Sunday 16 January 2011

Oh No! Not More Hall Cherokees!

Following from my earlier post on the Hall Cherokee II glider ZK-GBT , Peter Layne of Wellington wrote confirming the story as per the links and also offering the following information:

" Plans were purchased in March 1959 and construction began rapidly. On 25 November 1961 Neil Grant tested the Cherokee at Ardmore from where ZK-GBT usually flew, but eventually flights were rare. Ken Bartlett and Roger Barker bought the glider on 22 June 1970. I was privileged to fly the Cherokee at Waharoa on 7 January 1971. I recall the emphasis was more on "down" than "up". Ken bought the Cherokee outright in 1972 and flew occasionally. The Cherokee changed hans on 11 December 1975 and Patrick Driessen began flying her. He recalls: "I remember getting a fright or two and after flying from Drury to Ardmore one day, put her in the hangar and never flew her again"."

As a final note, I see from Roger Wise's NZ Civil Register that there was another Hall Cherokee II registered: being ZK-GCL (c/n DBM 1) which has no registration date and was cancelled in 6/71. Was it ever completed? Did it ever fly? Can anyone provide any details of this machine? Or even better a photo?

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