Sunday 29 November 2009

Question Time # 80 resolved

Flammin Nora - The correct answer before the ink had even dried. Looks like I will have to go fishing today.

It is indeed Reims/Cessna F406 Caravan II ZK-XLF (c/n 0057) being tinkered around with at Hamilton on 23-02-2009.

So Anonymous scores : If you flick your snail mail address to me at I will send the fish forth.

Thanks ZK-CKE for the info on the CII allocation - I hadn't picked up on that earlier.

There have been two airframes on the NZ register scattered over five registrations.

C/n 0012 ex Kenya. Became ZK-CII on 10-08-1998 to Aeromotive. Re-registered as ZK-VAA2 for Vincent on 08-05-2003. Re-re-registered as ZK-XLC with Kiwi Air on 15-01-2008.

C/n 0057 ex New Caledonia. Became ZK-VAF on 31-12-2002 with Vincent. Re-registered as ZK-XLF on 27-01-09 for Kiwi Air.

Saturday 28 November 2009

Question time #80

Type + Model + Registration = Chocolate Fish.

From the shoe box. Canterbury Wanderer. Auster J5F Aiglet Trainer ZK-BCQ

I was talking to a very elderly gentleman recently and he mentioned the "Canterbury Wanderer" that he flew in the 60's. From the clues he could recall I deduced it to be the Auster J5F Aiglet Trainer ZK-BCQ.
The J5F (as I am sure you all know) was basically a J5 fuselage slightly widened and stressed to become the first fully aerobatic Auster. It had an entirely new wing some 4 foot shorter and supported by equal sized wing struts. It also had a larger, horn balanced rudder. The prototype, using the Auster test registration of G-25-1 first flew in 1951 (I think) followed by a further 89 airframes; eight of which reach NZ.
ZK-BCQ (c/n 3111) was imported new by the NZ agents & obtained its CofA on 26-02-1954 and delivered to the Canterbury Aero Club. The above photograph was taken in March of 1954.
I believe it went briefly to a K F Sutherland in 1964 but was returned to the Canterbury Aero Club fairly soon after. About this time it seemed to have gained the "Canterbury Wanderer" name.
The above pic taken on 28-06-1969 shows it in the rear half of the old Club hangar at Christchurch. Note the Turbulent in behind. At about this time ownership moved to C R Dann & S M Marker of Christchurch. (Mr Marker previously operated the Tiger Moth ZK-BFS and the Fox Moth ZK-ASP in the early 60's). Annual ownership changes then took place with W G Bradshaw from 07-04-1970; R T Lloyd from 25-03-1971 (pic below taken at Wellington on 17-10-1971 - with "The Pig" in the background);
Ray Thurston of Blenheim from 01-03-1973 then a quick move to Auckland for J W Bushell & G M Ritchie on 14-04-1973. J W Black of Huntly is listed from 08-05-1978. On 02-07-1978 during a precautionary landing on the beach near Port Waikato its undercarriage collapsed. It was then submerged by the incoming tide.
Pic above is at North Shore on 05-01-1986 (looking rather bent & twisted - and is that fire damage up front ?)
It was then stored with ownership moving to the Confederate Air Force NZ Wing on 17-01-1986. Its registration was cancelled on 23-01-1991.
I believe it is currently under restoration at Omaka with Shane Glassey and Graham Orphan.
I would appreciated any additional details on this aircraft.

Tuesday 24 November 2009

Avid Heavy Hauler UL ZK-WEN.

Jabiru powered Avid Heavy Hauler UL ZK-WEN (c/n 1226D) as seen at Rangiora today (24-11-2009) having a transponder fitted.

Built by Warren Edward Newland and using his initials it became ZK-WEN on 12-02-1997.

It was sold on to Howard B Jenkin on 03-12-2002 and Warren went on to the Alpi Pioneer ZK-WLD from 29-11-2005. I believe Warren operated a Micro B22 Bantam between 1987 & 1988.

ZK-WEN changed hands again on 26-07-2005 to Peter Karl of Ohaupo. Now Peter has had a fair share of aircraft over the years including :- Delore Skytrike ZK-EZY 1982-1999: Micro B22 Bantam ZK-FXG 1990-2000: Aerochute Dual ZK-JHD 2000-2005: Avid Flyer STOL ZK-SPY 2000- 2006: Titan Tornado ZK-TRT2 2006-2008: Avid Flyer Speedwing ZK-MMP 2006-2009: Eipper Quicksilver MXL 11 ZK-MWB from 2007: Jabiru UL-T ZK-CJP from 2009 and Micro B22 Bantam ZK-FWN from 2009.

