Friday 30 September 2011

Another Pac Aero 750XL readies to head offshore

Photographed at Hamilton 30 September in Island Hopper colours was Pacific Aerospace 750XL ZK-KBP (178).  It will join ZK-KBD which was delivered to Nadi in July.

Thanks to Sean for these photos

Ardmore 29 September

As blogged earlier, Cessna 182T ZK-SAR/3 is now sporting titles and I caught up with it departing Ardmore late afternoon.

Ardmore was closed for a short period at 1730 so that P40 Kittyhawk ZK-CAG, flown by Frank Parker, could conduct an aerial display.

Arrived at new home. ZK-JRU

Two photographs taken at Timaru on 22-09-2011. Above, as the Avtech Jabiru ST ZK-JRU (c/n ST0013) taxies away from the fuel pumps after arriving down from Waipukarau and Foxpine with its new owner Murray McMillan.
Above it is parked out in front of the Aviation Museum hangar.
Interestingly it has gone full circle, as it carried out its first flight at Timaru on 18-01-1996 having been registered to, the then Jabiru agents, Agricultural & Related Industry Distributors Ltd of Rakaia two days earlier. It then spent some time with the Mid Canterbury Aero Club at Ashburton, was re-designated as a Avtech Jabiru ST3 on 30-10-1998 and was ultimately sold to John and Jenny Lester of Foxton on 09-08-2002. On 09-09-2004 it went to Richard Anderson at Waipukurau until being acquired by its new owner on 14-09-2011. Murray has been up north for a couple of weeks being check out in his new machine.

Another look at ZK-HSG

Following the earlier mention of the Bell B206 JetRanger 11 ZK-HSG -  Steve from sent in a couple of earlier photos, to which I have added a couple to show HSG throughout its career to date.
Above is ZK-HSG as captured at Kanieri in spray mode by Steve on 12-05-1985. It is in its original ex Canadian Okanagan Helicopters colour scheme.
Below. Another of Steve's photos shows it in the well known Whirlwide/Helicopter Line etc colour scheme just a few months later. Seen at Hokitika on 21-09-1985.
 Below was shot at Christchurch a year later 22-09-1986.
 Another Christchurch shot but on 11-09-1987 - minus the "G" of its registration.
 Below. On what is now the Garden City Helicopter base we have HSG in Anderson Helicopters script. The letter "A" within a white square on the nose.
 At work somewhere on the Coast. Can't recall where or when (Maybe up the Cropp ?).
 With spray gear fitted at Hokitika on 20-12-2009
 And the original Matt Hayes pic below that started this posting. At Hoki
Bell JetRanger 11 ZK-HSG (c/n 1555) was recently captured sitting in the sun at Hokitika by Matt Hayes.
It was first registered in Canada as C-GLDR in January of 1975 and it first flew in NZ on 23-06-1982 and was registered to Whirl-Wide Helicopters Ltd at Timaru the same day. It was transferred to The Helicopter Line on 15-07-1988 which later became Tourism Holdings, and then to Anderson Helicopters Ltd at Hokitika on 18-12-1989.

Thursday 29 September 2011

Some Taupo changes.

Henry McIntyre has kindly sent in the following photos from Taupo.
Above is the recently acquired Cessna 172S ZK-COS3 (c/n 172S-9752) of Izard Pacific Aviation Ltd.

Taupo Air Service has been taken over by Izard Pacific with the Cessna 172M ZK-DHU already sold, Cessna U206F ZK-TAM is on the marked and the Cessna 177B Cardinal ZK-CXM is currently parked in the hangar awaiting some engine attention. Not sure about the Cub ZK-BRQ.

