Thursday 28 February 2013

Impulse ZK-LMG

Visiting Ardmore 27 February from the Hawkes Bay was Impulse 100TD ZK-LMG.

ZK-LMG was first registered during summer 2004 and has been with its current owner since August last year.

Wednesday 27 February 2013

Two helicopters at Queenstown.

Seen at Queenstown recently were these two helicopters as operated by Heli Tours Ltd.

 Aerospatiale AS 350B2 ZK-HQN2 (c/n 1807) was another Bryan Comerford import, initially listed as ZK-HGF3 on 16-07-2010. It moved to Heli Tours of Queenstown on 24-09-2010 and on 30-09-2010 was re-registered as ZK-HQN2.

Hughes 369D ZK-HOI4 (c/n 510936D) first appeared on the register as ZK-HJF2 with Faram's at Gisborne, moving down to Ridge Air from 27-01-2011.  It was re-registered as ZK-HOI on 02-11-2011 and, spent a short time with Coast to Coast of Mapua from 05-10-2012 and then went down to Heli Tours at Queenstown from 16-01-2013.

Changing types.

 Gippsland GA8 Airvan VH-NYD (c/n GA8-7-119) flew into Queenstown on February 5th 2013 from Latrobe Valley and Essendon, Melbourne. It was then flown down to Flightline at Dunedin for its NZ certification. Its NZ import CofA is expected to be issued today (27-02-2013) following CAA's visit. It will then become ZK-MCM with  Milford Sound Flights. This Airvan was originally listed as VH-AUM on 03-03-2008.
These two views were captured yesterday (26-02-2013) in the Flightline hangar at Momona (Dunedin).
This Airvan will replace the Islander ZK-MFN.
Soon to depart our shores is this Pilatus Britten Norman BN2A-26 ZK-MFN (c/n 2168). It spent some of its earlier days as a fishery patrol aircraft (with a radar nose) with the Chilean Authorities before going to the States in October of 2002. It became ZK-MFN with Milford Sounds Flight Seeing on 13-05-2003 and changed names to Milford Sounds Flights on 01-10-2009. It is shortly away to OZ.  It is seen above at Queenstown on 21-02-2013 and below in the Flightline hangar at Dunedin yesterday - with its replacement ZK-MCM in the background.

With thanks to Flightline at Dunedin.

Tuesday 26 February 2013

Jardines Strip.

A visit to Jardines Strip near Queenstown on 22-02-2013 produced the following:-
PAC Cresco 08-600 ZK-CRE2 is c/n 039. It was originally registered as ZK-JPJ to Aeromotive on 04-08-2003. It went to Parachute Adventures Queenstown on 23-12-2003 to be re-registered as ZK-NZO2 the same day. It transferred to Skydive Queenstown on 24-07-2008 and was re-re-registered to ZK-CRE2 on 17-10-2012 to free up the NZO markings for the incoming Caravan (below).
ZK-NZO3 is a Cessna 208B Grand Caravan (c/n 208B0965) which was registered to Skydive Queenstown Ltd on 20-12-2012 having arrived in NZ on 10-12-2012. It is TPE331 powered..
See earlier blog on this aircaft at :-


Cessna 208B Super Cargomaster ZK-KPH2 (c/n 206B0832) of Skydive Queenstown Ltd, has just landed. This arrived in Christchurch on delivery on 11-11-2010.
For earlier views of this one - go to :-

Twin Squirrel ZK-HFS

As mentioned previously on this blog (, AS355 Twin Squirrel ZK-HFS was noted for the first time at Ardmore today, 26 February.

Monday 25 February 2013

Piel Emeraudes of New Zealand

Our next type of 2 seater homebuilt aircraft to come along was the Piel Emeraude.

The original Piel CP 30 Emeraude (Emerald in French), was designed by Claude Piel in France in the early 1950's and the prototype first flew on 19/6/54.  It was licensed to be produced by various companies in France (where several hundred were built), in the UK (where a small number were built as the Fairtravel Linnet), and in South Africa (where it was called the Durban Aeriel).  It was also available for homebuilding.  Claude Piel updated the Emeraude  to the Super Emeraude in the early 1960's and this design eventually served as the basis for the CAP 10 aerobatic aircraft.  The Emeraude was classy and complicated, with an elliptical wing.

The CP 301 Emeraude had a length of 6.30 metres (20 feet 8 inches), a wingspan of 8.04 metres (26 feet 5 inches) and a wing area of 117 square feet.  Its empty weight was 380 Kg (838 pounds) and MAUW was 650 Kg (1,433 pounds).  The Super Emeraude had similar dimensions but had a heavier MAUW of 680 Kg (1,500 pounds), and could be built with the standard tail or a swept tail.

