Friday 29 April 2022

Cessna A152 Aerobat ZK-TAA at Tauranga 28-4-2022

Another "new" aircraft captured by the Hairy Mole Rat at Tauranga yesterday was the newly rebuilt Cessna A152 Aerobat ZK-TAA (c/n 0972):

The aircraft has now acquired the Tauranga Aero Club colour scheme.  

Thanks for the photos HMR.

Thursday 28 April 2022

Vans RV 7A ZK-MEL/3 at Tauranga Today 28-4-2022

The Hairy Mole Rat was at Tauranga today and caught this image of Martin (E) Lobb's newest Vans RV 7A ZK-MEL3 (c/n 71018):

ZK-MEL3 is ex N386RV and is Martin Lobb's third MEL after his previous RV 7A (see HERE ) which has gone on to become ZK-SWT2 with Solo Wings under rebuild, and his Tecnam Sierra (see HERE ) which has gone on to become ZK-CCV2.

Wednesday 27 April 2022

Charlies fund raising fly in at Darfield May 1st

 Sheffield Volunteer Fire Brigade Fund Raiser 

Wheels and Wings – Sunday 1st of May 2022

Gates open at 8.30am 

Charlie Draper is hosting this fundraiser again at Kimberly Road, Darfield. 

It is a chance to show the public your aircraft and talk to people about being a pilot.


There will be Cars, Planes, Motor Bikes, Food and Drink and much more.


Charlie says that any one who wants to fly-in on the Saturday will be looked after and he will get you into Darfield for accommodation.


This is not and AOPA NZ run event but we want to let you know it is on so you can support Charlie and this community fundraiser.


Register here and contact the organiseres


Operational Information from the Organisers

 The active airstrip is moved to the eastern side of the paddock about 50m out from the road

 The strip is 470m long. Look for a displaced 50m threshold on the southern end marked by cones.

 All circuits towards the hills

119.2 will be monitored

Please contact Graeme or Charlie for a briefing



Charlie Draper - 027 433 2628 – General and Aircraft Inquiries

Graeme Piper – 027 604 1824 – Aircraft Inquiries

Sikorsky S-92 ZK-HEV at Christchurch.

 Arriving into Christchurch just after 1pm this afternoon was the Sikorsky S-92A ZK-HEV c/n 92-0211 as registered to Advanced Flight Ltd and operated on behalf of Rocket Lab.

Check out their plans and how it works at :-

Tuesday 26 April 2022

A Follow Up on DH 82A Tiger Moth ZK-APP

Following from my post on other interesting aircraft at Omaka last Sunday,  Aaron Murphy has sent a photo of the nice looking DH 82A Tiger Moth ZK-APP showing its registration:

I note that it has a tailwheel and maybe then it has brakes, so therefore does it have the American Tiger Moth modified undercarriage with the funny looking angled in wheels as does ZK-ATM2?  (See my post on ZK-ATM2 HERE ).

Thanks for the photo Aaron (taken at Omaka on 10/4/22).

Monday 25 April 2022

A Selection of Other Aircraft Outside at Omaka on 24-4-2022

I have posted about the ex John  Smith Mosquito running its engines at Omaka yesterday, and it generated a lot of interest.  However there were also a lot of other interesting aircraft outside for the occasion.  Jordan Elvy was there and has sent the following photos of what I reckon were some of the most interesting:  Thanks Jordan.

I think the biggest surprise was another of the late John Smith's aircraft from Mapua - his DH 82A Tiger Moth that was registered ZK-BQB (c/n DHNZ 147).  It was dismantled at Nelson in 1966 but it was not cancelled from the register until February 1991.  I understand that a lot of work was put in by the volunteers at Omaka to get it assembled in time for the day.  A great effort.

Another DH 82A Tiger Moth on display and that has not appeared on the blog before was ZK-APP (c/n 82302).  This was withdrawn from use at Hastings in 1957 and cancelled from the register in November 1959.  It was rebuilt and was re-registered in July 1994 for I B Pirie of Nelson, but I understand that it might now be based at Omaka.  It wears the same colour scheme as the recently imported ZK-ATM2 and it has the names Ian and Noel beneath the cockpits.  Jordan told me that this was the best angle he could get of the Tiger due to how it was parked, so he couldn't get the registration showing.
Also out on display was the recently imported WACU UPF-7 ZK-UPF (c/n 5593) that was registered to Flying Circus Ltd of Wellington on 1/2/22.  I understand that it will be based at Otaki.  This 1940 built aircraft was previously N174M and has been completely restored in the US.

