

Thanks very much to David Wilkinson (of Vans RV 8 ZK-WLK) for the above photos.  David has a special interest in the One Design as he is building one as in the photos below.  Knowing David his plane will come together really quickly.

I reckon that is the end of my series on Aerobatic Monoplanes of New Zealand.  If I have missed any, please let me know and I will add them.

I do realise there are other monoplanes around that are used for aerobatics (Robin 2160 ZK-SPN, Slingsby T 67  ZK-TZX,  most of the Vans types, and the Citabria is Airbatic spelled backwards).  But those aircraft were designed as all round aircraft rather than specifically for aerobatics.

Vintage Aviator weekend at Masterton.

 Matt Hayes was at Masterton for the recent Vintage Aviator Flying Weekend and has sent in these great photographs to share with you.
 Here we see the Hanriot HD-1 No 75 - also known as ZK-EAY2 (c/n 75).
For more info on this airframe see :-
 Above is the Addems-Pfeifer Nieuport XI No 2123 is ZK-NIM (c/n 101) in the markings of Sgt Alvaro Leonardi of 80A Squadriglia of the Italian Air Service.
The faceis fortunello on the fuselage side is from 'The Happy Hooligan' comic strip of the period and is said to bring good luck.
 Nicely back lit is The Vintage Aviator BE2c Replica 347 - also known as ZK-TVA (c/n 762).
Lastly is the De Havilland DH5 A9242 aka ZK-JOQ2 (c/n A9507).

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Which Company was the main operator of this aircraft ??
Well at least tell what type it is ?
And what colour it is today ?

Tuesday 29 December 2015

Cessna O-1G Bird Dog

Yesterday the Cessna O-1G Bird Dog ZK-DOG (c/n 23452) was captured outside the South Canterbury Aero Club facility at Timaru.
 It had departed Ardmore early in the morning and flew to Nelson and then to Balclutha, then up to Timaru where it was photographed by Target Products.
It then carried on back to Nelson and finally back home to Ardmore.
Yep - all in one day.
Also known as a Cessna 305 this aircraft was one of about 3400 built mainly for the US Army.
This airframe c/n 23452 was allocated the US Army serial number of 53-8031 and later spent time with the South Vietnamese Air Force as 538031.
After it importation to NZ I believe it was initially penciled in to become ZK-FYB. (following ZK-FYA which is the drab olive one you see about occasionally) . It instead became ZK-DOG on 14-07-1994 with Mackley Aviation Ltd of Auckland.
It was out of circulation from April 1996 through until returning to the register on 03-10-2000 listed to Kaipara Aviation Trust.

Aerobatic Monoplanes of New Zealand (10) - Sam Fry Lazer 230

The Sam Fry Lazer 230 owes its origin to the Stephens Akro which was designed and built in America in the 1960s by Clayton Stephens.  This design led to a new type of aerobatic aircraft that could perform tighter routines than the Yaks and Zlins of the time, and its high point was American Leo Loudenslager's World Aerobatic Championships win in 1980 with his Akro Laser 200, and later Henry Haigh's win in 1988 in his Super Star - both heavily modified Akros.

This brings us to the Lazer which was built by Sam T Fry of Prairieville, Louisiana, and is also a modified Stephens Akro.  It was registered as N31LZ to Sam Fry on 16/3/95.   The engine is a Lycoming HIO-360-C1A of 230hp driving a whirlwind propeller.  On 07-11-1997 ownership was transferred to Fernando Zayas of Loveland, Colorado.  Its US registration was cancelled on the 3/3/11 for it to become ZK-LZR on the 9/3/11,  still with Fred Zayas but now of Rangiora.

That would have been about all we knew of this aircraft until the builder, Sam Fry, posted a comment on the NZ Civair blog, as follows:

"Hi, I'm the Sam Fry who built the Lazer.   The wing was built from the original Stephens Akro plan set #31, but was modified per Leo Loudenslager's advice to strengthen the spar center section and add an extra two bays to the ailerons (much larger). The fuselage was highly modified based on all the weak points that had been identified by 1990. Pitts plans were referenced for details including the cowl, fuselage shape, turtledeck; the cockpit canopy was streamlined per Leo and Henry Haigh's advice to keep it "very clean". The tailfeathers were the largest built at that time, again advice mostly from Henry Haigh. The entire airplane was scratch built from raw materials, no kit or kit components were used. I also rebuilt the engine after Monty Barrett had balanced and blueprinted the components, including the 10:1 pistons. It's a great flying airplane.

