Saturday 27 December 2014

Cessna Twins Inactive at Ardmore 26-12-2014

Naturally, a daytime pick up at Auckland International requires a visit to Ardmore.  Yesterday being Boxing Day I expected Ardmore to be a bit quiet, but if you wait around for a while something interesting usually turns up.

The hangar beside the Thunder Mustang hangar is usually closed, but yesterday Gavin Lee was pushing out his Europa (ZK-EPA) for a flight to Waihi Beach, and this required other aircraft to be pushed out, as well as giving me a chance to have a poke around.  This resulted in  chance to see Cessna 337G ZK-FZA which obviously hasn't seen air under its wings for a long time (and it would be a major mission to get it out of the hangar as it is jammed in at the back wall).  It is still registered to an Auckland owner.

In the foreground is SMAN Petrel ZK-PCT which was revoked and cancelled on 1/11/13.  I was told it has recently been purchased by a new owner who is in the process of re-assembling the aircraft.

And on its long-term tie downs was Cessna 310P ZK-DTM which was cancelled on 25/7/13.  You can see that it has the earlier motors!  It is/was a sister ship to ZK-DEM which is flown by Ardmorepilot and which was tied down nearby.

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  1. Hi caa register aside do you know who owns the 337? Cheers