Monday 30 January 2012

Interesting and Colourful Hangar-Full at Tauranga

I was delighted to be able to get into Marty Cantlon's and Mike Dean's immaculate hangar at Tauranga and to be given permission to photo the aircraft inside. I have often looked through the front windows of their striking hangar to see tantalising glimpses of the aircraft hangared inside.

The first aircraft was Titan T 51 Mustang ZK-MPC which was built by M P Cantlon and was first registered on 3/12/10.

Next was Titan T 51 Mustang ZK-MJD built by M J Dean that was first registered on 23/11/10. The 2 Mustang's were built together and were first seen at the 2010 SAANZ flyin at Tauranga, but now they are both complete and have successfully flown. Further details can be found on this blog at

Then a pair of Stearman's recently imported by Marty and Mike. ZK-USN is a A75N1 model first registered in New Zealand on 14/9/11 and owned by Marty Cantlon. It is ex N115JP.

ZK-USA is a B75N1 model first registered in New Zealand on 15/9/11, owned by Mike Dean. It is ex N65041.

And finally yet another Stearman ZK-XAF. This is a E 75 model that was first registered in New Zealand on 13/6/96. It is ex VH-HLV. This one is operated by Bay of Plenty Classic Aircraft Company Ltd and is used for passenger flights from the Classic Flyers museum.

A Handbag special

A request from Handbag asks for a photograph of his aircraft ZK-CBG.
Fletcher Fu24 Mk 11 ZK-CBG (c/n 87) started as a 240hp model with James Aviation Ltd of Hamilton, being registered on 20-09-1961 and first flew on 04-04-1962. It was re-listed to Advanced Aviation Ltd at Kaitaia on 27-09-1962; spent time with Sherwood Aviation and then back to Advanced and was uprated to a 260hp motor by 31-03-1965. It was back with the parent Company, James Aviation on 01-02-1968 and managed to have 300hp on 23-05-1968. It struck its loader at Purua on 29-03-1969 and was also damaged at Kaitaia on 21-01-1970. It was upgraded to Fu24-950M status on 13-07-1972 and was trundled down to Farmers Aerial Top Dressing Ltd of Invercargill from 20-07-1972. On 28-02-1975 it was listed back with James Aviation at Hamilton. Two more incidents occurred: a damaged nose at Ruapuke on 18-09-1976 and it struck a fence on take off at Purua on 04-05-1978.
It went to Langslow Aviation Ltd at Waipukarau on 31-08-1984 and then to R L Elliott (Trading as Eastland Contracts) of Waipukarau on 09-08-1990. Its last flight I believe was in August of 1996 and I believe it then went to Plank Aviation of Palmerston North but because it lacked "paper work" its registration was revoked on 09-09-1998. The next rumour was that it was destined for Wanganui Aero Work to be placed on a plinth but instead became a parts source for other WAW FU24's.
This pic of ZK-CBG was taken at Dannevirke in 1978 or 1979 and was kindly supplied by Allan Wooller.
The top pic was shot at Taieri on 04-03-1974.

A Selection from Tauranga during SAANZ Flyin

I travelled down to the SAANZ flyin at Tauranga on the Friday, which was the judging day for aircraft. Unfortunately the weather was not good during the day with a fast moving front crossing the North Island, but it cleared up nicely in the late afternoon.

The numbers of sport aircraft were well down on previous flyins with only around 25 visiting aircraft tied down overnight in the area allocated to SAANZ. (I recall there were about 80 sport aircraft at the last Tauranga flyin 2 years ago).

However there is always something interesting to photograph, and hangars to poke around in, so I will post what I found.

Seawind 3000 ZK-SWK has a Tauranga connection as it was built there by John Borman and a team of helpers. It is operated by Seaworks and it is owned by the Day Family Trust of Wellington.

Yak 52 ZK-YNZ is owned by ZK-YNZ Ltd of Pauanui Beach, and looked very colouful in the late sun.

And Europa XS ZK-EPA is a very active aircraft, and I saw it at Whitianga and Waihi Beach over the weekend.

Sunday 29 January 2012

New Kitfox at SAANZ Flyin Tauranga

Not strictly part of the SAANZ flyin at Tauranga was this Kitfox Lite Squared N7800L which is to become ZK-ELE for L C Renwick of Auckland. (I bet you always wanted to know what a Kitfox Lite Sqared looked like!)

Question time # 146 re-visited

We have not made much progress with this Question Time to date.
Sir Minty is on track with his suggestion that the first clue (above) was a propeller from a motorised glider.
This second view should clinch the deal real quick.


