Thursday 27 January 2011

And still they come. Masterton January 2011.

Cessna A185F Skywagon ZK-CES2 , c/n A185F-03273 , is a 1977 production aircraft which moved to Canada in 1981, then back to the USA again in 1994. It ferried into Auckland from Pago Pago on 05-04-1995 to become ZK-JPM on 21-04-1995 for Jane & Paul Macdonald of Canterbury Aviation. It went to Nigel Griffith of Darlington Drilling & Piling on 04-02-2009 and was re-registered as ZK-CES2 on 03-03-2009. Note the turbulators along the wing leading edge & off course the big tires (tyres).
Another A185F is ZK-DOC , c/n A185F-02318 , which was new to NZ and the agents, Rex Aviation (NZ) Ltd of Ardmore. It went to W R Jackson at Taieri as "Patrille II" before joining E D Bullmore & T F Wilkins in late April 1988 and the Fiordland Experience Group from July 1992. It transferred back to the Bullmore Wilkins Syndicate of Balfour in December of 2005.
About 100 airframes later came the A185F ZK-DPE , c/n A185F-02419. Currently listed with Wilderness Wings of Hokitika.

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