Sunday, 21 July 2019


A fine weekend on the Coromandel attracted a number of aircraft to Pauanui airfield including, down from Whangarei, the 1973 model Cessna 177RG Cardinal RG ZK-KCW,  which hasnt been noted here before.

And up from Tauranga the Vans RV4 ZK-RVVdid a touch and go

Saturday, 20 July 2019

ULBI WT-01 Klassik Wild Thing (Only One) of New Zealand

The next type of sport aircraft to be registered here was Jersey Seipel's ULBI WT-01 Klassik Wild Thing ZK-DTT2 (c/n 052).  The WT-01 Klassik Wild Thing was introduced by ULBI (Ultra Leight Bau International GmbH) of Hassfurt, Germany in 1997.  It was supplied as a kit or a fully built up aircraft and quite a number were built, but ULBI went out of business in 2014.

Jersey's built his Wild Thing in Germany where he registered it D-MDTT.  The aircraft was based on the Murphy Rebel however it is much lighter than the Rebel (MAUW 544 Kg against the 750 Kg of the Rebel).  It is fitted with a 6 cylinder Jabiru 3300 engine.

The specifications for the aircraft are:  length 6.6 metres (21 feet 4 inches), wingspan 9.2 metres (30 feet) and a wing area of 149 square feet.  Empty weight is around 273 Kg (600 pounds) and MAUW in New Zealand is 544 Kg (1,200 pounds).  Cruise speed is around 90 mph and the stall speed is around 35 mph.

Jersey immigrated to New Zealand along with his aircraft in 2010, and he registered it as ZK-DTT2 on 15/10/10 as a Class 2 microlight.  Its first flight in New Zealand was on 11/11/10 at Parakai.  In the above photo Jersey proudly stands in front of his Wild Thing in its North Shore hangar, very early on in its New Zealand life, on 28/11/10.   
In these 2 photos, ZK-DTT2 taxies at North Shore on 24/12/11.

And takes off.  The performance is sprightly with the Jabiru 3300.

I have not seen it out at North Shore for quite a while, but it is still registered.

Gippsland Airvans grounded.

The NZ Civil Aviation Authority has grounded all 21 Gippsland Airvans registered in NZ.

Read Newshub item HERE

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Three aircraft at Tauranga today

Hairy Mole Rat has supplied these photographs showing three newly registered aircraft. 
All three being listed on the 15th July.
Above is the AutoGyro Cavalon ZK-RDP3 (c/n V00374) as registered to the D P and S J Laing Family Trust of Dunedin. 
It replaces a similar machine (ZK-RDP2) damaged in March last year.
The two new Tecnam P2008 JC's for the New Zealand Airline Academy at Oamaru.
Above is ZK-MBN3 (c/n 1146) which replaces an earlier P2008 of the same registration that is now registered as ZK-LBI.
Below is ZK-TLT2 (c/n 1147) which is also a replacement for an earlier P2008 of the same registration that is now ZK-DDY2.
Check out the earlier ZK-MBN/ZK-LBI and ZK-TLT/ZK-DDY HERE

More tech stuff on the new P2008 JC HERE


Rod Vaughan caught the BRM Aero Bristell S-LSA UL ZK-NGZ (c/n 306/2018) at Thames the other day.
Below we see the NZ agent Martin Henton with his aircraft after a weather diversion on a flight from Gordonton to Waihi Beach.
Martin advises that the Bristell's have proved very popular in Australia with some 70 so far sold.

ZK-NGZ has featured several time previously on this blog. See HERE

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Supermarine Spitfire Replicas of New Zealand

The completion of the last Vickers-Supermarine Spitfire Mk 24 in 1947 bought to an end eleven years of Spitfire construction during which over 22,500 examples were produced and over those eleven years the aircraft was developed possibly more than any other aircraft in history.

More than 50 years later, in the late 1990s, Australian aircraft engineer Mike Mike O'Sullivan wanted a Spitfire but couldn't afford a real one so he built a 75% scale replica that first flew in 2001.  He then formed Supermarine Aircraft Company in Brisbane and produced the production prototype aircraft which first flew in 2004.  This aircraft was designated the Supermarine Spitfire Mk 25 with the blessing of the descendants of the original Supermarine Aircraft Company.  In 2010 the company moved to Cisco Airport in Texas where it has further developed the aircraft and produces kits.

