Tuesday 30 December 2014

Matt does Milford Sound

A nice day in Milford Sound for Matt Hayes to capture some of the Rotary wing activity.
 Aerospatiale AS 350B2 ZK-HAE (c/n 3625) is one of the twenty five strong fleet of The Helicopter Line Ltd.
 Aerospatiale AS350 B2 ZK-HQN3 (c/n 3909) was initially listed in NZ as ZK-IEO but changed to IQN when it joined Heli Tours Ltd of Queenstown from 22-08-2014.
Its works alongside the Companies other machine - Hughes 369E ZK-IQN2 (c/n 0770E) which was originally ZK-IAZ.
One of six units listed to Helicopter Queenstown Ltd is Aerospatiale AS350BA Squirrel ZK-IBL (c/n 2075)
 Another Helicopter Queenstown machine is the Aerospatiale AS350 B2 ZK-IDM (c/n 9026) - an ex German registered helicopter which was listed in NZ on 13-05-2005.
 Milford Helicopters Ltd have a base at Milford Airfield.
Below is their Eurocopter AS350 B3 ZK-ITY (c/n 4949).
Another of Milford Helicopters machines is MDHI 369E ZK-HTN3 (c/n 0551E) which joined the register on 05-03-2014 for D J and N A Shanks (Trading as Milford Helicopters Ltd).

Monday 29 December 2014

Matt does Greymouth

Some more pics from Matt Hayes.
This time from Greymouth on 24-12-2014
 A real West Coat local is the Cessna 177B Cardinal ZK-DIH (c/n 17701900).
This first flew in NZ on 05-05-1973 and has resided on "The Coast" ever since.
It is currently listed to Ian Whitmore of Kumara.
 ZK-DXE (c/n A1500635) was the first of the 1976 Aerobat models in NZ and served with the Hawera Aero Club followed by the South Otago Aero Club from mid 1985. It has been registered to Markland Engineering and Contracting Ltd at Greymouth sine January of 2008.
The Tom Williams Gardan GY-20 Minicab ZK-EDX (c/n AACA/224) has been based in Greymouth since December of 2011.
Tom operated the Cardinal ZK-DIH for many years.
An out of towner was the Hughes 369D ZK-HXX3 (c/n 300675D) of Helicopter Charter Nelson Ltd.
I'm sure you all remember when it used to scud around as ZK-HSW between 1984 and 2000.

Roving reporter at Te Anau and Manapouri

Matt Hayes popped into Manapouri and has forwarded this selection.
 The De Havilland DH89B ZK-AKY (c/n 6653) from the Croydon Aircraft Co Ltd at Mandeville is based here for the summer months offering flights.
 Robinson R44 Raven II ZK-HLL3 (c/n 13210) is operated by Heliops Ltd Southland Ltd.
 ZK-KIA (c/n 016) is the Jabiru J120C of Michael Nicolson from Winton.
Fly Fiordlands Cessna U206G Stationair ZK-KPW is c/n U20603593. This aircraft flew into Auckland from West Australia in September of 1993 and has spent its whole NZ career based down this way.
Over on the lake front near the Te Anau township was the Cessna U206C Super Skywagon ZK-DRH (c/n U2061179) of Water and Wings (Te Anau) Ltd. This one began a brief floatplane career out of Picton way back in December of 1974. It went down south in the mid 1990's.
 Southern Lakes Helicopters Ltd bases a helicopter on the pier at Te Anau.
 On this occasion it was ZK-IAS3 (c/n 13187).

Sunday 28 December 2014

Other Ardmore Aircraft 26-12-2014

A selection of other aircraft outside at Ardmore on Boxing Day.

Slingsby T 67B Firefly ZK-WAE was pushed out of its hangar to let the Europa out.  It is owned by Auckland Aero Club as an aerobatic trainer and it is painted up as a USAF T 3A Firefly trainer which was used from 1994 to 1997 to screen pilot trainees and it replaced the Cessna T 41 (the USAF version of the 172) in the role.  So ZK-WAE does wear an appropriate colour scheme.  The T 67B has a fully composite airframe and a Continental IO 360 engine (whereas the UASF T 3A had a bigger IO 540 engine).

