Thursday 30 April 2009

Going going; Indian Peaks ; Gone

These eight pics were taken in the Indian Peaks hangar at Palmerston North on 18-02-2009 just as another container was about to be loaded. (At least two already gone).
Above is 315B Lama , c/n 2528 , XC-CIP. According to the FAA this is N9000R with Pacific Aeromotive Corp of Erie, Colorado and was cancelled on 29-05-2003 as sold to NZ.
Unidentified SA315 above.
Lama H-66 , c/n 2499 , still in the military markings of Argentinia.
An unknown Robinson R44 - no visible markings or manufactures plate.
315B Lama. Just guessing at being ZK-IPD c/n 2561.
C/n 2561 was previouslly XC-CUY and N91432..
Cessna 182 fuselage in jig; partially rebuilt. Possibly N52906 which is a C182P c/n 62942 listed to Steve & Edythe Mader of Pullman, Washington.
N22oSH as a SA315B Lama , c/n 2466 , built 1976 and listed with Skydance Northwestern Inc of Minden, Nevada. It was involved in an incident during a long line lift on 02-09-2005 at Duchesne, Utah. At the time it has about 19,650 airframe hours..
ZK-IPB is 269c-1 , c/n 0228 , ex N1831A. It was damaged in a training accident atTitusville, Florida on 12-07-2006. Rebuild was completed at Palmerston North & it became ZK-IPB to Indian Peaks on 10-07-2008. It remained unsold in NZ so has gone offshore with all the other containers of bit and pieces.
Also on site were several more bent 315 airframes and a Hughes 369 fuselage pod under restoration. In my note book against this H369 I have the letters HJO ! [Surely not ZK-HJO ?].
The small registration block of ZK-IPA to ZK-IPE were allocated to Indian Peaks Aeromotive:-
ZK-IPA Schweizer 269C c/n S1812 ex N1281R. Registered 30-04-2008 and listed to River Heights Farm Ltd of Turangi on 24-05-08.
ZK-IPB Schweizer 269C-1 c/n 0228 ex N1831A. Reg 10-07-08 but remained unsold so exported. Rebuild noted nearly complete in August 208.
ZK-IPC Schweizer 269C-1 c/n 0065 ex N897TH. Reg 10-07-08. Noted under rebuild August 2008.
ZK-IPD Sud 315B Lama c/n 2561 ex XC-CUY and N9143R. Reg 30-04-08.
ZK-IPE Schweizer 269C c/n S1422 ex N891CP. Reg 15-04-08.
ZK-IPB, ZK-IPC, ZK-IPD and ZK-IPE all de-registered on 29-04-2009 as exported.
Can anybody out there add more details on this collection please.
(Come in Greybeard).

.......But soon to depart

Kittyhawk ZK-VWC has continued its test flight programme prior to its departure for Canada. 25Apr saw it fly with a drop tank installed and subsequently removed, then the aircraft entered the paint shop for the tricky job of painting on the roundels. Its flight 29Apr was delayed whilst this work was completed along with some mechanical issues and is photographed here just prior to sunset arriving back at Ardmore in company with Harvard ZK-TVI/NZ1057. The Harvard, flown by owner Liz Needham, flew as camera ship for Gavin Conroy.

Colin Hunter photos
ZK-VWC is set to have its wings removed either today or tomorrow (01May) and then be transported to Whenuapai via road to then be uplifted by a military transport aircraft and flown to Ottawa.

Recent addition............

As Blue Bus details departures, I can happily show a recent addition to the register with this smart Eurocopter AS350 B3 ZK-IKJ snapped alighting at Ardmore 29Apr. Registered to Treetop Aviation, Papakura, it obviously lives on a private property somewhere in the area and not at Ardmore.

Wednesday 29 April 2009

Boeing 737-8FE ZK-PBL gone

Getting a bit out of my immediate sphere of interest, however Boeing 737-8FE ZK-PBL , c/n 36605 , was registered here, and I do (for some reason) have a photo of it, so. Built as B737 line number 2710 and pencilled in to become VH-VUQ, it in fact went direct to ZK-PBL for Pacific Blue Airlines (NZ) Ltd of Christchurch on 28-08-2008. It departed Boeing Field and ferried into Christchurch on 29-08-08 named as "Canterbury Belle". Its first commercial service was from Christchurch to Brisbane on 02-09-08. Its NZ registration was cancelled on 02-04-2009 when it transferred to the Australian register, finally taking up the VH-VUQ marks the following day. It is registered to BOC Aviation (USA) of Reno, Nevada and operated by Virgin Blue Airlines Pty of Spring Hill, Queensland.

