Sunday 30 January 2011

Citation Mustang ZK-MOT

Still on the NZ register is Citation Mustang ZK-MOT, nee ZK-MUS/1.  It departed from Wellington 25 March 2010 for Auckland, Lord Howe Island, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast Airport.  It flew to Toowoomba, carried out a local flight and returned to Sunshine Coast on 07 April before heading south to Sydney's Bankstown GA airport on 18 May.  It doesn't appear to have flown until 28 Jan 2011 when it made a trip to Essendon and back to Bankstown.
At Essendon 28 January, Gordon Reid photo

Saturday 29 January 2011

Masterton Misc.

 The Aero L-39C ZK-CCPof Albatros Ltd  arrives.
 Above is the AutoGyro Europe Calidus Fern , c/n NZC002 , ZK-ZMM of Gyrate NZ Ltd. First registered on 03-12-2010. It was accompanied by the AutoGyro Europe MT03 Eagle ZK-ZEE2.
"Approval pending" for the Rake Mk1 - Handling ! In use on the De Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk ZK-PTN , c/n C1-0834.

Behold. Another Cessna at NZMS

Cessna A185F Skywagon c/n A185F-02103 spent its youth in Australia from 1973, until purchased by Timothy Douglas-Clifford. It was spied in Auckland on 23-07-1993, cancelled from the VH register and became ZK-TDC (for obvious reasons) on 12-10-1994. on 05-12-2000 its ownership details were moved to Skydive Wanaka Trust and it was reregistered as ZK-ROK the same day. This in turn was changed to ZK-ROL on 29-08-2002 to allow the Cresco to take up the ZK-ROK marks. The 185's ownership moved to Craig Thompson of Timaru on 10-11-2006.

Bell Long Ranger ZK-ISF

As was widely reported in the media and the type subsequently confirmed, Bell 206 Long Ranger ZK-ISF, registered to North Shore Helicopters,  had an engine surge followed by a loss of power with the aircraft ditching off the coast from Bream Bay, Northland on 19 January.  The pilot survived the crash and was winched to safety by one of the NEST Sikorsky 76 helicopters from Whangarei.
The helicopter was first registered in NZ in July 2008 with Finlayson Helicopters of Whangarei and changed ownership to North Shore Helicopters in August 2010.
ZK-ISF alights from Oceania at Ardmore 14 April 2009, Mike Condon photo

North Shore/Dairy Flat 27 January 2011

An opportunity arose for me to spend several hours at North Shore/Dairy Flat on a gin clear day so it was great to cruise the airfield checking out the coming and goings of residents:
Cardinal ZK-DFU departed for Kerikeri.

Cessna 172M ZK-DXN

AS350BA Squirrel ZK-HGB carried out a local training flight.

R22 Beta ZK-HZV was also in training mode.

MD 500E ZK-IRB is a recent addition to the register to Skysales, Christchurch, but came and went from Flightline in company with R44's ZK-HCY and ZK-HSU.

R44 ZK-IXG arrives at the eastern hangers.

EC135 ZK-IGL departed for Mechanics Bay

Trislander ZK-LGC arrived from Great Barrier

And Trislander ZK-LGF departed for eastern points, presumably Great Barrier

Partenavia ZK-PLA departing from runway 21 at North Shore

Embraer 820C ZK-RDT touching down on runway 03 having arrived from the north-northeast

Previously blogged by Sir Minty, Dyn Aero ZK-SML returns after a few hours away. 

Friday 28 January 2011

Three more non Cessna aircraft spied at NZMS.