Some recent visitors include the Pacific Jets Cessna 680 Sovereign ZK-JTH (c/n 680-0058)
The Avia Air Charter Ltd Piper PA31Navajo, Colemill Panther conversion, ZK-LTD (c/n 31-7300918)
Below -  Piper PA34-220T Seneca ZK-TZO (c/n 3449112) of Izard Pacific Aviation. This was previously ZK-MBA with Massey Uni between 2003 and 2009.
 A look along the hangar line shows the Piper Seneca ZK-TZO and the Cessna ZK-JTH

Cancelled today ZK-UBU

The Cessna 207 Skywagon ZK-UBU (c/n 207-00119) arrived  in Auckland on 25-06-1994 after ferrying from Australia where it had been operating as VH-UBU since new in early 1970. It was flown down to Te Anau and became ZK-UBU on 18-08-1994 for Fiordland Experience Group.  
To photo shows her at Queenstown on 23-03-1995 in "Air Fiordland - The Friendly Scenic Way" script.
Photo below is at Dunedin on 09-09-2005.
In December 2005 title changed to Airflite South Ltd of Mosgiel before transfer to Brian Grant of Outram on 22-02-2006.
 Above UBU at Taieri on 09-11-2010
Its NZ registration was cancelled today 29-09-2011. The above photograph from Henry McIntyre shows it parked at Taupo yesterday.

Wednesday 28 September 2011

The Guimbal Cabri's get masked for colour.

The two new Guimbal Cabri G2's ZK-HCS4 and ZK-IDC get masked up today at Pacific Aircraft Services in Christchurch ready for a splash of colour to be added.

Coyoye ZK-RGM taxies off the field.

Richie Gaulter taxies his Rans S-6ES Coyote 11 ZK-RGM (c/n 1094683) off the Timaru airfield to his hangar today (28-09-11). This Rans was first registered on 20-03-1996.

Tuesday 27 September 2011

ZK-HSG at Hokitika in the sun.

Bell JetRanger 11 ZK-HSG (c/n 1555) was recently captured sitting in the sun at Hokitika by Matt Hayes.
It was first registered in Canada as C-GLDR in January of 1975 and it first flew in NZ on 23-06-1982 and was registered to Whirl-Wide Helicopters Ltd at Timaru the same day. It was transferred to The Helicopter Line on 15-07-1988 which later became Tourism Holdings, and then to Anderson Helicopters Ltd at Hokitika on 18-12-1989.

Monday 26 September 2011

From the fishing boats.

During the second half of the 1990's quite a number of US Tuna Clippers arrived in Nelson to undergo maintenance but for some reason this came to a halt. Most of these vessels carried a helicopter for fish spotting and these were generally parked at the Airport while the ship was here.
It is good to see that they have started to arrive again but most without helicopters. So far this year four have arrived but only one, the tuna purse seiner Western Pacific, with a helicopter, this aircraft has also undergone maintenance, carried out by Helicare Maintenance.
Photo was taken just prior to a test flight at Nelson Airport 31-08-2011 of Hughes 369HS N504LA (c/n 106-0862S)
It has no NZ connections to my knowledge.
Above is a pic of the Western Pacific.
Report kindly sent in by Peter Campbell of Nelson.

Ardmore 26 September

Is this really a Super Sonic Transport?  Well, it might be quick so perhaps the rego is apt.  Vans RV8 ZK-SST visiting from North Shore.

Having been cancelled from the register following a landing accident was Bede 5 ZK-ZIP.

Cessna 172L ZK-DAY is a recent arrival on the sale lot with Dennis Thompson

Eurocopter AS350 ZK-IDQ was carrying out maintenance flight/s from Eurocopter.

Not the best shot but one for the record.  Cessna 182 ZK-SAR inside the Hawker Pacific hanger now with some colour and titles added.
All photos M Condon

Exported. GAF N24A Nomad ZK-NMC

Listed as cancelled as exported today (26-09-2011) was this GAF24A Nomad ZK-NMC(c/n N24A-34).
It was first registered to the Department of Health Northern Territory Medical Service (Flying Doctor is easier to say) of Darwin on 03-11-1977 as VH-DHP. In September of 1987 it went to Skywest Aviation Pty Ltd of Cloverdale, West Australia and then was noted parked up at Darwin until listed to Kelvin Stark of Auckland on 17-12-1996. It arrived in NZ in December of 1996 and joined the Air Safaris & Services (NZ) Ltd  fleet at Tekapo from 05-05-1997 as ZK-NMC.