Our first Emeraude was ZK-CBP (c/n CP-1044), which was registered very early on (registrations were allocated in alphabetical order back then), being registered to the Ultraflight Aircraft Group of Southland Aero Club on 10/4/62.  However it did not fly until 21/11/70, (well after Minicab ZK-CLS in October 1966 and Jodel D 11 ZK-CKG in February 1968).  Its first flight resulted it being damaged, but it was repaired and it flew again on 3/4/71.  The above photo was taken at the 1974 AACA flyin at Bridge Pa, Hastings.  It passed through a series of owners around Invercargill - AT Wills and BW Pay on 14/10/75, in whose ownership is was photo'd below at West Melton by Don Noble, on 30/10/75.

Ownership changed to the Ultralight Aircraft Group of Invercargill on 16/6/76.  It overturned at Scotts Gap, West of Winton on 28/8/76.  It was rebuilt and ownership changed to SP Reid of Blenhiem on 10/9/82, then to well-known aircraft builder AD (Jack) Melhopt of Timaru on 15/8/85.

The above photo was taken at Ardmore in 1985.  Finally it moved to the North Island, to The Cambridge Flying Machine Co Ltd of Cambridge on 28/4/12, with whom it is still current.

Our second Emeraude was ZK-CBH (c/n AACA/96/1) which was built by Cliff Johnston of Whangarei, and was first registered on 12/12/75.  Its first flight was on 16/12/75.  It is photod above at the 1976 AACA flyin at Kaikohe on 24/1/76..

It was sold to Cliff Marchant of Wellington on13/12/76.  It struck a horse at Terewhiti Station near Wellington on 7/2/77 and ownership changed to DJ Stuart of Lower Hutt on 16/11/78.  It was still damaged at this time, but Dave Stewart repaired it and flew in in the blue and white colour scheme.. 

Finally ownership changed to John Shakes of Carterton on 9/5/83.  I understood that he rebuilt the aircraft and repainted it in this striking orange colour scheme, as photo'd at Feilding in 1983.  It was withdrawn and cancelled on 9/7/01.

Our third Emeraude was Super Emeraude CP 328 ZK-FMM (c/n AACA/446) which was started by C Campbell of Auckland.  However it was completed by John Danaher and the Auckland Aero Club, and was first registered to them on 12/5/86, and ownership the transferred to the Auckland Aero Club on 10/11/87.  The above photo was taken at Ardmore early on in its life, in 1986.

The above photo was taken at the 1988 AACA flyin at Dairy Flat, where it can be seen that it has the name The Campbell Emeraude under the cockpit.  It was then sold to DB Hill of Ruakaka on20/11/90, then to RR Usher of Auckland on 26/12/98, and then to the FMM Syndicate of Auckland on 1/4/01.  It was then sold to Trans Aero Pty Ltd of Christchurch on 28/5/06, and finally to Bruce McDonald of Te Awamutu on 24/4/07.

It is still current with Bruce McDonald and it is photo'd here at the Auckland Chapter SAANZ flyin at kelly Field on 21/4/12.  It now has the script CP 328 Super Emeraude under the cockpit.  You can see the elliptical wing shape in the sadow of the wing in this photo.

Several other Emeraude's were begun in New Zealand and some had registrations reserved:  ZK-DET, ZK-DYE and ZK-SLG.  However none were completed and we are unlikely to see any more Emeraudes in New Zealand unless someone imports one.

Sunday 24 February 2013

North Shore Today 24/2/2013

The continuing wonderful weather drew me up to North Shore Airfield this afternoon for a look-see, and there were a few locals out and about
Nanchang ZK-FRU had had a good wash and polish.

Auster J 5 ZK-DBU was doing circuits.  There is more information on this aircraft at

North Shore aero Club Robin R 2160 ZK-TZF climbed out.

While Vans RV 7 ZK-DES taxied out.

Although this has been based on the field for several years, this was the first time I had seen it flying.

Helicopter selection from Wanaka

Seen at Wanaka on 20-02-2013 was this Hughes 269B ZK-ING (c/n 1230011) of Neale Gray of Hokitika.
Earlier posts on this helicopter can be seen at:-
Above is the Aerospatiale AS 350BA ZK-HIH2 (c/n 1723) from The Alpine Group.
It has been around since being listed to Airwork (NZ) Ltd on 31-05-1993.
Now a couple of Bryan Comerfords imports. Above is Aerospatiale AS 350B Squirrel ZK-HFH4 (c/n 1628). Ex Japan and the USA it became ZK-HFH on 22-07-2010 and switched to Rick Lucas Helicopters on 01-12-2011.
Below is the more recent import AS 359BA ZK-IBQ (c/n 2050) registered to Bryan on 10-01-2012. It is ex Japan, Canada and Mexico.

