Tuesday 30 March 2010

Collins Road, Hamilton

The Waikato Microlight Club staged their 4th Open Day at their Collins Road strip located on the southern fringes of Hamilton City. Other family orientated activities participated in the event held on the surrounding farm land including off road vehicle rides and remote control aircraft displays. Strong southwest winds did not deter aviator's from taking members of the public on joy rides and interestingly the following day, with little wind at all, there was less in the way of 'visiting' aircraft.

The following gravity defying machines were on location over the weekend of 27/28Mar.

Rotor Flight Dominator; RAW
Tandem Dominator; REG
C172; DXO, MAT
Quicksilver; FXO
Mirage; FEQ
Zenair CH701SP; ESY
Zenith CH601XL; MEY, OBH
Tecnam; NOL, TEB
Jodel D11; DBY, MMB
Rand Kar Xair; JCK, JOX
Robertson B1-RD; MLW
Alpi ; LPJ, TNB
McNair Mynah; FQU
Sportscruiser; SXY
Aviation Storm; WCO
Rans Sakota; SIO
Bell 47J; ICJ
Dragonfly; IXE

Monday 29 March 2010

Safari at Rangiora

Below is a selection of photographs taken at Rangiora today (Monday the 29th March 2010).
First pic shows a bunch of AutoGyro Europe MTo3 Eagles with ZK-YOG , c/n NZ005 , nearest.

Zenair CH701 STOL amphibian ZK-STL , c/n 7-9777 , with the two Bob's races away.

Cessna 182) Skylane ZK-SGH , c/n 182P-62007 showing part of its Peterson 260SE Stol conversion mods. (see comments).

The near new Autogyro Europe Calidus Fern ZK-OTM , c/n NZC001 , just arriving for lunch.
OTM presumably for Otmar Birkner.

Bob Power and Peter Mant with the FoxconTerrier 200 ZK-NRS , c/n 2003 .

There were a couple of Maules about. Mx-7-180A ZK-MUL , c/n 20052C , with David & Daniel Campbell is a 2007 import.

Michael Boyles dropped in with his Thorp S-18T ZK-MBY , c/n 222 ,

Chris & Matthew Hoffman head away on the next leg in the tidy Piper PA-28R-201 Arrow 111 ZK-EIF , c/n 28R 7837132.

A "real" Cessna 172 was this Skyhawk ZK-EHA2 , c/n 36748 , wearing a for sale label on its side window.

Didn't see a lot of warbirds around. Nanchang ZK-JQS and the RNZAF Parrot NZ1988 were on the ground with the Catalina flying overhead. Plus of course the Rob Mackley Cessna O-1G Bird Dog ZK-DOG , c.n 23452, in better than new condition.

The Grumman American AA5A Cheetah ZK-DLL , c/n AA5A-0409 , with Margaret and Colin Wright was looking rather smart also.

Not conected with the Safari (afaik) was the Don Boyd Zenair CH601 HDS ZK-DBZ2 , c/n 6-2284. It was at Brent Thompsons's having its propeller attented to.

"Little Legs" was noted on the side of the Tecnam P92 Echo Super ZK-CLH2.

One of the older aircraft seen was the 1954 vintage Southair Cessna 180 ZK-BEL , 30614.

Lined up to go after lunch.

Our 1000th posting.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have contributed in some way to helping us reach this - our 1000th blog.
The first tentative blog appeared on 12-12-2007.

I would also like to thank the aircraft and airfield owners and operators who allow us to photograph their aircraft and permit us to meander around their hangars and airfields.

Some recent accident victims.

Cessna U206G Stationair 6 11 ZK-SKT , c/n U206G-06609, was involved in a fatal crash on take off at Marsden Cove on 12-03-2010.
Pic taken at Nelson on 07-12-2004.

Robinson R22 Beta ZK-HVC2 , c/n 0954 , from Minaret Station, beyond Wanaka, hooked its skid on a strop and rolled over backwards and down a hill on 16-03-2010.
This pic taken at Wanaka Airport in the early hours of 13-04-2006.

Robinson R22HP ZK-HTD , c/n 0223 , struck the terrain courtesy of a downdraught in the Paparoa Ranges, on 11-03-2010.
Pic taken at Heli Maintenance at Christchurch on 04-12-2009.

Bell 206B JetRanger 11 ZK-HBJ2 , c/n 206B-1211 had a ground strike after a spraying run near Wairoa on 11-02-2010.
Pic taken at Hastings 09-02-2007.

Sunday 28 March 2010

More SportCruiser

At Stratford last weekend (20-03-2010) there were four Sportcruisers lined up .

One of them - ZK-CZR2 , c/n 06SCC020 , is somewhat different from the others in having a steerable nosewheel modification done. This aircraft has now done some 770 hours with the Motueka Recreational Flight Training Ltd since July of 2007 (thanks to Alistair Hart - who in his spare time drives a -8 Q300).
Below (as a comparison) is the standard castoring nosewheel - This one on, ZK-DAR , c/n 07SC074 , is from Peter Rutledge's Aerohire Ltd of Tauranga.

Piper SportCruiser

As I am sure you all already know - Piper have announced the taking over of the worldwide distribution of the Czech Aircraft Works SportCruiser and rebranding it as the PiperSport.
Production is to remain in the Czech Republic with three equipment standard models to be available. There is the basic version followed by the LT and the LTD versions.
Aerosport Aviation's ZK-SXY5 has already been rebranded as the PiperSport, as seen above at Stratford with Anton on 20-03-2010. I believe that Aerosport have been appointed as the Australasian agents for Piper.