Three views of Christchurch International Airport from Bargeld01.
Top view is looking roughly southwest

Lower view is looking roughly south.

Crossing overhead to join downwind left hand for 02.

Saturday 28 January 2012

More from "The Coast" from Matt

On its trolley at Hokitika on 24-01-2012 was the Schweizer 269C ZK-HGJ2 (c/n S1388) of Karamea Helicopters Ltd. This spent a couple of years in the UK before moving to NZ in 1991.
Another Hokitiaka based helicopter is the Anderson Helicopter's Aerospatiale AS 350B2 Ecureuil ZK-HKA3 (c/n 2887).
 The Alister Yeoman Murphy Rebel ZK-JHY (c/n 513) from Ashburton.
Over from Rangiora was the Piper PA28R-201T Turbo Arrow 11 ZK-TWM (c/n 28R-7803275) of Transworld Motors Christchurch Ltd.

Christchurch today 28-01-2012

Bargeld01 reports from Christchurch International, Saturday 28-01-2012.
The Massey University School of Aviation's Diamond DA40 ZK-MTJ (c/n 40.1020) was at rest over the tie down wires near the Aero Club
The "scoop" for the day; is this Cessna 172R ZK-NAD4 , which made a local flight and then continued on its way.
It is actually the old ZK-JLY which CTC Aviation Training flicked off to the Nelson Aviation College on 16-01-2012. On the 24th, ie last Tuesday, it was re-registered in the NA* registration block now being used by Nelson Aviation College.
FYI. The first two allocations of the NAD letters went to Boeing 737's for ANZ; the third allocation was for a GAF N24 Nomad.
 Above; back in town briefly; is the Reims/cessna F406 Caravan 11 ZK-XLF (c/n F406-0057) of Kiwi Air from Gisborne. It dropped a sports team from the North.

Matt Hayes reports in

Matt has reported in from "The Coast" with these four photos.
The first three are at NZHK on 24-01-2012 and the Beech was at NZGM on the 23rd.
Piper PA28-140 Cherokee ZK-CIV (c/n 28-20798) went on line at Omaka with the Marlborough Aero Club in about November of 1965. In February of 71 it went to Gisborne and has been there ever since. Firstly at the Gisborne Flying School; then quickly to the Gisborne Aero Club; then with R J Jones from January 1973. In August 1995 title changed to the Jones Dymock Syndicate.
AFAIK this Piper PA28R-200 Cherokee Arrow ZK-EBA (c/n 28R-7535101) has been with the Ashe Farms Ltd since new in 1975. And that looks like its original 1975 scheme.
ZK-ESK is a Piper PA28-181 Archer 11 (c/n 28-181-7890046). It reached NZ from the US in late 1981 for Eagle Aviation. A multitude of owners later it was listed on 28-04-2005 to Chris Elworthy of Timaru
A quick snap of Beech 200 Super King Air ZK-FDR (c/n BL31) departing Greymouth on the 23rd.

Rangiora locals on Friday 27-01-2012

The new Evector Harmony LSA ZK-CGM2 now showing its "approved" registration layout.
See earlier blog for how it arrived with a "non approved" style.

Below we have four shots from Bargeld01.
The Robinson R44 Clipper ZK-IJA (c/n 0893) of Jasra Helicopters was circuit bashing before scurrying back to the Heli Centre at Christchurch International.
 Below are three views of the Mike Flemming Phoenix Luton LA-4A Minor U/L ZK-CLL (c/n PAL/1153) out trying out its new propeller.

AOPA lunch at Loburn Abbey # 2

Above is the Brent Ferguson (Air Loans) Piper PA46-310P Malibu ZK-MBU (c/n 46-8508094). This arrived in NZ for Brent on 23-01-1987 and operated under its US registration of N2482Y until becoming ZK-MBU on 18-10-1993.
Below is the Piper PA28-180G Cherokee ZK-DGG (c/n 28-7205225) as listed to E R and S C Bain of Hamilton.
Both these two (MBU and DGG) are photographed at NZRT, but were also at Loburn Abbey).
From Tapanui came the Cessna 180A ZK-TSM (c/n 180A-32678) of M J and M G Parks. This is a 1957 model which has served in Australia, PNG and lastly in the UK as G-BTSM. It is the last three letters of this UK registration that have created its ZK identity.
The Piper PA32-300 Cherokee Six ZK-OMT (c/n 32-40927) was ZK-ECV in a previous lifetime. It was listed to George Glaister of Milton on 18-12-2002 and re-registered as ZK-OMT on 26-02-2003.
A real Cessna 172: ZK-PDD is a 1959 veteran with the c/n of 172-46108 [about the eleven hundredth 172 built]. It came to NZ in 1994 after all those years in Australia. It is listed to F J and EM Bain of Pukekohe. ("PDD" being the initials of its original NZ owner).
Oops !  How sad, too bad - another photo of Cessna 180A ZK-TSM.
Thanks to Ivan and Sandy for permission to wander around their lovely airfield.

