Tuesday 17 December 2019

Hercules at rest.

Parked up this miserable day on the "Antarctic ramp" at Christchurch International Airport were these two Lockheed LC-130H Hercules.

 Above is LC-130H 76-3302 (c/n 382-4731).
This began as an LC-130R-2 with the serial of 76-0492 before going US Navy with the Bu number of 160741.
It was re-worked to LC-130H specs and re-serialled 76-33-2 for the 109th Airlift Wing of the New York National Guard for support operations on behalf of the National Science Foundation.
The large decal below the word "FORCE" depicts a dragon with its wings spread at the spot marking the South Pole.

Above we have LC-140H 83-0492 which is c/n 382-5013.
The decal on this one - harder to see - is an image of the aircraft over some ice/snow with the words "DRIFT BUSTER" below.