Cessna 180 ZK-BUS

Well since the picture link in the comment posted below didn't seem to work, I shall repost it here.

Syd Lister and his 'old bus' at Levels 1977

Question time # 91

A very easy one this week.
What aircraft type & model is this.

& in case of a flood of correct answers, tell me what its current registration is -
Then how about its previous registration.

Judges decision will be final & no correspondence will be entered into.

Saturday 27 March 2010

I remember when !

I remember when the Wellington Aero Club operated two Cessna 180's ZK-BUS and ZK-BKG.
The pic below shows them together at Wellington. (Lyall Bay under the cowl of BKG).

ZK-BKG , c/n 30376 , spent a couple of years on the US register between 1953 and its registration to the Wellington Aero Club on 5-10-1955. It received its NZ C of A on 17-10-1955 and was first flown the following day by Cliff Andrews (designer & builder of the Andrews A1 ZK-BLU). It was sold to Aerial Work (Marlborough) on 11-02-1960; went to the North Otago Aero Club in October of 1961 followed by a hire to Southern Scenic from late 1962. Brian & Frank Hore of Gimmerburn and Nokomai Stations operated her from early 1963 until passing it to Rex Aviation in April of 1972 for onward sale to the Richards family of Hororata and Darfield. Richard Royds of Aoraki Mount Cook Ski Planes joined the list on 17-04-2003. It is still very much alive and well. Pic below taken at Ashburton on 16-01-2010.

ZK-BUS , c/n 30949 , came along a little later. Joining the Club on 19-08-1957 & gaining its C of A on 13-09-1957. It had an interesting event at Paraparaumu on 24-12-1958 when it was blown onto the Auster ZK-ATP. Both survived to fly again. It was sold to and listed with Syd Lister of Temuka on 23-01-1963 and remained with him for something like 37 years, until passing to Terry Hewitt of Wenderry Holdings of Ashburton on 18-07-2000. Pic shows ZK-BUS in its hangar at Ashburton on 07-02-2009 which it shares with the Cessna Titan ZK-NDY.

That probably means that the photo of them both together at Wellington was taken between August 1957 and February of 1960.

Friday 26 March 2010

Bell Garlick and Tamarack UH-1's

On the 19th of March I just happened to be motoring through Eltham and found this Bell (Garlick) UH1-B ZK-HHB2 , c/n 3114 , sitting on its trolley at Beck Helicopters. Built as 65-12856 for the U S Army for delivery to Kongelige Norske Luftarsvaret as #856 (the last three numbers of its US serial). It was withdrawn from service in 1991 and went back to the US for civil conversion by Garlick Helicopters of Hamilton Montana. It was registered as N123MS in January of 1992 to Construction Helicopters Inc of Porter Valley in California.

By November of that year it was in NZ and become ZK-HHB2 on 18-11-1992 for Beck Helicopters Ltd.

About 1/2 a km north I found Bell (Tamarack) UH-1F ZK-HHF3 , c/n 7009 , seemingly trying to park at the top of a piece of rope. It was actually dousing a small fire which I assume was a training mission.

This Huey was built for the USAF and carried the serial 63-13149 and spent much of its service life supporting the missile sites. It was stored at AMARC (Davis Monthan) in January 1986. Tamarack Helicopters of Stevensville, Montana placed it on the US civil register as N2412G on 28-01-2003. It became ZK-HHF3 on 09-06-2003 for Beck Helicopters.

Air New Zealand Engineer Training Centre aircraft

Whilst checking out the Cougar ZK-PAP I was kindly permitted to check out the other airframes used in the ANZ Engineering Training Centre at Christchurch.
Above is the Bell 206A JetRanger ZK-HVH2 , c/n 423. This was damaged near Turangi on 27-09-1991 and cancelled in June of 1992. Note its shortened tail boon.

A second JetRanger is this Italian built Agusta AB206B ZK-HPB2 , c/n 8002 . It came to grief when it rolled on landing on the Fox Neve on 06-70-2002. It was cancelled on 07-02-2003.

Piper PA-38-112 Tomahawk 11 ZK-EVA1 , c/n 38-81A0017 was new to the MDAC at Palmerston North in 1982. Its claim to fame would have to be its midair collision with its hangar mate, Tomahawk ZK-EQM over Aokautere (near Palmerston North) on 30-07-1989. It was later registered to the Ardmore Flying School until being cancelled as withdrawn on 24-12-1999.

Tomahawk ZK-EQG , c/n 38-79A1144 began its career with the Nelson Aero Club in early 1980. After several ownership changes it was back with the Nelson Club when it was cancelled as withdrawn on 21-07-2006.

ZK-EIX , c/n 38-79A0649 started off at the South Canterbury Aero Club in 1979. It had a heavy landing at Christchurch on 21-10-1998. Ownership changed to Ron Potts on 10-01-2000 - but did it ever fly again ?

It was cancelled as withdrawn on 24-09-2004.

Aero Commander 500 ZK-CWP1 , c/n 500-842-98 has been in NZ since 1968 when it was listed with the Rotorua Aero Club. After a heap of owners I seem to recall that it sat in a derelict state at Ardmore until its registration was revoked on 03-07-2002. (I wondered where it had disappeared to).

Cessna 172F ZK-CHT , c/n 172-52188 failed to get airborne off a strip on Molesworth on 01-03-2005. It was cancelled on 09-08-05 and its mortal remains sat at Timaru for a while.

A second Friendship ZK-BXI , c/n 10286 , is also on site, although it is in several sections.