Monday 11 February 2013

Ashburton pics.

These two Tom Grant machines have already been covered nicely by Sir Minty.But -
Above is the 80% scale SE5 Replica ZK-TOM (c/n 073120). This was initially registered as ZK-EHV on 20-09-1976 and changed to ZK-TOM on 25-05-1977 with its first flight being on 16-07-1977.
And below is the J T Grant Albatross D5 U/L Replica ZK-DVR (c/n TG01) which hit the register on 08-11-2007.

A seldom seen aircraft was the   PZL Warszawa-Okecie Koliber 150
  ZK-RTB (c/n 03930056) It is an updated MS885 Super Rallye built in Warsaw in 1995. It was imported by Dougal Dallison of Alternative Aviation, went to Rotorua for assembly and painting and first flew there on 26-04-1997 for Ross Blackmore/Rotorua Aero Club. It moved south to Peter McKellow of Greta Valley, North Canterbury from 24-07-2003.

Looks just like the real thing. LMA-5X-W ZK-CVB (c/n 1012) is a 100% scale Piper PA-18 Cub as built by John Belcher at Whangarei and registered on 14-12-2007. It moved to the Scarlett Farm Partnership of Christchurch from 11-04-2011.

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