Dornier 228-202 ZK-VIR gone.

This Andy Heap photo shows the Dornier 228-202 ZK-VIR , c/n 8100 , in its intended element.
Above is the white heron tail art of this aircraft.
Built as D-COHC in 1986 it worked in the US for about seven years as N228DA and N275MC until becoming P2-MBO with Milne Bay Air. A period of storage with Dornier then to C-FEQZ from mid 2005. As such it ferried from Oberpfaffenhofen through points various to reach Christchurch on 02-02-2006 and to its Haupiri hideaway.
It was registered to Air West Coast as ZK-VIR on 01-09-2006 and after resolving some tech problems entered service on 19-03-2007 on the Greymouth - Westport - Wellington run. Its last service was Wellington - Greymouth on 01-08-08. It departed Haupiri (inland from Greymouth) on 16-02-09 for Auckland and on to Rarotonga and Papeete the next day bound for Curacoa to become PJ-DVA with Divi Divi Air. Its ZK marks being cancelled on 23rd of April.

Tuesday 28 April 2009

Jetstream 41 ZK-JSM gone.

The last of our British Aerospace Jetstream 41's ZK-JSM , c/n 41052 , has been cancelled from the register. A product of early 1995 it first appeared with the test registration of G-4-052 to the manufacturer, British Aerospace PLC at Prestwick having its first flight on 10-03-1995.

An undercarriage retract at the start of its delivery flight from Prestwick on 07-04-95 saw its delivery departure delayed until 29-04-95 when it nipped across the Pond to become C-FTVN with Air Atlantic (1995) Ltd at Halifax, Nova Scotia.

It ferried into Nelson on 25-01-2002 to become ZK-JSM on 07-02-2002 with Origin Pacific Airways. It was re-listed to Honk Aviation of Auckland on 15-09-2006 and departed Nelson on 17-09-2006 for Auckland and then on to Tonga and NZ cancellation on 22-09-06 as it became A3-XRH with Peau Vava'u Airline. From November 2006 until February 2007 it was parked up at Ardmore during civil unrest in Tonga. It returned there only to have the airline go defunct in January of 2008. It returned to Auckland and Nelson for storage on 09-04-2008. It was re-registered back to ZK-JSM with Honk Aviation on 09-12-2008. A post storage test flight was carried out on 07-01-2009 with an acceptance flight on 03-04-2009.
Finally departed Neslon for Auckland and Norfolk Island on 04-04-09 and onward to Brisbane and Townsville the next day. Here it was repainted before moving onward to someplace in Africa.
Top pic shows it withdrawn at Nelson, minus prop, on 14-12-2005.
Pic below shows A3-XRH at Nelson on 20-05-2008 following its return from Tonga.

17,200 hours

Above is a shot of ZK-HUW taken at Greymouth on 10-03-1987 whilst with Heli-Corp. This was in the deer poaching days when helicopters had to carry large ID letters in a coloured circle.
I dug this out of the dreaded shoe box and added to this blog 28-04-09 & 1700hrs.

Below a pic taken 27-04-2009
In for servicing at Skysales in Christchurch is the Hughes 369D ZK-HUW , c/n 1280415D , from Greymouth. Built in December 1978 as N58273 it worked out of Marina Del Ray in California until moving down to NZ. It become ZK-HUW with C R Deaker at Te Anau on 16-05-1985 . First flight in NZ was at Christchurch on 29-05-1985. Ownership changed to Heli-Corp (NZ) Ltd at Greymouth from 22-05-1986. It has been on "The Coast" ever since, joining Chris Cowan of Coastwide Helicopters on 30-06-1988. It has now accumulated 17,200 flying hours.

Sunday 26 April 2009

More on the Kittyhawk ZK-VWC

Kittyhawk ZK-VWC continues its test flight programme and today (Anzac Day - 25 Apr) was particularly poignant, this being exactly 65 years since this aircraft came to grief in New Guinea. Relatives of the pilot involved in the accident were present at Ardmore for today's flight along with TV3. The news clip can be view here :

The aircraft has, since its first flight a few days ago, has been fitted with a 52 gallon drop tank.