AOPA lunch at Loburn Abbey #1

The AOPA lunch was held at Ivan and Sandy Campbell's Loburn Abbey airfield on Friday (27-01-2012). Here is a selection of the visiting aircraft.Below is the Cessna 172B ZK-CAA (c/n 172B-48413). Older than most of you guys !
First registered to Rural Aviation on 06-04-1961 for the Southland Aero Club. It is now with Murray Smith of Te Awamutu.
Piper PA28-140E ZK-DEK (c/n 28-72251554) is the Ian Begbie Cherokee up from Ashburton. This one spent its first ten years with the Canterbury Aero Club.
The DFV Syndicate's Cessna 177B Cardinal ZK-DFV (c/n 177B-01662) did its first thirteen years service with the New Plymouth Aero Club.
Piper PA18 Super Cub ZK-ERB (c/n 18-5290) has a story to tell. Briefly it began its life as ZK-BNS in the ag role with Aerial Farming of NZ Ltd in December of 1956, moving to Hawkes Bay Aerial Top Dressing Co Ltd in early 1960. From 1966 until 25-10-1989 it was with the Southland Gliding Club. Following this date it required a substantial rebuild - from which it ultimately became ZK-ERB on 18-02-2000 with the ZK-ERB Super Cub Partnership. It is now a member of the Marlborough Aero Club.
 ZK-MAG is a Cessna 172P Skyhawk 11 (c/n 172P-75101). After thirteen years in Oz it came to NZ in 1995. Currently listed with Melville Bain in the Hamilton area.

AOPA Fly through Rangiora 27-01-2012

AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) are currently on a bit of an outing. About midday Friday (27-01-2012) a selection of aircraft dropped briefly into Rangiora for fuel before proceeding up to join many others at Loburn Abbey for lunch. Some of these include:- Above: the Cessna 182R ZK-CAH2 (c/n 182R 68419) of Gynacc Air Ltd from Auckland.
Cessna 172M Skyhawk ZK-DHV (c/n 172M 61063); originally a New Plymouth Aero Club aircraft from 1973; now listed with Rutherford Associated Ltd from Geraldine.
Above is the John Rutherford Maule M-5-210C Strata Rocket ZK-FNG (c/n 6033C) down from Landsborough in North Canterbury. This Maule was originally imported in late 1986 for Pollux Aviation of Makarora.
An NZRT local, but also a participant, was the Cessna 182R Skylane ZK-JPN (c/n 182R 67795) of Stephen Brown.
Up from down Gore way was the Stoddard Hamilton Glastar ZK-NMG (c/n 5591) of Allan Brocket.
Bigger brother, Glasair Sportman 2+2 ZK-SPO (c/n 7071) is from Feilding with Graeme Donald
This is now powered with an IO-360 with a tuned exhaust - giving around 200hp.

Thursday 26 January 2012

More from Rangitata Island.

Bargeld01 also got into Rangitata Island today (26-01-2012). Here are five shots from a selection he offered.
First view is on final for grass vector 30 on the Russell Brodie strip at Rangitata Island. Hangars and house on the right among the tress, with the "Moth Manor" just on the left of the grass vector.
I make no apologies for showing the Cessna 180A ZK-BUQ of Skydiving Kiwis again.
Rangitati Island is the "home" of the Rans in NZ, with East Canterbury Aviation being the NZ agents.
Above is the Rans S-10 Sakota ZK-ECA2 (c/n 0393157) built up by the Company in 1994 and then owned by four private owners before rejoining East Canterbury Aviation on 20-05-2006.
Somewhat similar looking - is the Rans S-9 Chaos ZK-KLI (c/n 0593123) initially with M Brown of Whitianga from June of 1994, before moving to Hasting in 1995. It came south to Owen Marsden of Geraldine in December of 2001 and is now listed to the Geraldine Syndicate.
Above is the Russell Brodie Eipper Quicksilver MX 11 ZK-MXK (c/n MAANZ/296). This is a real grass roots flyer, fast approaching thirty years old.