ZK-WEN moved on to Geoff I Royds of Ashburton on 10-10-2005. Geoff has also operated Auster J1B ZK-AZU 1970-1974: Cessna 180 ZK-BLL 1974-1980: Cessna A188 ZK-CSE 1979-1981: and Cessna A188B ZK-DPW 1980-1989.
Now how many aircraft have I missed that have been operated by these respective owners ??

Monday 23 November 2009


Another shot of Vans RV9A ZK-RVY at Ardmore 23Nov (following on from Sir Minty's recent post earlier this month).

Question time # 79 resolved

Yes indeed it is the tail end of the Polikarpov I-16 ZK-JIO (Red 34).
As seen at Wanaka on 11-10-2007.
Chocky fish won on the first very first response: By Anonymous.

Sunday 22 November 2009

John Shakes Shakes J1

Seen at Hood airfield, Masterton, late in the afternoon following the Vintage Aviator show last weekend was this little single-seater.
ZK-JGX is listed as a John Shakes Shakes J1. Apart from that, I know nothing about it.
Is it a local design, or built off an overseas-sourced plan?
Maybe Sir Minty will give us the benefit of his extensive knowledge.

Saturday 21 November 2009

Robinson R44 Astro ZK-HCR

The above shot taken in the Heli Maintenance hangar at Christchurch on 04-09-2009 shows the Robinson R44 Astro (c/n 0323) being re-assembled following import from the UK.
It was first registered as G-HRHS to Sloane Helicopters Ltd at Sywell, Northampton on 15-04-1997 with a change to Stratus Aviation C/- Professional Projects Ltd of Hong Kong on 24-08-1999. Its UK registration was cancelled on 19-05-2009 for it to become ZK-HCR2 on 23-07-09.
Photo above shows it at Heli Maintenance having its rotor blades tracked on 19-11-09.
It is registered to Brent Dovey of Blenheim

Question time # 79

What's this then ?
What type ?
Give us a registration as well to earn the last chocky fish currently in stock.

Thursday 19 November 2009

The Omega of the Alphas - Or Is It?

A forlorn sight at Hamilton Airport on 7 November was nearly the whole fleet of the CTC Aviation Alpha R 2160's parked up. They are still registered to CTC Aviation Training (NZ) Ltd but are presumably trapped in the voluntary liquidation of Alpha Aviation which occurred on 23 January 2008. There were 10 CTC aircraft present - ZK-CTQ,R,S,T,V,Xand Y (in the white with blue and yellow trim scheme) as well as Robin R2160's ZK-TZD and ZK-TZM (in the blue and white trim scheme). There were 3 aircraft on one side of the open fronted hangar...

...and 6 on the other side.
Out front was the 10th CTC Alpha, ZK-FXY in a white and green scheme looking as though it is active. This was the original aircraft built by Alpha Aviation and it first flew on 12 April 2006. There were also 3 other Alpha R 2160's on the field - ZK-WCD, ZK-WJH and ZK-WKF owned by the Waikato Aero Club.
On 23 June 2009 Alpha Aviation was sold to Hong Kong based company IXL Ltd who intend to re-start manufacturing planes at the Alpha Aviation factory at Hamilton Airport.

Tuesday 17 November 2009

Another Corporate Fizzjet for NZ

Cessna 680 Sovereign ZK-JTH is yet to reach the CAA online records, however it was duly noted 16Nov outside at Auckland and is ex N121TL. The aircraft arrived in NZ early August this year and is a joint venture between Auckland businessman Craig Heatley and Christchurch's Pacific Jets. Mr Heatley has in recent years owned other American registered jets with a partner under the banner of Network Jets however this arrangement was terminated earlier this year.

Wayne Grant photo

The arrival of ZK-JTH onto the register is just ahead of another new type due before month's end with a Cessna 560 Citation Ultra due for an Auckland operator and to be placed on the ZK register!

The corporate jet register in NZ is now made up of:

Citation Mustang ZK-LCA (Hastings)
Citation Mustang ZK-MUS (Wellington)
Citation Mustang ZK-PGA (Auckland)
Citationjet CJ3+ ZK-TBM (Christchurch)
Citation 680 Sov ZK-JTH (Auckland)
Learjet 35A ZK-XVL (Ardmore)
Gulfstream 4SP ZK-KFB (Auckland)
Westwind II ZK-RML (Auckland)
Gulfstream G200 ZK-RGB (Auckland)

then foreign registered aircraft
Global Express N57LE (Auckland)
Falcon 900EX N146EX (Auckland)
Citation 501 N800DT (Ardmore)

Odds and Ends at Ardmore

CTC Aviation's Cessna 172S ZK-WKT carried out a touch and go at Ardmore 16Nov, first time I've seen this example.