Piper Lance ZK-EIB

Seen at Masterton on Tuesday the 19th was the Piper PA-32R-300 Lance ZK-EIB (c/n 32R-7780548) of B V Medical Ltd and Graham Rusbatch of Auckland. It had just arrived up from Christchurch with its next stop being  Paraparaumu.
It was imported, assembled and listed to Airwork (NZ) Ltd of Ardmore on 07-11-1977 for Kiwi Packing Ltd from 20-02-1978, then listed briefly with Goldfields Air of Alexandra in late 1981 and early 1982 with some seven more operators before listing with B V Medical on 31-01-2012.
Report from Geoff Lloyd.

Saturday 23 February 2013

When the Robins Return to Motueka (to the tune of When the Swallows Return to Capistrano)

Grant Newman has also been photographing Robins at the Flying NZ National Championships at Motueka.

R 2160 ZK-TZD and R 2120 ZK-TZG from the North Shore Aero Club, with 50 Years of Aviation markings.

R 2160 ZK-RBN from the Canterbury Aero Club.

And R 2160 ZK-VCF in the new Canterbury Aero Club colours (actually this is listed as an Alpha R 2160 and was previously ZK-CTV).

Friday 22 February 2013

Flying NZ National Championships 2013 - Motueka, 21/2/2013

Grant Newman has been out and about recently, and has sent the following photos from the Flying NZ National Chamionships at Motueka.  Grant reports as follows:

The Flying NZ National Championships are being held at Motueka between the 21st and 24th, which has seen a number of aircraft from around the country descend on this small but busy aerodrome. The Motueka Aero Club has kindly opened its gates to allow the public to get closer to the action and is raising funds for a new hangar. Considerable interest is being shown by the public looking for something different to do on hot summer days, with parents parking up next the the airfield with their kids and sitting and watching the flying.

Bolkow Junior ZK-CJE of Bernice Hintz from Rangiora.

AESL Airtourer 115 ZK-CWA from Napier.

Maule MX7-180A Rocket ZK-MUL from Mt Maunganui.

And the local Progressive Aerodyne Searey amphibian ZK-YAY.

Thursday 21 February 2013

Niew Colours for Nieuport N 11 Replica ZK-NII

Grant Newman has sent in a couple of photos of the Classic Aircraft Nieuport N 11 replica ZK-NII in a new colour scheme, taken at Omaka on 19 February.  The new scheme appears to be partly applied in the photos

The colours are those of the Lafayette Escadrille which was an escadrille (a unit featuring more than 10 aircraft) of the French Air Service in WW 1 that was operated mainly by American volunteer pilots, and featured a screaming Indian head.

No doubt the new colour scheme is for "The Americans are Coming" theme of Classic Fighters 2013.

Wednesday 20 February 2013

I love it. Cessna A185F ZK-FMA.

Seen at Wanaka yesterday (19-02-2013) was this Cessna A185F ZK-FMA (c/n 18503513) of Southern Alps Air Ltd from Makarora.
 It came to NZ as a rebuild project for Aeromotive Overhauls Ltd of Hamilton and was registered to them on 14-10-1985. After lease to Aspiring Air in 1986 - 1987 it went to Southern Alps Air Charter Ltd on 09-02-1987 and to its current listed operator on 15-07-1994.

Eurocopter 350B3 ZK-IJO revisited

Back in November we mentioned the arrival of Eurocopter 350B3 ZK-IJO (see here).

Yesterday, 19 February, it was noted wearing the Faram titles as seen below:

Tuesday 19 February 2013

Omarama stopover

Omarama is always a good spot to drop in for a pee and a visit to the Cafe.
 Here we have two views of the Glider Rentals Gippsland GA200 ZK-OMA (c/n 2009413). Above awaiting a customer with the tow rope laid out ready. Below returning from a launch.

Below is a trio of Duo's with Piper PA-23-235 ZK-PPA (c/n 25-7656063) just airborne with the sniffer flight. The two others awaiting the outcome.
O.M.G thinks Gavin Wills (in background) as one of the young pilots spuds into the furniture in the Omarama Soaring Centre briefing room.

Sunday 17 February 2013

Ashburton - Airdrome Aeroplanes Aerodrome

When I read Blue Bus's post on The Airdrome Aeroplanes Nieuport 24 replica ZK-MNR at the recent SAANZ Great Plains Flyin at Ashburton, I realised that there was another new Airdrome Aeroplanes replica on the aerodrome.

ZK-FKG (c/n 25022010 - sounds like a date), is Graham Ritchie's new Fokker D VII replica, which has not been posted on this blog previously.

Ashburton Aerodrome is the centre of Airdrome Aeroplanes replicas in New Zealand with Fokker D VI replica ZK-TBF and Fokker D VII replica ZK-FKR both having been hatched there.  I have posted on these 2 previously at