Mike Condon photos

Friday 24 April 2009

Delta Yankee Kermit and a Cutey

Whilst waiting to line up today at Rangiora, these two aircraft crossed my bows.
Above is the Dave Mitchell Rans S6ES Coyote 11 ZK-DYM c/n 4051657 , known as "Kermit" and using the callsign "Delta Yankee Kermit" (locally).
I do like a bit of individuality and admit that I use "fox" instead of the full "Foxtrot".
Then an unusual event. This colourful Eurocopter EC 120B from Garden City Helicopters, ZK-IQT , c/n 1370 , arrived and did an overhead rejoin and full curcuit, instead of the more common zoom, hover & dump down at the fuel pump. Well done ! This has been with Garden City since being imported in May of 2005.

One & the same. ZK-JKZ now ZK-JHU

Above we have a photo taken at Rangiora on 21-10-2007 of Airborne Windsports Edge 582 ZK-JKZ with a listed c/n of "W2 135". It was first registered to Ian Clark of Auckland on 15-12-1999, then to G & M Gross at Whangarei on 02-02-2001. By 30-04-2004 it was with Liam Naden initially of Paihia and later of North Canterbury. By October 2006 it had accumulated about 400 h our flying time. Its registration is shown as being revoked on 23-05-2007.
I have a report that it was damaged when a trailer which it was on overturned.
Above shows it today at Rangiora now listed as ZK-JHU to Doug Anderson and with its correct c/n of 582-411B. The initial c/n used was in fact its the serial number of its Wizzard 11 wing. Originally it had a Brolga prop but now sports a locally produced Brent Thompson propeller which still requires a little tweeking.
The reason for having the new registration on the fuselage pod is that the wing fabric has had a treatment which prevents the transfers from adhering.


Helicopters Otago BK117 ZK-HJK was under going maintenance flights at Ardmore 23Apr. This is the helicopter involved in the powerline survey as mentioned in an earlier blog (not the R44 as depicted).

Photographed 1 minute after its exit from the paint shop at Ardmore is Hawkes Bay based Eurocopter AS350 B3 ZK-IJF. This flingwing was added to the register in late February.

Thursday 23 April 2009

ZK-IHC with Garden City Helicopters.

ZK-IHC on a "copter south" arrival at Garden City Helicopters depot today.
Robinson R22 Beta 11 , c/n 4317 , was first noted at Skysales Aviation (NZ) Ltd unmarked on 01-07-2008. It has remained as a stock helicopter until recently acquired by Garden City Helicopters based on the other side (eastern) of Christchurch Airport.

Kittyhawk takes flight for the first time in 65 years!

Vintage Wings of Canada P40 Kittyhawk ZK-VWC took to the air at Ardmore 23Apr09 for the first time since 25 April 1944, which is when it made a forced landing in New Guinea.

The aircraft was test flown by Frank Parker, experienced Kittyhawk handler. The test flight programme will be fairly brief with the aircraft expected to depart NZ at the beginning of May for its new home.

Colin Hunter was on hand to capture this historic moment!

Wednesday 22 April 2009

Question time #44

Something different this time !

Three questions. The answer to number 3. I do not actually know - maybe you do ?

1. What model of aircraft would you find this item in ?

2. What is its function ?

3 What type/model of flying machine did it originally come off.

Ardmore Visitors 22 April 2009

Taranaki based Robinson R44 ZK-HLB was tied down in a corner on the airport. It seemed to be fitted with a signficant array of electronic equipment (internally) and may have been employed on power line survey activity which had been conducted in the Drury area earlier in the day.

Registered to a Helensville address, Piper PA28RT Arrow ZK-PAE arrived at Ardmore in company with Vans RV7A ZK-VII, both arriving from the north and taxiing to the Flightline hanger. ZK-VII was constructed at Cromwell, Central Otago, and remains registered to its builder however appears to reside at North Shore/Dairy Flat. Smart looking machine!

Tuesday 21 April 2009

Cessna 180A ZK-CDY has moved.

