Wednesday 30 April 2014

Early Colour Photos of Jurca MJ 5 Siroccos of New Zealand

This is the last instalment of early colour photos of early homebuilt aircraft from the Don Noble Collection.  To complete the aircraft that were originally posted with black and white photos,  I now post these photos of our early Jurca Siroccos. 

I originally posted on the Siroccos below at:

I have gone back and added these photos to my original post.

ZK-DAF at the 1977 AACA flyin at Masterton, 22/1/77.

ZK-ECW at Manapouri, 27/11/75.

And ZK-ECW again at Manapouri, 27/10/76.

ZK-EDQ at 1978 AACA flyin at Nelson, 28/1/78.

Ravin 500 ZU-XML

As reported on the MRC Aviation blog - the Piper PA-24 lookalike - The Troll Air Ravin 500 ZU-XML (c/n 0905021) has arrived in NZ on its Earthrounder flight which started from Cape Town on 14-07-2013.

It is Ravin airframe number 21 built in 2009.
It had a bit of an incident on 13-10-2010 at Krugersdorp : See :-
and :-

Magnaman captured these three early morning shots of it at North Shore on Sunday the 27th.

Monday 28 April 2014

Darfield Wings and Wheels.

Mr and Mrs CMM were at Charlie Draper's strip near Darfield during the weekend for the annual Wings and Wheels fund raising fly-in.
There were five Piper Cubs and a near relative on hand.
 ZK-BKX is c/n 18-4864 and is Fred Bull's Cub from Waddington.
 ZK-BNJ c/n 18-5063 is the nearby Mountain View Farms Cub.
 The Canterbury Aero Clubs ZK-BNL (c/n 18-5152) came over from Christchurch International.
 From Rangiora was the Fern Air Syndicated ZK-CXC (c/n 18-6202).
 Also from Waddington came the Piper L-18C ZK-KEZ c/n 18-1628.
 The Dog - with the Cubs close cousin -  Auster J1B ZK-AYU c/n 2730 belongs to "mine host" Charlie Draper. Charlie also has the Beagle Auster A.109 Airedale ZK-CCW on site.
 The two Chippies ZK-ARL c/n 61 is Jim Chapman's whilst ZK-XUK (c/n C1-0087) [below]
is Lou McAllister's from Cust.

 Cessna 180A ZK-BUF c/n 32935 is Gary Hood's and the Cessna A185F ZK-DPF c/n 18502421 is the Brian Fechney mount.

 ZK-SGW is Gordon Whale's Cessna 172P  ( c/n 74407).
 Over from its Rangiora base was the John Ludgater in the Bell OH58A Kiowa ZK-IXL (c/n 44062).
 The amateur build aircraft included the Jabiru SP ZK-JJR (c/n 506) from the Kintore Trust.
 The Airdrome Nieuport 24 Replica ZK-MNR (c/n 1642) is Tony Scarlett's.
 Campbell Aviation had their Titan T51 ZK-MSY (c/n 0035) down from Loburn Alley.
Out and about was the Piper PA-28R-201T Turbo Arrow III ZK-TWM (28R-7803275) from Transworld Motors Christchurch Ltd out of Rangiora.
What were the pies like ?

A special thanks to Charlie Draper for organising this event and making his property available.

Sunday 27 April 2014

Dargavilles current Fletcher ZK-DZM.

Jean210 captured the Fletcher FU24-950 ZK-DZM (c/n 214) at work out of Dargaville on 19-03-2014.
This Fletcher was first registered on 01-12-1975 to New Zealand Aerospace Industries Ltd at Hamilton. Its first flight took place at Hamilton on 21-12-1975.
The photograph below was taken by Allan Wooller a few days later at Masterton in late 1975.
It was officially listed to Air Services (Wairarapa) Ltd of Masterton on 20-01-1976.
 Below - In December 1976, and also from Allan Wooller, we see it lined up with two of its close cousins; now wearing Company script of "Air Services (Wai) Ltd".
 Below : Another year later - In late 1977 - it was spotted at Hamilton by CMM.
On 19-08-1980 it was re-listed to Wairarapa Air Services (1979) Ltd.
 Now Jump ahead to 08-04-2005 and we see it at Feilding, with some vital parts missing, and wearing the "Air Services (1979) Ltd" titles.
On 01-11-2006 it was listed to Super Air Ltd of Hamilton but the paperwork didn't come through until 05-04-2007.
 Hence on 08-02-2007 we see it below at Masterton still with Air Service markings..
 With Super Air script on its fin and its registration letters now moved to its fuselage we see it at Masterton on 18-01-2013. (and a spot of rain on the camera lens).

