Friday 13 December 2019

Lockheed L-10A Electra at Ardmore 13-12-19

This magnificent aircraft owned and restored by Rob Mackley was outside today for what I believe is the first time since the restoration began.

It carries the name Kuaka and Union Airways markings and the registration ZK-AFD on one side

On the other it wears the markings of Linea Aerea Nacional of Chile with which it served as CC-226 / CC-LCN / CC-CLEA. The aircrafts msn is 1145


  1. Great to see this aircraft out in the sun. Thanks for sharing Wayne

  2. She looks utterly stunning. I didn't realise she had both colour schemes, it looks fantastic! What a great way to honour the airframe's history. Bravo Rob and everyone involved - gorgeous!

  3. In early Sept. 1991 our family holidayed in NSW. Camden came up on the agenda. Picture the scene, I was standing by the car when I heard some revving up. Expecting to see two Harvards take off, I was pleasantly surprised to see Electra VH-UZO come into view and lifting off in front of me and then perform some circuits. It had only gone back in the air a few days previously after restoration.If that was an indication, be ready for plenty of noise from the new ZK-AFD.

  4. WOW!!

    I've just shared this with a couple of Chilean websites.


  5. In 1947 I was an unaccompanied child flying from Whenuapai to Tauranga on the Union Airways Lockheed Electra. The hostess attended to my needs during the flight. There were regular flights until this aircraft was replaced by the DC3. In the 1960s I worked for two former pilots. Capt. Bill Miles and Capt. Dan Carlaw.