Cast your mind back to 03-12-1962 and you may remember that the Cessna 180 ZK-BUP , c/n 32968 , operated by Rural Aviation, crashed at Mount Curl (near Hunterville). It, along with parts from other Cessna 180's, was rebuilt and re-registered as ZK-CDY with the new c/n of RA/4/63 on 09-10-1963 with Rex Aviation. It first flew as such on the 14th and was listed to Adastra Aviation the same day. Some four operators later it was with the Christchurch Parachute School from August 1985 until Jock Montgomery came on the scene from 27-02-89 and based the aircraft on the farm strip just south of Cheviot. Jock had previously operated the Auster J1B ZK-AXO and J5Q/L ZK-BLW.
On 29-01-2009 it was relisted to C G S & R S Gorman at Blenheim.
The first pic shows at at Cheviot on 04-07-1990 in the scheme it had for many years.
Second view was at Wigram on 07-12-2006. I noted it at Omaka in late March, still in this blue scheme, still going strong 52 years on.
I do believe the C180/185 family is getting better with age although the cockpits seems to be getting smaller with (my) age.

Monday 20 April 2009

Question time #43 resolved

Question time #43 resolved : near enough anyway, between James and Henry. BUT I'm not prepared to hand out the mythical chocolate fish because neither answered all three questions to my satisfaction.
1. What sort of engine: I guess radial is correct based on the wording of the question. But what I really wanted was Vedeneyev M14 variant.
2. Registration. ZK-PTS is 100% correct.
3. Pitts 12 (Two "T"'s please James - That saved me a fish).
Does anybody know if it has flown yet ?

Sunday 19 April 2009

Rangiora today.

About to venture up on its first flight today is the Wayne Wilson built Aeros Ukraine (Also known as "Best Off") Skyranger Swift ZK-SRS , c/n 816 . Wayne has now built at least five aircraft.
This Fisher Aero Corp Horizon II ZK-PDW , c/n HOR2 1989 , back on its wheels and ready for trailer transport down to Waihola for its owner Ron Bungard. It was registered to Ron on 10-10-08 but came to grief at Rangiora on 21-11-08 during a local training flight when it was landed short of the strip due to power loss. It got its initial registration of PDW from the initials of its builder Peter David Warner in 1999. It was damaged in 1999 when it struck a trailer. Then whilst on trailer delivery to Simon Adams at Rangiora from Richard Anderson of Masterton sometime in 2005, the trailer flipped and it was damaged enough for it to be rebuilt by the Belworthy's at Cust.
About ready to set off for Waihola (South of Dunedin).

Question time #43

The questions are :- What sort of engine makes this wing work ?
If you know that - then you will know the registration !
& if you know that, then you will be able to tell us what aircraft type you are looking at.

Friday 17 April 2009

Ardmore 17 April 2009

At long last this BK117 was outside Oceania undergoing engine runs. No identity displayed unfortunately however several months ago I noted it marked as III which would make it ZK-III/1 c/n 1077. This machine was de-registered back on 16Sep08 but has remained at Oceania so what is it registered now? It doesn't appear to have returned to the ZK register as anything else and ZK-III is now on a Notar.

Ardmore Flying School's latest machines where in a good position for snapping today with ZK-TAG heading off for what may have been its first flight as its originated from the Flightline hanger.

Also outside Flightline was C172 ZK-JMR. This aircraft has recently spent time in the adjacent paint shop although it has been on the register since April 2008 so perhaps it took a long time for it to arrive from the USA.

A long way from home was Invercargill based Piper PA28-181 ZK-EBQ in a new scheme since I last saw it.

Thursday 16 April 2009

Gasoline Alley - Mangaweka - Update - International Airport.

Keagan has kindly forwarded the above fresh photograph of the Mangaweka "Cookie Time" DC-3. It appears as if the site is being redeveloped into a Cafe only.


Ok, so maybe something 'exotic' at Ardmore!

Curtiss P40N Kittyhawk ZK-VWC 42-104287 outside the Pioneer Aero Restoration hanger today. It has already undergone engine runs and featured on another website/blog (somewhere!). A fire extinguisher was nearby when I took this photo today so suspect more engine runs were on cards although not in the location shown here.

Excerpt from Pioneer's website:

Curtiss P-40N-1 Kittyhawk/Warhawk Project -
USAAF 42-104827/RAAF A29-414
"Come in Suckers"

This aircraft carries the Curtiss Series build stamp 399 in the L/H lower longeron. This makes it the 399th (and second to last) P-40N1 built. It was assigned the USAAF serial 42-104827 and then shipped to Australia under lend lease where it was assigned RAAF Serial A29-414.
While operational in New Guinea with RAAF 78 Squadron, with squadron markings HU-Z, it was written off in a landing accident on arrival at Tadji (Aitape) on the northern coast of New Guinea.

Nothing exotic, just a nice sunny day!

Ardmore's runway 03 circuit was busy today with local residents beating the pattern.