The Spitfire Marks 25, 26 and 26B are all aluminium with a monocoque fuselage.  The original Mk 25 was 75% scale single seater and is no longer produced while the Mk 26 has a 80% scale fuselage with a rather cramped rear jump seat with the original 75% wings, and the Mk 26B is a 2 seater with the option of dual controls in an approximately 90% scale fuselage, but still using the 75% wings.  A variety of engines can be fitted from 6 and 8 cylinder Jabirus to various automotive  V6 conversions to the 400 HP Chevrolet LS2 V8 engine conversion.

The next type of sport aircraft to be registered here was the Supermarine Spitfire replica and five examples of various marks have flown in New Zealand to date:

The first example to appear was ZK-SPT (c/n 070) which is a Mk 26B model that was registered to Harding Enterprises Alpha Ltd of Wanganui (Richmond Harding) on 30/8/10.  The airframe was built from a kit by Ivan Campbell of Campbell Aero Classics (the New Zealand agents for Supermarine Aircraft) at Loburn, and the engine and systems were installed at Wanganui.  It has a 400 HP Chevrolet LS2 V8 engine.  It is photo'd above at Wings Over Wanaka on 5/4/12 where you can see the shadow of the famous elliptical wing.  It suffered damage in a wheels up landing at Wanganui Airport on 1/10/12 but the damage was minor and it was repaired.

On 13/2/17 ownership changed to Richmond R Harding of Wanganui.  Along the way the spinner was repainted black as can be seen from this photo taken at a Flat Hills flyin on 11/6/17.

There is a video of ZK-SPT operating off Richmond Harding's airstrip near Wanganui at  where you can hear the sound of the big V8 engine, that I reckon sounds real good.

The next Supermarine Spitfire to appear was ZK-CGV2 (c/n 52) which is Ivan Campbell's personal aircraft which was first registered to him on 11/12/15.  It is also a Mk 26B model and has dual controls fitted in the back seat.  Ivan spent a lot of time working on the cowling and canopy to ensure that their lines were more true to the original Spitfire and it looks really nice.  It also is powered by a Chevrolet LS2 400HP V8 engine.  The photos above and below were taken at Ivan's property Loburn Abbey on 8/2/15, before its first flight.

ZK-CGV2 is painted in the colours of Group Captain Colin Gray personalised aircraft RM787.  I have posted more details about this aircraft and Colin Gray at:

A nice shot of ZK-CGV2 taken at the West Melton flyin on 8/9/18, showing off the Spitfire's classic lines.

And a shot of it on take off at Wings Over Wairarapa on 23/2/19.

Next up was an imported Mk 26 model which was freighted to New Zealand from the UK in 2017 and was registered as ZK-EFY2 to Gary R Cotterell of Rangiora on 18/12/17.  It is also photo'd on take off at Wings Over Wairarapa on 23/2/19.

The aircraft was built by David B Thomas of East Neuk in Scotland and was first registered G-CENI (c/n PFA324-14102) on 4/4/07.  It is powered by a 8 cylinder Jabiru 5100 engine of 180 HP.  It passed through several owners in the UK before being cancelled from the UK register on 14/6/17 as exported to New Zealand.

ZK-EFY2 is painted to represent W3257 which was a Spitfire Mk V of 611 Squadron, RAF in 1941.  This aircraft was flown by Lt Eric Lock, DSO, DFC and Bar who claimed 26 victories in one year, and they are painted on the aircraft.  Flt Lt Lock was posted missing with his aircraft on 3 August 1941.

Next up was another Mk 26B model which was built by Ivan Campbell at Loburn Abbey.  ZK-MEB (c/n 72) was first registered to Ivan Campbell on 28/11/16 and is also powered by a 400 HP Chevrolet LS2 V8 engine.  It is painted as HC974 but I do not know the history of the aircraft it represents. It is photo'd above at Loburn Abbey on 22/4/17 at a gathering of four Supermarine Spitfire replicas.

It is photo'd above at the Canterbury Aero Club's 90th Anniversary flyin at West Melton, on 8/9/18.

On 6/11/18 ownership changed to Hayden J Cowan of Greta Valley.