17Nov early afternoon saw the departure of a Pacific Aerospace 750XL from Ardmore and it headed south. I hung around for to possibly return as thought I heard the pilot report heading to the training area, however after an hour still no sign of it. Anyone know which one it was, I didn't catch the callsign. It appeared to be all white.

Tecnam 2002 ZK-NPS was carrying out local flights and is currently registered to a Tauranga address.

Avid Flyer Speedwing ZK-RWT was also carrying out circuits this afternoon.

Massey Aviation's Diamond DA42 Twinstar ZK-MTS was positioned nicely outside Hawker Pacific.

Pitts S-2B Special ZK-MAD

Aerotek Pitts S-2B Special ZK-MAD (c/n 5087) was lost in a fatal accident on Sunday the 15th November 2009 in "The Stratford Gap" claiming the life of its pilot.

Built by Aerotek and registered as N260J in October of 1986 it served with Pfeifer Aviation at Fort Lauderdale in Florida.
Imported into NZ it was registered as ZK-MAD on 15-10-1990 to The Great Stunt Company of Papakura and the Waitemata Aero Club. A change on 15-12-2000 had it listed to Flight 2000 Ltd and on 27-08-2002 it was back with The Great Stunt Company at Ardmore.
The two upper photos show it resting at Omarama on 18-01-1995

These two pics taken at Wanaka on 10-04-1998 show it in a new colour scheme with advertising
A more recent shot, at Ardmore on 19-03-2000, in the same colour scheme but minus the script.

Monday 16 November 2009

Helilink Helicopters at Mechanics Bay

While downtown on Saturday afternoon I took the opportunity to pop into the Mechanics Bay heliport. It was quiet with only these 2 helicopters there. Above is "Police 2" which is ZK-HDG as advised by Helilink Ltd, who operate it for the New Zealand police. This is an Aerospatiale Twin Squirrel AS 355 F1 that was first registered on 27/9/91 after being imported from the USA (ex N5802T) by Airwork Holdings Ltd. It does not carry a registration so I guess it is a registered colour scheme, but you are in no doubt about what it is. It is equipped with a Wescam Model 12 gimbal camera and a SX 16 Nightsun searchlight (and a lot of other mods). You can find these things out on the CAA website by clicking on the Flight Manual data in the aircraft registration screen (in this case Air No 2368).
And the other helicopter there was Helilink's Robinson R 44 II ZK-HEI, in a nice position for a photograph with a Waitemata Harbour backdrop.

Sunday 15 November 2009

Question time # 78 resolved

Well then "MR" Anonymous:
It was my very intention that nobody should resolve this one because the chocky fish stock is rather low at this time.
It is however as you say.
Schleicher AS K13 ZK-GFN , c/n 13038 , in its colour co-ordinated camouflage for operations at Papawai (near Greytown) by the Jury Hill Gliding Club (Inc).
It has all the lights, bells and I suspect whistles for night flying.
Question to you Mr Anonymous :- With a red and orange light in the blunt end - does it actually fly backwards ? I would have thought that the red light would have been at the rear end !
Shipped to NZ aboard the MV Main Lloyd, assembled at Ardmore and first flown on 10-11-1967 by Frank Gatland. It served with the Piako Gliding Club until withdrawn on 21-09-2002 after 8000 flying hours and 32,000 launches.
It was listed to the Jury Hill Gliding Club (Inc) on 15-10-2003.
Both pics taken at Papawai on 22-02-2006.

Saturday 14 November 2009

Classic Cubs at Ardmore

Also while at Ardmore last Saturday 7/11/09, I managed to photograph these 2 classic Piper Cubs that were first registered more than 52 years ago!

Above is ZK-BQY which has been rebuilt to an amazing standard. It was first registered in February 1957, and crashed at Ardmore in March 1968. It was then rebuilt as ZK-CYU and registered in February 1969, and it was re-registered back as ZK-BQY in April 2004. It is resistered to the ZK-CYU Syndicate of Auckland. ZK-BQY is named Nola in honour of Nola Pickard who was part of the syndicate but was tragically killed along with her husband in a Tiger Moth crash at Taumaranui in October 2003.