De Havilland DH82A Tiger Moth ZK-ANL , c/n 82512 , captured with its tail on a can near the bushes ! Still rigged in spraying mode. Since its civil life began in 1947 it has spent all its life east of the ranges.
 Ray Brown's Druine D.13 Turbulent, ZK-CAQ , c/n PFA/573 , has just had its sliding canopy re-fitted.
More on this beast can be seen at,
Vans RV-3 ZK-WHO , c/n AACA/612 , was a Canterbury Aero Club members project, I guess in the mid 80's. Incomplete, it passed to Ray Healey and was registered on 16-01-1989. Topflite Aviation took it over on 14-05-1993 followed by a re-list to the Rankin Partnership at Ohakea in October of 1996. Jerry Chisum of Hastings listed it on 19-07-2009. It had an engine fail, followed by a heavy landing (anybody know where & when ?). It has just come off a major repair and modification project, during which it acquired a new undercarriage, engine mounts, screen and a engine with only 207 hours since o/h. I believe it also has had the CN1 & CN2 spar mods to allow +9G. It also as a new paint scheme and a new instrument panel.
The above pic was at Masterton. The lower view was at Omaka on 08-12-2010.

Thee Masterton 180's.

 Towards the end of 1980, Cessna pushed this airframe, c/n 53170 , out as a model 180K Skywagon. It did nearly ten years in the US before being aptly registered as G-OPIX to Steve Bicknell Productions in the UK in September of 1990. It was freighted to Dairy Flat and became ZK-SCB (using Steve's initials) on 08-11-1994 and used in his photography business. It was sold to Ron McAulay of Wanaka in August of 1997 and to its current driver; Brian Atkinson of Hanmer Springs in April of 2008.
Cessna 180E ZK-TUA c/n 180E-51144 has every right to call itself a genuine warbird. From new in 1962 it served with the Australian Army until joining civil street in 1975 with the Queensland Police. From 1980 it had a bunch of private owners until it was damaged in 1994. It was shipped to NZ and over four years was rebuilt and registered to Kim Christophers as ZK-TUA on 24-09-1998 for delivery to Tim Unwin Austin - hence the "TUA" rego. In September of 2000 it went to Sam and Hugh Bethell and lastly, in October of 2006, to David Sinclair of Balclutha.
Lovely :
Cessna 180 ZK-WGT. A very early production machine, being c/n 30012 , in a period colour scheme.
I don't know much about this one, except that by 18-02-1953 it was in Uruguay as CX-AZP. It was shipped into NZ and became ZK-WGT on 05-01-2007 using the initials of its new owners W & G Thompson of Otorohanga.

Non Cessna's at Masterton

I heard a strong rumour that there where aircraft on the Masterton airfield that where not Cessna 180 or 185's last weekend
I did managed to track a couple down.
Glaser-Dirks DG400 ZK-GVA was airframe number 54 and was imported for Paul Schofield,  Roger Sparks and Richard Le Pine and registered on 30-01-1984. It went to Richard Le Pine in February of 1986 and remained in the family until November of 1999 when it was listed to the Barton, Buchanan and Johnson Syndicate at Masterton. Since Christmas of 2007 it has been under the GVA Syndicate. (I am guessing that include Stu Barton and Craig Stobbs +?)
A surprise arrival was the Lancashire Prospector EP9 ZK-PWZ , c/n 42 , which Hallett Griffin of Kairanga Aviation flew over instead of bringing his Beaver. This aircraft arrived in NZ in June of 2002 and retains the last three letters of its Pommie registration (G-APWZ) as its Kiwi registration. Below is an information panel as seen on the left hand door.
Found in the visiting aircraft park was this AESL Airtourer T6 ZK-CPG2 , c/n A552 , currently listed with Astral Investments of Manakau. It started life with the RNZAF as NZ1762 in mid 1970, joined the NZ civil register in March of 1993 as ZK-JBZ with the Bay of Islands Aero Club at Kerikeri. From late August of 1995 it was with the RNZAF Auckland Aviation Sports Club at Whenuapai. It was damaged in 1999 and the remains went to Colin P Grounsell who rebuilt it to become ZK-CPG on 29-01-2004.

Masterton Cessna's. Three more.

