Friday, 13 December 2019

Lockheed L-10A Electra at Ardmore 13-12-19

This magnificent aircraft owned and restored by Rob Mackley was outside today for what I believe is the first time since the restoration began.

It carries the name Kuaka and Union Airways markings and the registration ZK-AFD on one side

On the other it wears the markings of Linea Aerea Nacional of Chile with which it served as CC-226 / CC-LCN / CC-CLEA. The aircrafts msn is 1145


  1. Great to see this aircraft out in the sun. Thanks for sharing Wayne

  2. She looks utterly stunning. I didn't realise she had both colour schemes, it looks fantastic! What a great way to honour the airframe's history. Bravo Rob and everyone involved - gorgeous!

  3. In early Sept. 1991 our family holidayed in NSW. Camden came up on the agenda. Picture the scene, I was standing by the car when I heard some revving up. Expecting to see two Harvards take off, I was pleasantly surprised to see Electra VH-UZO come into view and lifting off in front of me and then perform some circuits. It had only gone back in the air a few days previously after restoration.If that was an indication, be ready for plenty of noise from the new ZK-AFD.

  4. WOW!!

    I've just shared this with a couple of Chilean websites.