Monday 8 December 2014

The Vintage Aviator Bristol Fighter F2B ZK-VTV Surfaces in France

In July 2014, TVAL registered a Bristol Fighter F2B ZK-VTV.  In September, after it became known that the aircraft had been shipped from New Zealand, I posted on this blog: "Calling Brisfit ZK-VTV " at which elicited a couple of comments:  one that it was in Poland but the timing of this did not tie up, and the other that it was in France.

In fact the second comment proved to be correct and the aircraft has appeared in France as part of the Collection Salis of Les Casque de Cuir (which translates as The Leather Helmet) at Cerny/La Ferté Alais aerodrome near Paris.  As of mid November the aircraft has been re-assembled and the Hispano-Suiza engine has been run.  The above photo is from the Les Casques de Cuir Facebook page where you can see other images.

The aircraft is marked up as E2262 "A 6" of the RFC/RAF 39(Home Defence) Squadron and features a black cat on the fin.

As with the two BE 2es that were sent to the UK earlier this year, ZK-VTV would have done test flying at Masterton before being dis-assembled for shipping, and it is still on the New Zealand register.

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