The Guimbal Cabri G2 has arrived.

The first two Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopters have arrived at Pacific Aircraft Services at Christchurch Airport. ZK-HCS4 (c/n 1024) is already assembled with ZK-IDC (c/n 1025) about to be.
One has already been sold with the other remaining as a demonstrator and trainer with Pacific Aircraft Services;
Above, ZK-HCS out in the sum whilst below, ZK-IDC awaits rotor blades.
Note the vertical exhaust from the Lycoming O-360.
For more - check out 
Pacific Aircraft Services are the NZ agent for Guimbal sales and service.

Friday 23 September 2011

Friday lunch at Rangiora 23-09-2011

Jodel D.18 duo. ZK-JVG in the background with ZK-JPK2 (c/n RG8) closest. Built by Murray Farr of Marton, Robbie Gentry of Tauranga, it moved south to Graeme Main and Chris Pennell in April of 2008. It has now moved to the sole ownership of Chris Pennell, now that Graeme Main has his ZK-JVG up and running.
The second Ibis Magic GS-700 ZK-MGC (c/n GS-05-08-700-69), as yet without its marks applied, was registered on 16-09-2011. Expect to see it go on line at Wanaka soon. That is the first Magic ZK-PLC behind with the weight shifters out in the sunshine in the left rear.
About to commit its first act of aviation is the Aero Design PulsarXP ZK-MIV (c/n 294). This project started life in South Africa and has been completed in Rangiora.
Surprise catch for the day was this Aeroprakt A22 ZK-MYD2 (c/n 079) which is now domiciled not too far north of Rangiora. It was originally registered as ZK-PGC back on 10-08-2004 to Gary Conroy at Hastings but transferred to JST Aero Holdings in June of 2011 and was re-registered to MYD in July.

NDT at The Club.

Quenching a thirst at the Canterbury Aero Club late this morning (23-09-2011) was the Cessna 501 Citation ZK-NDT (c/n 501-0198). Previously listed as ZK-NBR and N800DT before that. It is currently listed with Dennis Thompson International Ltd.

Long Haul Helicopter Delivery

Arriving at Auckland around 2220 on 22 September was this BK117 VH-RLI. Registered to Helicorp Pty, the BK117 B-2 made the journey from Noumea via Norfolk Island having arrived in New Caledonia the previous day from Port Vila.

This helicopter, c/n 1018, started life as JA9940 and was imported to NZ to become ZK-HNE with Garden City Helicopters in May 1997. It was cancelled in the June of 1998 and was exported to Australia where it was first registered VH-RLI. It again returned to NZ and this time took up the marks of ZK-IMN with Heli-Works in March 2009. As ZK-IMN, the BK117 was noted flying flying from Coffs Harbour to Maroochydore and Proserpine on 24 March 2009 and to Hamilton Island and Cairns the following day. On 26 March 2009 the BK117 continued north to Port Moresby and it was cancelled from the registered to again become VH-RLI on 01 January 2010.

It has since returned to NZ on re-delivery to Garden City Helicopters of Christchurch.


Thursday 22 September 2011

Hardly civil.

Try as I might today at Ashburton, my attempts to photograph the Museums civil aircraft were thwarted by this Skyhawk thing. NZ6204, newly arrived.

Still resident at Timaru. ZK-CHP.

Whilst filling in time at Timaru Airport today (22-09-2011) I snuck into the local Aviation Museum hangar and finally managed to get a reasonably clear shot at the De Haviland Canada Chipmunk 22A ZK-CHP2. Interestingly this was cancelled from our register on 23-04-2009 as exported !

From the Department of fond memories.

Way back, when men were men, I was mucking about on "The Coast" in the late Cessna 172E ZK-CGA, when Cessna 180A ZK-BUQ, still in Southern Scenic marks,  joined us for a couple of minutes at the mouth of the Turnbull River. BUQ is still in fine form but alas CGA crashed in the Ohau Hills in September of 67.
Just an odd pic - for no particular reason - from the fond memories department.