Cessna 172M ZK-DXJ is sporting a colourful new scheme.

Colin Dale arrived overhead, landed and taxied in in his latest Barber Snark ZK-PIE.  Colin told me that this aircraft is owned by himself and his son.  Of course it replaces their previous Snark ZK-JEK which sadly met a fiery but thankfully injury-free end at Ardmore nearly one year ago.  (See www.nzcivair.blogspot.co.nz/2014/01/barber-snark-zk-jek.html ).  Colin also told me that ZK-PIE has a 20 HP less powerful Suzuki G 15 motor than ZK-JEK's M 15, and the difference shows in the performance.

Sharing a hangar with ZK-PIE, Jabiru J 230 ZK-PSH was pushed out into the sun for a nice photo angle.  Originally owned by Painter Sinton Holdings (hence PSH), it is now owned by Manakau Microlights Ltd of Henderson in Auckland.  There was another Jabiru J 230 on the field with ZK-DIZ still for sale at Dennis Thompson's.

Saturday 27 December 2014

Cessna Twins Inactive at Ardmore 26-12-2014

Naturally, a daytime pick up at Auckland International requires a visit to Ardmore.  Yesterday being Boxing Day I expected Ardmore to be a bit quiet, but if you wait around for a while something interesting usually turns up.

The hangar beside the Thunder Mustang hangar is usually closed, but yesterday Gavin Lee was pushing out his Europa (ZK-EPA) for a flight to Waihi Beach, and this required other aircraft to be pushed out, as well as giving me a chance to have a poke around.  This resulted in  chance to see Cessna 337G ZK-FZA which obviously hasn't seen air under its wings for a long time (and it would be a major mission to get it out of the hangar as it is jammed in at the back wall).  It is still registered to an Auckland owner.

In the foreground is SMAN Petrel ZK-PCT which was revoked and cancelled on 1/11/13.  I was told it has recently been purchased by a new owner who is in the process of re-assembling the aircraft.

And on its long-term tie downs was Cessna 310P ZK-DTM which was cancelled on 25/7/13.  You can see that it has the earlier motors!  It is/was a sister ship to ZK-DEM which is flown by Ardmorepilot and which was tied down nearby.

Two wanderers at Wanaka.

Matt Hayes picked up these two Wanaka visitors on December the 23rd.
 Diamond DA42 NG 9M-MDI of Malaysian Die Casting Industries SDN BHD parked up since the 20th.
Check out MRC's earlier post at :-

ZK-CUB3 (c/n CCK-1865-0055) is a Cub Crafters CCK-160UL and was registered to The Lucky Skunks Club of Balfour on 25-11-2014.

Strays in Christchurch Town.

Two strays noted at Christchurch International on Boxing Day by Matt Hayes.
 Cirrus SR22 ZK-FMN2 is c/n 3720 which makes it ex N102NZ . It arrived as such in Auckland on 12-04-2011 and became ZK-FMN to Greg Foremaas Skyhawk Aviation of Howick on  18-05-2011.
A new comer is this Robinson R44 Raven II ZK-IZY2 (c/n 12977) which was listed with T and P William of Taupo on 23-10-2014. This was previously operated as VH-ITP.

Friday 26 December 2014

ZK-ADX photo

A dose of cabin fever is overcoming me as I sit housebound with the teaming multitude of grandkids.
So I have dug this out of the bottomless shoe box.
Make of it what you will - but it is  obviously the Boeing 40-H4 ZK-ADX (c/n CB.8).
Looks like Wigram.
And the gentleman in the middle will be one Rudolph Lysaght Wigley.
Date about late 1935.
ZK-ADX was built in Canada as CF-AMS. It went over to VH-ADX in July 1938 and crashed on 21-09-1939 at Black Cat Ridge in PNG.
See also:-

Pick Up Run to Auckland International 26-12-2014

The required pick up of No 1 grandson from Auckland International this afternoon was not too much of a strain, as there were some interesting aircraft around.

Air New Zealand's latest Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner ZK-NZG was parked in a nice postion for an uncluttered photo.  This is the closest I have seen one of the new Dreamliners. Very impressive.

And a really unusual sight was so many private business jets parked up.  No doubt their owners are enjoying a warm Christmas in the luxury they are probably accustomed to.

