Monday 19 September 2011

Question time # 137

Now - you don't see these every day !
What purpose does it serve ?
Where would you normally expect to find it ?
You may even put a ZK registration on it if you wish !


  1. The floor has a heli maintenace look about it and the chrome device is at the end of a landing skid on HAB which holds a aerial whip (not a leather one) Do I get a chocolate fish or a pinapple lump. CMM

  2. Good evening CMM.
    Now listen up.
    It is not the floor at Heli Maintenence. They are much more hygenic than where this item was picturegraphed.
    It is not HAB/1, /2, or /3 (pending)
    It is not an aerial, nor attachment therefore.
    No chocolate fish, pinapple lump or Fredo Frog for you !

  3. It's a weight on the skid of a Rotorway Exec. Sometimes it's on the skid, sometimes it's under the tail boom. All depends if it's flown solo or with 2 up.

  4. Or it could be ZK-HUO, a Rotorway A-600 Talon. Both the exec and the talon have the same balance weight.