ZK-LZR (c/n 31) is photo'd here at Rangiora on 9/3/15.

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Monday 28 December 2015

Ivan Campbell's Supermarine Mk 26B Spitfire ZK-CGV

Jogged by Blue Bus's Fourth Day of Christmas quiz question, I thought I would post about the aircraft as a preview to what we can look forward to seeing in 2016.

Ivan Campbell has done a magnificent job of his 90% scale Supermarine Spitfire Mk 26B ZK-CGV2 that he registered on 11/12/15.  The aircraft is photo'd above with Ivan outside his Campbell Aero Classics Loburn Abbey hangar on 8/2/15.  

I have previously posted on this aircraft at .

Aerobatic Monoplanes of New Zealand (9) - Extra EA 300

The Extra EA 300 was designed in the 1980s by German Walter Extra, and was based on the earlier all wood Extra EA 230 which was in turn developed from the Stephens Akro.  It is manufactured in Germany by Extra Flugzeugbau, the firm founded by Walter Extra in 1980.  It has a welded steel fuselage and a symmetrical carbon fibre wing and it is powered by a AEIO 540 Lycoming engine of 300 HP.  The prototype first flew in 1988 with German certification following in May 1990.  It has been produced in two seat and single seat versions and it is stressed to +/- 10G for single seat aerobatics.  It was originally produced as a shoulder wing aircraft, but the most common version is the low wing Extra EA 300L.  The upgraded single seat Extra EA 330SC was flown to victory in the World Championships in 2009, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Specifications for the Extra EA 300L are:  length 6.95 metres (22 feet 9 inches), wingspan 7.39 metres (24 feet 3 inches) and the wing area is 112 square feet.  Empty weight is 682 Kg (1,500 pounds) and MAUW is 952 Kg (2,095 pounds), although this is reduced for aerobatics.

We have had one Extra EA 300L in New Zealand, being X Flight's ZK-XRA (c/n 085) which was first registered in America in 1999 as N848TS.  It was exported to New Zealand in 2008 and was cancelled from the US register on 1/12 08 .

ZK-XRA was first registered in New Zealand on 2/12/08 to X Flight Ltd of Auckland and it still registered to them.

It has been a flying billboard during its New Zealand career.  Above at Ardmore on 7/11/09.

At North Shore on 15/1/11.

On takeoff from Ardmore, on 23/7/11.

In temporary Woodstock Bourbon colours at Ardmore on 22/9/12.

And in what I think is its latest advertising scheme for The Rock FM, from the X Flight website.

De Havilland memories.

G’day to you all.

   I just happened across your ‘blog’ on nzcivair from way back in May 2010, in which you were requesting ‘fill in the gaps material’– I am not sure if the following constitutes expectations as you proposed, but here goes!  

   Re the Dragon; a DH84 was my first steed in a long aviation career which began in the mid 1950s. That stint was to fly the ‘Adelaide Advertiser’ from Pt. Pirie to Whyalla on weekday mornings!
    An interesting aerodyne sans any dual control facility and or brakes, starter motor as I recall; although we tend to regard them in our dotage as having a ‘romantic’ side, they would surely tax the ability of those brought up on a strict diet of FBW and the glass cockpit.
    I used to joke about it as being one of the few aircraft that took off, climbed, cruised and arrived all at the same speed – mind you I recall a story told of a US airline jock who on sighting one asked the ATC person what it was – the retort  “a collection of De Hav. spare parts flying by in close formation”.
   As an aside my father actually worked at the GMH (General Motors Holden) Woodville plant during World War Two, I’m pretty certain that he would not have even dreamed that his eldest son would one day be driving an aircraft that he may have had a part in its conception?
    Other De Hav types on licence:- DH82, DHC1, DHA3, DH114L; I guess the only one that I absolutely ‘loved’ was the Chippie; t’others pretty much conformed to that very shrewd observation by the ATC character!
   I was fortunate enough to strap a Tiger to my arse some 20yrs ago, despite not having then flown a Tiger for nigh on 40 years it was like I’d never been apart from it – so I guess that says more than a little bit about the qualities, from the driver’s aspect any way, of the DeHav. basic design  functions?

Hoping this may be of some value…David Rerecich Orewa.

PS just had a ‘memory moment’ – I recall one of my less sensible innovations was towing my mates on water skis at Whyalla during the summer weekends!
Pic above comes from the Ed Coates collection and shows the De Havilland DH84 Dragon VH-AEF at Mascot in 1945. This became ZK-AXI on 14-07-1953 - one of three Dragons that featured on the NZ civil register.
Check out previous posts on ZK-AXI at :-

On the 4th day of Christmas quiz

What engine lurks within this cowling ?
What Mk number is the aircraft ?
And to sort the wheat from the chaff - What is its NZ civil registration ?

