Sunday, 15 November 2009

Question time # 78 resolved

Well then "MR" Anonymous:
It was my very intention that nobody should resolve this one because the chocky fish stock is rather low at this time.
It is however as you say.
Schleicher AS K13 ZK-GFN , c/n 13038 , in its colour co-ordinated camouflage for operations at Papawai (near Greytown) by the Jury Hill Gliding Club (Inc).
It has all the lights, bells and I suspect whistles for night flying.
Question to you Mr Anonymous :- With a red and orange light in the blunt end - does it actually fly backwards ? I would have thought that the red light would have been at the rear end !
Shipped to NZ aboard the MV Main Lloyd, assembled at Ardmore and first flown on 10-11-1967 by Frank Gatland. It served with the Piako Gliding Club until withdrawn on 21-09-2002 after 8000 flying hours and 32,000 launches.
It was listed to the Jury Hill Gliding Club (Inc) on 15-10-2003.
Both pics taken at Papawai on 22-02-2006.


  1. Just curious as to what the purpose of the light arrangement is for,obviously not for night flying as there appears to be no other lights on FN?.

  2. Don't know the reasoning for the lights that colour up front.

    I hear that some white LED lights have been added to the nose since the above photos where taken.

    I will see if I can get my secret squirrel out to Papawai during the weekend to check it out more thoroughly.

  3. The lights are indeed for night flying. This has not taken place as yet and not likely in the near future. Since the photo was taken flush LED landing lights have been fitted. The purpose of red and orange is purely for the winch driver to determine take off roll, rotation and climb.

  4. A winch launch at night.....count me out.

  5. Aw what are you ?

    Some sort of a whimp !