And nearby was ZK-BQV which was registered in February 1957. It is owned by WJ and NJ Henwood of Waiuku. I think it is quite amazing that 2 aeroplanes that started off life pretty much together so long ago now live so close to each other again.
Can anyone post their histories?

Question time # 78

Now this aviation item is different.
Where is it ?
What is it ?
What registration would you find on it ?

Friday 13 November 2009

"Miss Clawd IV" ZK-IUS

The above photograph, taken at Hamilton on 07-11-2009, was sent to me for identification and if possible a little bit of its history.

Well this particular helicopter is a Japanes Kawasaki built Hughes 369HS registered here as ZK-IUS , c/n 6631 , to Kiwi Kopters Tauranga Ltd since 06-05-2008.

It was built and registered in Japan as JA9131 on 27-08-1974 to Yomiuru Shimbun of Tokyo. Ownership transferred to Nishi Hihon Kuyu at Fukuoka from 05-04-1990.

It was involved in an incident on 23-08-2000 at Nishikata and cancelled on 07-11-2000.

Imported to NZ by Wing & Rotor Aviation Ltd it was repaired and became ZK-HSE3 on 26-03-2001 and went to Suttons Moss Ltd at Dobson (on the west coast of the south island). Frank Wright appears on the paper work from 21-06-2004. Am not sure what Frank did with it, but he is well known for his repair and rebuild projects. Next listed owner was Volcanic Air Safaris from 17-08-2004 followed by a transfer to Kiwi Kopters on 31-03-2008. It was re-registered as ZK-IUS on 06-05-2008.

It is painted to represent the Hughes OH-6A Cayuse serialled 68-17340 of the C troop, 16th Cavalry of the US Army. It is now preserved in their Fort Rucker Museum. It had a distinguished career in South Vietnam.

The real thing is shown below "in country" and sitting on PSP. (PSP = pierced steel planking or Marsden mating).


For more info on This operating group; the C/16 Outcasts ; see :-
Another shot of the real machine.

Above is an artists view of 68-17340 "Miss Clawd IV" of Captain Hugh Mills.

For pics of it at Fort Rucker check out :-

Below are a couple of the insignia used by C/16 and depicted on the helicopter.

So ZK-IUS appears to be a pretty good representation of 68-17340. Missing its the 7.62 minigun and perhaps the red & white under nose marks.

Kiwi Kopters also operate the Bell 47G-3B1 ZK-ICJ. This is painted up to represent a MASH (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) helicopter (minus its external stretcher racks). Pic below.
They also have the Bell 47J2 ZK-HGI4 on their books.

Wednesday 11 November 2009

Two Magnificent Moths at Ardmore

On my way down to the Black Sands Flyin at Raglan, I spent a pleasant hour or so at Ardmore (as you do). I was fortunate to be able to photograph two magnificent Tiger Moths - ZK-AUD which is owned by Robert McNair and which was flown down to Cambridge by David Phillips for Armistace Day celebrations there.
Outside was another magnificent Tiger Moth, ZK-ALK which is owned by the Strome Family Trust of Manaku. And inside the same hangar was Tiger Moth ZK-CYC which is for sale.

De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver ZK-CKH

The first new De Haviland Canada DHC-2 Beaver exported from Canada was c/n 25 which was delivered on 17-11-1948 as ZS-DCG to Tank Aircraft Pty Ltd of Johanasburg who used it until 1961.
In was then registered to Brian L R Pocock of Sussex on 05-10-1961 as G-ARTR and received its C of A on 14-10-61. I believe it spent most of its UK registered time in North Africa on mineral survey work.
Sold on 07-08-1964 it was shipped to New Zealand and arrived in Wellington on 07-10-64. It first flew in NZ on 16-11-64 and was delivered the following day to Air Services (Wairarapa) Ltd at Masterton as ZK-CKH.

Below is a small selection of pics of ZK-CKH.
Above at Masterton In Air Services (Wairarapa) Ltd's scheme on27-02-1972.
Does anybody recognise the "tag" on the cowling - looks like an avian creature flying away from us - maybe with boots on ?

Below at Masterton again, but on 03-10-1973. Must be due for a clean !
Below at Masterton on on 31-08-1979, I believe whilst with Air Contracts Ltd.

Now we see it outside the old Canterbury Aero Club building at Christchurch on 05-03-1990
Below it is seen at Ardmore on 18-03-2000

I next caught it at Ardmore following a major tidy up and repaint. Here it is on 27-02-2009 during the towing operation back towards its Warbirds hangar.

Above, Sir Minty caught it recently (07-11-09) at Ardmore.