Most recently a Mark 25 Spitfire has been imported from Australia and has been registered ZK-RGV (c/n 011) to Gary D Marsh of Inglewood (on 14/6/19).  It is powered by a 6 cylinder Jabiru engine.  Surprisingly, it is registered as a Class 1 microlight!
The aircraft was built by Peter Yates of Perth WA and was registered as VH-XST on 26/2/07.  It is painted to represent the aircraft A58-497 of 457 Squadron RAAF which was the aircraft of Wing Commander R H (Bobby) Gibbes DSO, DFC and Bar, OAM.  It carries the name "Ecstasy".

This is the original 75% scale replica and it therefore has the purest lines of the Supermarine Spitfire replicas.  If you look at the lines of the larger Mark 26 and 26B fuselages which are 2 seaters, you will see that the cockpit is further forward to keep the centre of gravity within limits (and of course their wings are relatively smaller).

There has been one more Supermarine Spitfire replica registered in New Zealand.  ZK-LEJ (c/n 57), a Mk 26 model, was registered on 8/5/08 to Paul D Bayly of Auckland.  I believe that it was being built as a project on public display at MOTAT for a time and it was intended to be powered by a Chevrolet LS2 V8 engine.  I saw the partly built fuselage covered up in a hangar at Ardmore quite a few years ago and some progress has been made since.  On 14/6/18 it was re-registered as ZK-EDM to Paul D Bayly of Wanganui.  So we will have another Supermarine Spitfire in New Zealand skies in the future.

Sunday, 14 July 2019

Three of this weeks pics

Three photos from this week.
 At Christchurch International on the 11th was the Cessna 172P Skyhawk II ZK-BFQ2 (c/n 17274943) of Grant Bissett  of Wanaka. 
A photo of it in its Australian marks of VH-BFQ can be found HERE.
 At Rangiora on on the 12th was the Bell 206B JetRanger ZK-ISM (c/n 3667) of Southern Wide Helicopters Ltd of Timaru.
And a bit hard to see perhaps - but here we have three recognisable Karatoo's in one hangar.
Nearest is ZK-KTO (c/n J6 673P) with ZK-KTP (c/n J6 675P) behind, and tucked away in the very back is an orange Katatoo - as yet unregistered having its engine installed. 
In the foreground is another Karatoo fuselage frame.

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Guimbal Cabri ZK-IMZ at Paraparaumu 13-7-2019

Tim Gorman was at Paraparaumu airport today and captured the Kapiti Districts Aero Club Guimbal Cabri G2 ZK-IMZ3 (c/n 1214) in the hover.  This helicopter has been posted previously but it was covered up in that photo.

Is this the only helicopter to be owned by an aero club in New Zealand?

40 years with same owner - ZK-HLR.

The Hughes 269C ZK-HLR (c/n 29-0784) was certified by and registered to Dalhoff and King Aviation Ltd at Ardmore on 01-05-1979.
It was then listed to Peter and Anne Presland of Mineret Station out of Wanaka on 17-05-1979.
 We see it above at Queenstown on 18-03-1991.
And below it is seen at Taieri on 15-09-2000.
After 40 years with Peter and Anne it has finally been sold to Otematata Station - near Lake Benmore in the Upper Waitaki, effective from 24-06-2019.
Another 40 year veteran with the Presland's is the Cessna U206F Stationair II ZK-DWV which they took over on 14-12-1978. 
It was sold on 08-06-2018 to Wilderness Wings Ltd.
More on ZK-DWV at a later date.
Nice to see that both remain in the South Island High Country.

Travelair 4000 N9182 in Better Times

Below is a photo of Travelair 4000 N9182 assembled, taken by Russ Ward at his airstrip at Mercer in 2004.  (This airstrip has since been closed I think).  Does anyone know if it ever flew here?

Friday, 12 July 2019

Transland Ag-2 N8330H in Better Times

Allan Wooller has kindly sent in a photo of Hallett Griffen's Ag-2 in its early life as N8330H.

Thanks for the photo Allan.

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Hallett Griffin's Other Ag Planes

Following on from the recently posted photos of Hallett Griffin spraying in his Turbine Ag Cat ZK-WTA, I thought I would follow with a round up of his collection of historic agricultural aircraft that I caught up with on a trip through the Manawatu in July 2018.