Sunday 27 December 2015

Auckland International Today - Something Else.

Airwork Flight Operations Ltd of Auckland now has seven Boeing 737's in their fleet.
Their latest addition is this 737-476 model (c/n 24444) which was rolled out at Boeing’s Renton Field on 09-03-1993 to be registered as VH-TJS to Australian Airline on 12-03-1993. Its first flight was on the 23rd
It ferried out of Boeing Field to San Francisco, Honolulu, Apia, Nadi to arrive in Melbourne on 16-04-1993.  It was given the name ‘Jabiru’ and it commenced passenger service on 20-04-1993. Australian Airlines were merged with QANTAS on 31-10-1993. 
This was the last of the Classic Boeing 737-400’s to see service with QANTAS being withdrawn from service on 23-02-2014 after a run from Canberra to Melbourne. A couple of weeks later it was ferried from Sydney to Apia, to Honolulu on 06-03-2014 and then on to Victorville in California the next day for open storage. 
It was registered in the States as N944NZ on 02-02-2015 and hidden in the records of the Bank of Utah Trustees and was ferried over to Dothan in Alabama for freighter conversion to first fly as such on 04-12-2015. It was then ferried from Dothan to Oakland, Honolulu, Pago Pago and into Auckland on  07-12-2015. 
Registered in NZ as ZK-PAK on the 9th it did its first freight run from Auckland to Christchurch on the 15th in its all-white colour scheme.
Above is the Boeing 737-3B7 ZK-TLA (c/n 23383). This airframe first flew as N377A on 28-07-1987 and then went to US Airways as N508AU. In October of 2004 it was transferred to Wells Fargo Bank Northwest NA Trustees and appears to have gone into storage.
On 21-04-2007 it gained its NZ  CofA and became ZK-TLA on the 23rd to Airwork Holdings Ltd and then ferried from Opa Locka in Florida to Long Beach then out to Honolulu, Pago Pago and to Brisbane on the 24th. It carried out its first freight run on 01-05-2007 from Brisbane to Sydney. It is now Auckland based with Airwork Flight Operations Ltd.

Auckland International Today - Something Old, Something New, Something Black and Something White

A pick up trip to Auckland International almost always results in a return trip a few days later.  And so it was the case late this afternoon.  I was only able to spend a short time there but I caught the following Air New Zealand comings and goings:

Old scheme Q 300 ZK-NEH arrived ... 

 ... while new scheme ZK-NEW5 taxied for takeoff.

Then a couple of impressive heavies arrived: 

 Boeing B 777-319ER ZK-OKQ...

... and Boeing B 777-319ER  ZK-OKR.  They sure are big!

More from yesterdays NZRT pie run

 The Cessna A185F AgCarryall ZK-DKJ (c/n 18502276) passed through again.
I caught on December the 6th : See:-
Below is a short clip of it taking off.
Returning to land was John Ainsworth's Rand KR2 ZK-KRZ (c/n 001). 
 Now two aircraft that have been inactive for about four years were out having their engines run.
The Suzuki G13B powered Fisher R80 Tiger Moth ZK-NOX (c/n 17) was built by, and registered to  Russell Warnock on 31-03-2006.
 Below is the Ragwing Aero Special ZK-POP (c/n RWS086) of Bevin Chamberlain.
Check out :-

Both are for sale.
A visit to Masterton, 27/12

A trip over the hill to Hood Aerodrome for the last of Vintage Aviator's 2015 flying weekends resulted in the following flying machines. I believe all have featured in this blog and only one seems to be sporting a new scheme.

ICP Savannah ZK-SVH, returning after a short flight

Long Eze ZL-LEZ, c/n AACA/715

Tecnam P2002-JF UL Sierra ZK-WRA, c/n 516

Cessna 172RG Cutlass ZK-NAC2, c/n 172RG-0620

1958 Cessna 172 Skyhawk ZK-EHA2 c/n 36748, now sporting a new colour scheme

Squirecraft SA.102 Cavalier ZK-JJF, c/n FE1, registered to John Fraser from Johnsonville.

Cessna A185F amphibian N60X, c/n 18503908

1956 Cessna 180 ZK-KMK, c/n 32470, did duty as a camera ship

Super weather made for a great flying day!