I counted eight business jets in total.  I really don't have much idea of where they were from.  I suggest readers log onto the MRC Aviation blog for the details.

Unexpected NZDV visitor.

Caribou has migrated back up North and captured this unexpected visitor at Dannevirke yesterday afternoon.
 North American NA-88 Harvard III* ZK-ENB (c/n 88-15871) arriving at NZDV.

This Harvard had been allocated the US military serial of 41-34117 but was diverted as a Lend Lease aircraft to the RAF/FAA. This serial was also not taken up as it was re-diverted to the RNZAF and arrived in NZ in April of 1944 and taken on charge as NZ1076 on 03-05-1944.
It was sold through the Government Stores Board to Rex Brereton of Dunedin and its civil conversion was taken care of by Airwork at Christchurch. Its civil registration taking effect from 20-06-1978.
It is still listed with the same owner but now Feilding based.
As can be seen - it still wears its RNZAF marking of the mid 1970's - apart from the large ENB fuselage letters.

Thursday 25 December 2014

What did Santa bring me ?

AH !
Definitely not De Havilland.
 Yuletide greetings to all our followers.



And it was a very Merry Christmas for some lucky owner as Airbus Helicopters handed over EC135 P2+ ZK-IBT on 22 December complete with a rather large bow and christmas presents!! 

Wednesday 24 December 2014

Three from NZAR 23-12-2014

Magnaman captured these three aircraft at Ardmore Yesterday (23-12-2014).
 Above we see the Cessna 152 ZK-FCO (c/n 152841580).
One of the left overs from Helipro Aviation Training Ltd.
Seen here outside the Heliflite facility.
It is of 1980 vintage and reached NZ  towards the end of 1982 and has had a fist full of operators since.
 A very interesting arrival  is this Tecnam P2006T - Airborne Technologies Multi Mission Aircraft.
First registered to BAe Systems Australia Ltd of Salisbury, South Australia as VH-OBZ on 21-05-2012. I wonder what they used it for ?
On 17-11-2014 VH-OBZ ferried from Tamworth to Bankstown; overnighted, and then flew on to Lord Howe Island and Auckland the following day.
Its Australian registration was cancelled on 05-12-2014 for it to become ZK-OBZ with Ardmore Aviation Services Ltd of Hong Kong.
This 2006 Tecnam P2002 Sierra ZK-RTM (c/n 0169) is for sale at DTI, Ardmore.
With just the one owner it has TTAF of 530 hours.
It was registered to Lake Forest Enterprises Ltd of Taupo on 03-04-2006.
The registration of RTM being the initials of the late owner Roy T Marsden.

Tuesday 23 December 2014

North Shore Today 23-12-2014

A trip to North Shore Airfield this morning produced a few movements as some of the resident aircraft set off to work for the day.

A general view of the apron showing ten aircraft of various types.  The two Great Barrier Airlines Trilanders ZK-LGC and ZK-LGF have been inactive for a long time and may be caught up in their parent companies Aerial Mapping Ltd's demise?  However other Great Barrier Airlines aircraft are still active (Partenavia ZK-PLA and Navajo ZK-NSN in the line up).

A closer view showing North Shore Helicopters Bell 206B Jet Ranger arriving back while Silver Farms Helicopters Long Ranger waits for refuelling and Great Barrier Airlines Piper PA 31 Navajo taxies for take off.

North Shore Helicopters Jet Ranger ZK-HGD heads out.

Silver Farms Helicopters Long Ranger ZK-IND also heads out for the city.

Great Barrier Airlines Navajo ZK-NSN on take off for a local flight.

And a new one to me, Piper PA 28R-200 Cherokee Arrow ZK-RTE has been owned by the RTE Syndicate of Swanson in Auckland since 11/11/14.


Pacific Helicopter Ltds new Guimbal Cabri G2 ZK-HTQ was seen today wearing its registration marks.
It was registered as ZK-HTQ on 10-12-2014 with the hobbs meter showing 4.2 hours.