Probably the most historically significant aircraft (for New Zealand) is the DHC 2 Beaver ZK-AZB (c/n 156).  It was originally registered in New Zealand in December 1951.  It spent most of its agricultural life on the East Coast for East Coast Air Services and Fieldair before being exported to Australia as VH-WOZ, being cancelled from the NZ Civil Register on 16/1/98.  Hallett Griffen bought the aircraft back and it was re-registered on 13/9/10 to Griffin Ag Air of Palmerston North.  It really deserves a post of its own detailing its long history.

Percival EP 9 Prospector ZK-PWZ (c/n 46) is ex G-APWZ and was bought to New Zealand by Hallett Griffin in 2003, being first registered here on 17/10/03.  It is marked as a LAC (Lancashire Aircraft Company) EP 9.  The significance of this aircraft is that one of these aircraft flew as ZK-BDP for Manawatu Aerial Topdressing Ltd between November 1956 to February 1958.  The aircraft is configured as a 6 seater but it was used as a sprayer in England and Africa in the 1960s.

The oldest aircraft in Hallett's collection is this Travelair 4000 N8192 which was built in the US in 1929 as NC8192 and was flown by Mrs Mildred Morgan in the 1931 National Air Races and other US air races before being converted to a crop duster in 1936.  It ended it US ag career with Precissi Flying Service of Lodi, CA after 60 plus years as a crop duster, and was bought to New Zealand by Russ Ward in the early 2000s.  I am not sure if it ever flew in New Zealand but it was fully assembled at Mercer in 2004.  The aircraft still has Precissi Flying on the hub caps.

Zlin 37T ZK-PJO (c/n 004) is Walter Turbine powered and is still registered.  It is ex OK-PJO and was first registered in New Zealand to Kairanga Aviation Ltd on 6/5/04.

Transland Ag-2 CX-AYC was rescued by Hallett Griffin from Uruguay and arrived in New Zealand in April 2003.  This was the prototype of the 3 Tansland Ag-2s that were built and first flew from Torrance, CA in October 1956 as N8330H.  It was flown to Uruguay in 1962 where it was used for sugar fertilising.

All of the above aircraft were photo'd at Hallett Griffin's base at Kairanga on 26/7/18, where he is extending his hangar to better display his ag aircraft collection..

Over at Feilding was the Auster B 8 Agricola ZK-BXO (c/n AIRP.860).  This aircraft was built up by Airepair at Hastings mainly using parts from ZK-BMN which had crashed near Paraparaumu in March 1965.  It was first registered in July 1966 and worked for Associated Associated Farmer Aerial Topdressing Ltd based at Martinborough.  After it was  retired from aerial topdressing it was owned by John Stephenson of Whitianga until it was sold to the UK as G-CBOA.  It was cancelled from the New Zealand Register on 9/4/02.  Then in 2016 Hallett Griffin bought the aircraft back and returned it to New Zealand, where it resumed its old registration on 19/12/16.

New Zealand owes a big thank you to Hallett Griffin for assembling this great collection of ag aircraft.  Thanks Hallett.


A stunning winter's day on the Coromandel brought an increase in aviation activity and visitors to Pauanui included the Autogyro Cavalon ZK-AVL, up from Tauranga

And from Ardmore the 1975 model Cessna 172M ZK-DXM,  which somehow hasnt appeared on this blog before

Tuesday, 9 July 2019


In and amongst the rain showers a few more interesting visitors arrived at Pauanui,  including Robinson R44 ZK-IAD which has now lost its Volcanic Air titling, having been sold to a Rotorua private owner

And the MAF training Cessna U206G ZK-MAF called in on Tuesday for a few hours

Turbine Ag Cat ZK-WTA Spraying near Ohakea 8-7-2019

Tim Gorman happened across Hallett Griffin carrying out spraying operations in his Turbine Ag Cat ZK-WTA near Ohakea yesterday and he was able to get some spectacular photos:

ZK-WTA (c/n 39B) is registered as a Grumman G 164B Ag Cat to Kairanga Aviation Ltd of Palmerston North and was first registered in New Zealand on 18/10/01.  Despite its longevity it does not appear to have been posted on the blog previously.  It has recently had a major overhaul and its colour scheme does not now have the green fuselage stripe that it previously wore.

 Thanks very much for the photos Tim.