Early Colour Photos of Volmer Sportsman Amphibians of New Zealand

Continuing with early colour photos of two seat homebuilt aircraft of New Zealand from the Don Noble collection, I now post these photos of Volmer Sportsman ZK-EDB. 

I originally posted on Volmer Sportsman amphibians at:

I have gone back and added the second photo to my original post.

At Invercargill, 11/5/75.

At Nelson, much later on in its life, 26/12/98.

I had never seen in in this colour scheme before seeing Don Noble's photo.  Can anyone add anything to the history of ZK-EDB? - it was registered for nearly 30 years.

Super Black Racing

Eurocopter EC130B4 ZK-HKV was spotted 27 April at North Shore Airfield sporting "Super Black Racing" titles.

For more on the "Super Black Racing" background go to NZ Herald

Question time # 168. Proctor ZK-AQK

Like I said - Question time # 168 was easy - leading to this posting.
The cockpit view was from the Percival P.44 Proctor 5 ZK-AQK (c/n Ae.79).
The first note I have on this aircraft is that it was listed to Percival Aircraft Ltd and also to Paulo Periera Ignacio from 04-10-1946 through until 24-09-1947.
The NZ agent L E Clark took it on from 11-12-1947 followed by J R C Killian of Gisborne from 13-05-1948.
Pic below is an early from the Ed Coates collection.
About mid October of 1952 it went to Queenstown for Southern Scenic Air Services Ltd, and eight years later (28-10-1960) to B R R Cragg at Omaka.
Next in line appears to be Central Aviation Ltd of Roxburgh; and then I have a B Wells of Mosgiel.
I believe it was withdrawn from use at Roxburgh in 1965 and its registration was cancelled on 04-06-1966.
Further guardians appear to include Scotts Engineering Ltd in Christchurch, who operated Proctor ZK-AQZ at about this time. It (AQK) was noted as derelict at Woolston in 1972.
Philip Burns of Dunsandel seem to have re-registered on 10-11-1977.
At some point it moved to the Ashburton Aviation Museum and its registration was cancelled on 24-01-1991.
It was at Russell Brodie's Rangitata Island property from 2003 and is photographed below on 20-04-2014 as it was about to be transported back to the Ashburton Aviation Museum.
 ZK-AQK pushed out from its storage space at Rangitata Island with strops already attached for lifting purposes. Its space already partially filled by a Tiger Moth rebuild project.

If you can add to the historical details of this aircraft - feel free to add a comment.

ANZAC weekend at Rangitata Island

Along the poppy pathway to the Moth Manor at Russell at Lynda Brodie's Rangitata Island Airfield.
 The ANZAC Day Service was controlled by the Geraldine RSA with a very good address from Lt Cmdr Grant Findlayson RNZN  and the Rev John Hayhoe.
 Above we see the official party about to lay wreaths at the cairn that Russell and Lynda Brodie have built in a corner of the gardens at their Rangitata Island property.
 Saturday was more of an all family day with many activities and displays of interest.
 You could even experience "life in the trenches".
 The Ashburton Aviation Museum had a display including the Raspberry Ripple Canberra B2 nose section.
 Colin Hay trailered up a display of items from his Heritage and Sport Aviation North Otago Collection. (Above).
Although not an Aviation Event - some 40 aircraft were noted during the Saturday.
 The Goldwing ZK-FDE (c/n MAANZ/126) is the ex Neil France machine from Taupo and joined the Brodie collection in about 2005.
 Lurking in the grass was a squadron of model aircraft including this fine example of the RNZAF Vampire FB.5 NZ5757.
The real thing is suspended from the ceiling in the foyer of the RNZAF Museum at Wigram.
 Above - not a model - but the way of the future with many practical uses.
 Ray Eden's Rans S6S Coyote II ZK-SGS (c/n 01071793) taxi's in looking for a parking spot.
Grass roots aviation (almost) with the Piper PA-28R-200T 201T Turbo Arrow IV III ZK-TWM (c/n 28R-7803275) with a background of Chipmunk, Fokker, Flea and the multitude.
 Not one to miss a good rural event - Laurie Prouting dropped in with the Station Air Ltd's Hughes 369HS ZK-HQL3 (c/n 12204385S)
Transport was available down the flight line for weary aviators.
A special thanks to Allan Bowman for this report.
I'm thinking that this will have been the first of many more such occasions at this site.