Monday 22 December 2014

Titan Tornados of New Zealand

The Titan Tornado was originally designed by John Williams in the early 1990's and kits were manufactured by the Titan Aircraft Company of Austinburg, Ohio (and still are).  The original Tornado model was a single seater but the Tornados that we have had in New Zealand have been two seaters (apart from one single seater that I will detail at end of this post).  The aircraft's fuselage cage is made from 4130 steel while the fuselage boom, empennage and the cantilevered stressed skin wings are constructed of aluminium.  This was advanced consruction for a microlight in the early 1990's.

The Tornado II is 19 feet long (5.79 metres), the wingspan is 23 feet 6 inches (7.16 metres) and the wing area is 108 square feet.  The engine can be from a Rotax 608 to a Rotax 912, which give a cruise speed of between 110 and 125 mph and a stall speed of around 35 mph.  Empty weight is around 440 pound (200 Kg) and WAUW is 998 pounds (449 Kg).

We have had eight Titan Tornado II's (plus the one Tornado I) in New Zealand to date, as follows:

The first Titan Tornado to appear on the register was ZK-JGT (c/n MAANZ/557 - it must have also had a Titan serial number but that is not recorded), which was registered to Ian Todd Marine and Sports Ltd of Rotorua on 4/3/96.  It had a Rotax 912 engine.  Ian Todd was the New Zealand agent for Titan Aircraft and there was quite a flurry of Tornados registered in the second half on the 1990's.  Sadly, Ian Todd died in the early 2000's and local Tornado activity waned.  It is photo'd above at the 1996 SAANZ flyin at Matamata. It was cancelled on 23/10/98 and sold abroad.

ZK-SDR (c/n D95618COHK0193) which was registered to S D R (Robin) Reid of Hastings on 20/5/96.  The Titan serial numbers look intimidating but the interesting bits are the year of manufacture (the first 2 numbers), the motor size (but sometimes this doesn't tie up?), the OH is for Ohio, the next letter is K for kit or F for Factory built, and the final 4 digits are the kit number.  From the c/n it had a Rotax 618 engine.  Robin Reid sold ZK-SDR to the Christchurch area where it was involved in a forced landing accident at Amberly Beach after which the damaged aircraft was bought by Kim Twentyman of Christchurch on 10/6/97.  It was cancelled on 29/1/01 but is a long term rebuild project by Kim, who kindly sent the above photo taken on 16/12/14.

ZK-TNB/TNC (c/n D955618COHK0191) was registered to Barrett Pharmacy Ltd of Hamilton (Trevor N Barrett) on 14/8/96  It has a Rotax 912 engine and is photo'd above at the 2000 SAANZ flyin at Matamata.  It was sold to J N Sanderson of Katikati on 14/11/03 and was re-registered ZK-TNC on 29/11/04 to allow Trevor Barrett to register his new Alpi Pioneer 300 as ZK-TNB.  Finally it was sold to A D Powell of Katikati on 23/5/06 and it is currently inactive.

ZK-RSR (c/n D96912SOHF0246) has an interesting history.  It was first registered to Robin Reid of Hastings on 27/1/97.  As you can see from the c/n it is a factory built example so Robin and Ian Todd flew to the Titan factory in Ohio to pick up the aircraft and then fly down to the Sun N Fun flyin at Lakeland in Florida.  The aircraft incorporated several New Zealand modifications including a new seat back fuel tank, an engine cowling an Airmaster ground adjustable propellor and an aerodynamic addition to the front wheel spat.  These modifications were well received in America.  After attending the Sun N Fun flyin in March 1997 they flew ZK-RSR across America to Southern California and then back to Arizona from where the aircraft was shipped back to New Zealand.  The flight took in 33 airports and covered 3,881 miles.  The above photo by flyernzl shows ZK-TRT in its across America colours, at Kerikeri in 1998.

Ownership of ZK-RSR transferred to Robin Reid's widow H R Reid on 5/10/99 and then to V B Booth of Auckland on 17/5/00.  It was briefly cancelled on 12/4/10 but was re-registered on 11/11/10.  Finally it was sold to M A Farr of New Plymouth on 8/2/12.  Murray Farr bases the aircraft at Stratford where it is very active, and it is photo'd above at the 2014 Black Sands flyin at Raglan on 8/11/14.  It is now fitted with an Airmaster in-flight adjustable prop that was manufactured by Bram Waters.