ZK-JHS is a Cessna 185C Skywagon with the c/n of 185C-0677 which started life in New Guinea in 1964 and moved to Australia in about the early 1970's. It ferried in from Norfolk  Island to Auckland on 15-07-1993 to become ZK-JHS on 29-07-1993 with Stephenson's Pharmacy at Whitianga. The brighter "ZK" marks are a later addition, required for its off shore trip over the ditch.
ZK-JKH is a 1977 version of the Cessna A185F AgCarryall with a c/n A185F-03249. It had earlier aspirations of becoming ZK-EHL but it was sold by Dalhoff & King Aviation to John Harding of Rangitikei Air Services of Taihape; so  it adopted his initials of JKH. In March of 1983 it went to Aspiring Air at Wanaka and then to Peter Bowmar of Gore (now Wanaka) in late November of 1987.
ZK-KRM is a Cessna 180H Skywagon , c/n 180H-51889 . It served time in PNG from new in 1968 until ferrying into Auckland from Lord Howe Island on 19-04-1994. Again its registration is derived from the first owners initials. It was listed on 12-05-1994 to K R McKay of Tuakau, then to the Ardmore Flying School in October of 1995. It is now with the KRM Partnership.

Thursday 27 January 2011

Masterton Cessna185 - 50th anniversary fly in.

 A very close cousin to ZK-DPE is this Cessna A185F ZK-DPF. It is c/n A185F-02421and it joined the register on 06-11-1974 with Rex Aviation for delivery to Ron Fechney of Aylesbury. It is still in the family, now being registered to son Brian.
 ZK-DRG is a humble Cessna 180J Skywagon with a c/n of 180J-52463. It joined our register via the Agents Rex Aviation on 07-11-1974. It served with Gordon Stewart Ltd until going to Aerial Work Ltd at Omaka in June of 1978. The Small's of Haka Valley had it briefly in 1981, before Leon Denize of Te Kuiti acquired it in November that year. John Goddard used it out of Rotorua between October 2000 and its sale to Far North Air in June of 2005. It has been with the DRG Partnership since December of 2006.
This Cessna 180K ZK-EOH is c/n 180K-53026 which ferried into Auckland in March 1979 for use by Geyserland Floatplane Holdings and then Geyserland Airways at Rotorua. It is currently with the Walton Family Trust.

And still they come. Masterton January 2011.

Cessna A185F Skywagon ZK-CES2 , c/n A185F-03273 , is a 1977 production aircraft which moved to Canada in 1981, then back to the USA again in 1994. It ferried into Auckland from Pago Pago on 05-04-1995 to become ZK-JPM on 21-04-1995 for Jane & Paul Macdonald of Canterbury Aviation. It went to Nigel Griffith of Darlington Drilling & Piling on 04-02-2009 and was re-registered as ZK-CES2 on 03-03-2009. Note the turbulators along the wing leading edge & off course the big tires (tyres).
Another A185F is ZK-DOC , c/n A185F-02318 , which was new to NZ and the agents, Rex Aviation (NZ) Ltd of Ardmore. It went to W R Jackson at Taieri as "Patrille II" before joining E D Bullmore & T F Wilkins in late April 1988 and the Fiordland Experience Group from July 1992. It transferred back to the Bullmore Wilkins Syndicate of Balfour in December of 2005.
About 100 airframes later came the A185F ZK-DPE , c/n A185F-02419. Currently listed with Wilderness Wings of Hokitika.

Another batch of 180's

ZK-BSP is c/n 31263 which appeared for Rural Aviation on 11-02-1957; was - to the best of my knowledge - never used as an ag plane; went to the Middle Districts Aero Club followed by Harry Sowerby and then the Sinclair family in 1963. Frank Wright got hold of it in January of 2000 and the current BSP Partnership picked it up on 12-01-2001.
Cessna 180A c/n 32960 is ZK-BUG worked with Rural Aviation from its C of A in October 1957. It carried the name "Bugs Buggy" at about this time.  In late 1965 it went to Dalcom Aviation Training at Wanganui and became the first "real" aeroplane that many of us flew. It is currently with Jim McEwan of Nelson.
ZK-BUJ is c/n 32950 was listed to Rural Aviation on 13-06-57 followed by Farmers ATD at Invercargill in October of 1963. After a year of spraying with Advance Aviation away up north in 1966 it became a four seater and is now with D R & R D Davison of Tapanui.

