Sunday 30 September 2012

Yet More from the Ardmore Airshow 29/9/2012

Another aircraft formation at the Mosquito airshow was of four jet trainers shown in the images below, in formation and on approach for landing :

The Vampire leads 2 Aero L 39 Albatros's and the Strikemaster.

Ardmore based Aero L 39 Albatros ZK-WLM.

And the other L 39 Albatros ZK-VLK, up from New Plymouth.

And finally the Ardmore based BAC 167 Srikemaster Mk 88 ZK-STR.

Twins of Ardmore

There was a nice selection of twins visiting Ardmore 29 September to bring enthusiasts to the airshow held in honour of the Mosquito.

The Cheyenne 400LS VH-BUR departed for calibration duties at Auckland Intl.










Saturday 29 September 2012

More from the Ardmore Airshow Today 29/9/2012

There were many iconic aircraft in the skies over Ardmore this afternoon. I guess all the formations would have been unique in the world due to the presence of the Mosquito, in whose honour the airshow was celebrated.

Below are some of the images in the air and on landing approaches.

A Pair of iconic De Havilland shapes - Mosquito and Vampire.

And representing US/British unity were the Mosquito, Spitfire, Mustang and Kittyhawk.

DH 115 Vampire Mk 55 Trainer ZK-RVM.

North American (P) 51D Mustang (P) ZK-TAF.

Curtis P 40N Kittyhawk ZK-CAG.

Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX ZK-WDQ.

And as the finale to the airshow, DH 98 Mosquito FB Mk 26 ZK-MOS approaches for a solid landing.

An excellent day for aircraft afficionados!  I am sure everyone went home mightily impressed.

Mosquito ZK-MOS and Anson ZK-RRA

I have just been forwarded these four photographs of the DH Mosquito ZK-MOS at Ardmore taken by Colin Hay.

And one shot of the Avro Anson ZK-RRA.

Friday 28 September 2012

A Further Selection of Aircraft for the Mosquito Airshow at Ardmore tomorrow

Other aircraft outside at Ardmore this afternoon included nearly all the warbirds aircraft, that were outside due to the Warbirds hangar being readied for the Mosquito dinner tomorrow night.  Most of these aircraft will be in the flying displays tomorrow.

Two DHC 2 Beavers:  the Warbirds  ZK-CKH and Hallet Griffins ZK-AZB.

Red Checkers Airtrainer NZ 1994 in the RNZAF 75th Anniversary scheme.

And a Warbirds lineup including a DHC 1 Chipmunk and 4 Harvards.

DH 98 Mosquito ZK-MOS Ready for its Debut at Ardmore Today 28/9/2012

The Mosquito was outside Avspecs this afternoon for test running of its engines, before its public debut at Ardmore tomorrow. I understand that it will be flying at 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm.

It was looking magnificent!  Below I offer a selection of photos.

Test running was carried out on both engines, one at a time.

You have to find a high vantage point to get a photo that is not all wing.

The cockpit entrance ladder is very functional.

Then it was back into the hangar for fitting the engine cowlings which have now been painted.

There seemed to be a lot of Australian visitors who were very impressed with what has been accomplished by Glyn Powell and the team at Avspecs.

Roll on tomorrow!

First flight today. ZK-AJB

Above : Yesterday afternoon : Waiting for the "Man from the Ministry" to arrive and carry out the Permit to Fly inspection. Paul Woodley on left and Evan Belworthy on right.
Rans S-6ES ZK-AJB2 (c/n 08081901) first flight (above) at Rangiora today (28-09-2012) in the hands of Evan Belworthy.
Below is the first landing.

Quote from AJB.
"Evan flew nearly 3 hours today and all is well with no adjustment to the setup and flying some really good numbers which are better than the factory demo models, which is a credit to Paul's leadership and detail in final assembly"
Above we have "the new and the old" outside the Woodley Aircraft Services hangar.
Allan's ZK-AJB and the CRAC ZK-JOL.

Pukaki final.

The one and only, Auster based, Belworthy MOA ZK-MQA (c/n BEL6) of Evan and Penny Belworthy was down from Cust for the day.
The Al Kay Vans RV 7 ZK-NRV2 (c/n 71414) was over from Taieri. A project started by Al Kay and Pete Whyte in September of 2003. It came on the register on 25-01-2007.
Another visitor from East Canterbury Aviation of Rangitata Island was the Rans S-6ES Coyote 11 ZK-RHZ (c/n 08031519). The engine cowling is still a work in progress.
Two fling wings from out East were the AutoGyro Europe MT03 Eagle ZK-ZEE2 (c/n NZ008) of Rex Telfer s Gyrate South Ltd of Taieri, and behind is the AutoGyro Europe Calidus Fern ZK-OTM (c/n NZC001) as listed to James Service of Palmerston.

Even more from Pukaki.

Ryan flew into Pukaki in the John Baynes Team Rocket F1 Rocket ZK-FIZ2 (c/n 173).
Below is what NZ Aviation News said about this aircraft when it first appeared on the register in April last year.
"The Team Rocket ZK-FIZ2 was the last available F1 Rocket kit marketed by Team Rocket from Texas, who’s boss Mark Frederick operates Frederick Custom Airframe, which specialised in the past in building and support for Vans RV & Harman Rocket builders. The F1 Rocket has evolved from the Vans RV4 via the Harmon Rocket. Changes include a longer and wider fuselage, shorter and stronger wings and the installation of a Lycoming IO-540 engine and a three bladed Hartzell propeller. The instrument panel has an Advanced Flight Systems 3500 glass cockpit linked to an AvMap EKP IV GPS, and Becker radios. Although closely resembling the Harmon Rocket, the F1 Rocket is a purpose built kit built for Team Rocket by a firm in the Czech Republic incorporating some subtle differences. Most noteworthy is the interchangeable wing option of either the straight RV4 style (like the Harmon Rocket) or the Czech tapered wing with built in twist and fowler flaps. This is known as the EVO and is the wing fitted to ZK-FIZ. This was a quick build kit with extensive work being done in Texas before its arrival in NZ. Final assembly was by the team at Gore under the eagle eye of Peter Kempthorne. Test pilot is to be Ryan Southam from Mandeville. John already has the Vans RV4 ZK-RVZ and the Tiger Moth ZK-BAH, so it was a natural upward step to the F1 Rocket. The aircraft is stressed for +6 and -3g and has a top speed of around 190kts and climb rate in excess of 3000ft/min. So the registration reflects the F1 name and its peppy performance = FIZ".
Near the other end of the performance scale is the Australian Aircraft Hornet STOL ZK-JCM (c/n 023) over from Wanaka with Ian Galloway.
Locally based is the Rans S-6ES Coyote 11 ZK-KOT (c/n 06081887-ES) as listed to James Leslie on 01-03-2012.
Two Alpi Aviation Pioneer's - Above the 200 ZK-LPB (c/n NZ20013, and previously ZK-LPS) of Graham Smith from Timaru.
Below is the 300 ZK-MIH2 (c/n 88, and previously ZK-LPT) of Murray Hagen from Te Anau.

Odds and Ends from Ardmore

Whilst waiting for the movements of the Mosquito it was pleasing to see a wide variety of aircraft arriving at Ardmore ranging from the De Havilland collection through to corporate aircraft!  Certainly an interesting mix and all within a short space of time.