ZK-JHJ (c/n 95582COHK0192) is powered by a Rotax 618 accoding to the decals (but a Rotax 582 according to the c/n?).  It was first registered to the Van Bennekom Verdonk Syndicate of Rotorua on 20/2/97.  It is photo'd above at the 1998 SAANZ flyin at Matamata. Its registration was revoked on 3/5/01 but it was re-registered agin on 1/12/01 when it was sold to A G Carter of Murupara.  On 22/12/09 it was sold to T Cacciamani of Havelock, with whom it is still current.

ZK-JKD (c/n D98800COHK0295) was first registered to Ian R Todd of Rotorua on 3/6/98, and it has a Rotax 912 engine (you can just see the ian Todd engine cowling covering the engine and the aerodynamic addition to the nose wheel spat in this photo.  It is photo'd at the 2000 SAANZ flyin at Matamata.  On 2/11/02 ownership changed to T N Todd of Rotorua then on 17/6/02 to Tipua Enterprises Ltd of Ohope (R and L St John), and on 20/12/02 to J H Shore also of Ohope.  Its registration was revoked on 15/4/05 but it was re-registered on 11/7/05 when ownership transferred to the AEG Trust of Hamilton.  On 9/8/06 ownership transferred to Network Product Distribution Ltd of Auckland, with whom it is still current

ZK-KAA/ZK-PTP/ZK-KAA (c/n D97912COHK0271) was built by Kim Twentyman for Kevin A Ashby of Kaiapoi, and it was first registered on 17/2/00.  It was sold to P J O'Donnell of Levin on 24/10/01 and he re-registered the aircraft as ZK-PTP on 2/11/01.  (Peter O'Donnell has owned a series of microlights that he has registered ZK-PTP - the first was ZK-KAA which reverted to ZK-KAA, the second was Ultravia Pelican ZK-PLP which reverted to ZK-PLP, and his third aircaft is the recent RANS S 7S ZK-PTP).  The aircraft was sold to M J S Wilkins of Taupiri on 3/6/04 and was re-registered back to ZK-KAA on 4/6/04.  It then had a series of owners on the West Coast - M R Smith of Westport from 19/6/08, M L Pfahlert of Hokitika from 8/6/11, D R Baker of Greymouth from 30/4/12 and M L Pfahlert again from 19/5/13.  Finally it returned home to Christchurch being purchased by R O Byfield on 10/7/14, and it is now hangared at Rangiora.  The above photo was taken at Hokitika on 8/1/14.  It can be seen that it has larger wheels and tyres, and a cargo pod underneath (this was a factory mod).

ZK-LOT (c/n D97912COHK0259) was built by Rodger J Ward of Christchurch and was first registered to him on 3/4/07.  It also has a Rotax 912 engine and is based at Rangiora where the above photo was taken on 1/12/09.  It is still current.

And now to our only Titan Tornado I.  This is a single seater that is not much smaller than the Tornado II with a length of 18 feet 3 inches (5.56 metres) and a wingspan of 20 feet (6.01 metres).  It is powered by a Rotax 503 engine which gives a cruise speed of 95 mph.  Empty weight is around 375 pounds (170 Kg) and MAUW is 660 pounds (299 Kg).

Our only Titan Tornado I is ZK-TRT (c/n T97503COHK0260), that was built by Trevor R Tollison of Wairoa and was first registered to him on 27/1/00.  I believe that Trevor never flew the aircraft but he did complete it.   Trevor is photo'd taxying the completed aircraft at Wairoa in 2002.  Thanks very much to Trevor's son Richard Tollison for the above photo.

It was sold to P J Karl of Ohaupo on 6/4/06 but before the official change of ownership it sufferd and engine failure on take off from Ohaupo and the undercarriage was damaged in the ensuing forced landing.  It was repaired however and on 10/4/08 ownership changed to E A Cameron of Christchurch.  It changed hands again, to W L White of Christchurch on 13/1/10.  Around this time it was noted for sale on Trade Me, where the above photo of it was sourced.  Finally ownership transferred to A M Smith of Winchester on 30/12/11 and I believe the aircraft is being returned to airworthy status.