Wednesday 26 January 2011

Three oldies at Masterton

 Cessna 180 ZK-BDB c/n 180-30462 features from 11-08-1953 and served with Manawatu Aerial Top Dressing Co Ltd and then Rangitikei Air Services from March of 1962. In 1964 it was with Northern Air Services Ltd. It was damaged in an accident on 27-10-1966 but reappeared on the register on 05-02-1968 as ZK-CWL. About seventeen owners later it went to Craig Stobbs at the end of 1999 with whom it was rebuilt and re-registered back to ZK-BDB on 04-02-2003. It is now with David and Jill Phillips (Clevedon Aviation).
 ZK-BJU is c/n 180-31451 was listed with Rural Aviation on 18-04-1955 for delivery to Midland Air Services. Current owner (since 17-08-2000) is M J Tapper of Riversdale.
ZK-BJY is c/n 180-31421 and has an extensive ownership history including floatplane duties. In March 1990 it was on the West Coast with Murray Bowes until moving to Chertsey with Brian Doig in June of 2004.

Hot Out of the Container - Swedish Klemm 35D

A quick trip to Ardmore at lunchtime produced a surprise when I came across Hakan (Hawkeye) Wiykander unpacking his Klemm 35D aircraft SE-BGA from a container that had just arrived from Sweden.

Hawkeye told me that his aircraft was painted up in an authentic colour scheme of a Stuka, and there are obvious similarities between the Stuka and the Klemm with the gull wing and fixed undercarriage. He is planning to be flying in New Zealand for 2 months, culminating with attending the Classic Fighters airshow at Blenhiem over Easter.

For anyone wanting to identify this exact aircraft, here is the Constructors plate.

Delivery complete. Skipper ZK-ESC.

Beechcraft 77 Skipper ZK-ESC reached it new home at the Ashburton Aviation Museum about mid morning today (26-01-2011) after a short run from Rangiora. It has just over 8500 tacho hours.

Masterton Cessna's

Cessna 180 Skywagon ZK-KMK , c/n 180-32470 , was a product of 1956 and served in Norway (as a floatplane), in Sweden and went to the UK in 2004 to become G-CCYK with Ken McKinnon. It came to NZ with Ken and was registered here on 15-04-2008.
Cessna 182D ZK-MJP is c/n 182D-53552 went new to Australia in 1961, and ferried into Auckland via Lord Howe Island on 18-01-2001. It had been converted to a tail wheeler in June of 1998. It was listed on our register to Malcolm and Morgan Price of Rangiora on 13-02-2001.

Tuesday 25 January 2011

And still they come. Masterton.

Below we have the Cessna 180B ZK-EEJ , c/n 180-50557. This is a 1959 model, built as N5257E
. It moved to Kenya (about 1971) and served with the Rev M J Sickler at Mombasa. In march of 1973 it became 5Y-APV on the Kenyan register. It ferried into NZ direct from Brisbane to Kaitaia on 11-05-1975 and became ZK-EEJ on 19-06-1975. It is now (some six owners later) with G G and B J Prankerd up Stratford way.
ZK-EYH is a Cessna 180K , c/n 180K-53011 , of 1979 vintage. It came to NZ and was registered on 10-06-1982, first flying on 21-06-1982. It went to Mount Hutt Aviation and spent some time on the Chatham Islands. Latest owner since 23-11-2000 is the Riverside No 2 Trust of Waipawa.
ZK-JMH is a Cessna 180A which went to Australia from new in 1957. It first joined our register as ZK-OWZ (ours) on 16-10-1995 with Ski Hi Tandem Skydive Ltd of Paihia. It went to Johnston Motors Haast on 02-08-2005 and was re-registered to them as ZK-JMH on 22-09-2006.