The final very interesting aircraft was the Ranger engined Bristol F2B Fighter replica that we understand will be registered ZK-BHS2.

And the reason for all these aircraft (and many others) to be out on the field - the late John Smith's Mosquito that has been magnificently restored (in a very short time) by volunteers at Omaka.  More great work and a credit to John Smith's vision to save as many aircraft as he could.

Anzac Weekend visitors

Another long weekend has brought a number of interesting visitors to Pauanui airfield including the 2002 Jabiru UL-T ZK-CJP.   This has been registered to its current Rotorua owner since 2019.

The 1974 model Beech C23 Sundowner ZK-DVH which has been registered to its Ngatea owner since 2017.  This is one of 3 C23s currently on the NZ register.

And up from Tauranga the Cessna 180J Skywagon ZK-RAD3 with Hamilton based Cirrus SR22 ZK-FER2 in the background.


Sunday 24 April 2022

Ex John Smith Mosquito Engine Run at Omaka Today 24-4-2022

It was a big day at Omaka today with the main attraction being the ex John Smith Mosquito marked as TE 910/EG-D outside and running its engines.  Proceeds from the day will go towards keeping the Mosquito maintained.

Here is a screen shot from a video taken today by Ian Evans and posted on the Omaka John Smith Mosquito Project Facebook page.

Diamond DA40 PK-VVL at Woodbourne.

 Spotted at RNZAF Base Woodbourne the other day were three civil registered aircraft.
On the left we have the Classic Flights Piper PA-28-140D ZK-DEB c/n 28-7124115 which was damaged whilst landing back at Wanaka on 02-11-2019 after loosing a wheel. 
Its registration was cancelled on 05-10-2020.

More details on this incident here -:

On the right you can see the tail and left wing of the Cessna 172D ZK-CDJ c/n 17250942 of  Hippeastrum Trust/Martin Patterson which had been cancelled as withdrawn at Timaru on 06-02-2020.

The airframe of great interest in the centre is the Diamond DA40TDi Diamond Star PK-VVL c/n D4.189 which was damaged on 28-10-2008.

See link below for an interesting accident report.

The gray hulk in the background is the RNZAF Lockheed Orion NZ4203.

Vulcanair P68C VH-TZN

 The Vulcanair P68C is a development of the Partenavia.
C/n 462C was built in 2010 and popped up on the US register as N104LT on 08-02-2011 with Orlando Sandford Aircraft Inc of Sandford, Flodida.
From 05-03-2012 it was listed with Jetstream Digital Inc at Longwood, Florida.

Its US registration was cancelled on 22-09-2014.Airport.
Photo above of N104LT from Chris Kennedy taken on 07-09-2014 on departure from Phoenix Deer Valley 
In Australia it became VH-TZN on 26-09-2014 with Avshare Investments Pty Ltd of Mittagong, NSW and then to Joe Lorincz of Mittagong from 27-05-2020.
It departed from Coffs Harbour for Lord Howe Island on 05-04-2022, then Norfolk Island to Auckland and Ardmore on 07-04-2022. It then flew from Ardmore to Omaka on the 15th.

Saturday 23 April 2022

Dargaville $12 Lunches are Back On Again! 23-4-2022

As it was a nice flying day today (but a bit windy for my Jodel Bébé), and seeing as I was out at Kaipara Flats airfield, it was a no-brainer to hop up to Dargaville for their inaugural post Covid catered lunch.  So I got my headphones and hopped into the right hand seat of the Rodney Aero Club's Pipistrel Alpha with Craig Powell:

Seven of the eleven visiting aircraft, and they were eleven different types!

One of the types was the lovely old Cessna 120 ZK-BFK2, from Ardmore.  I think this is the first time I have seen it marked as ZK-BFK but I did see it 24 years ago at Matamata and you can see its history HERE

Our ride from Kaipara Flats:  the Rodney Aero Club's Pipistrel Alpha ZK-JAT(Note the small RAC logo just in front of the cockpit).  It is a pretty impressive aircraft and goes really well with a 80 HP Rotax.

And the lunch was up to the usual high standard!  Thanks to the cooks and helpers.

The Pipi also gives you great unobstructed views down, as it doesn't have a strutted wing courtesy of its glider heritage.  Here we are looking down on Maungaraho Rock.

And the big clear doors allow photos from both sides.  Here the Matakohe Kauri Museum is down there with the Twin Bridges realignment in the middle distance, with the countryside reflected in the underside of the wing.

A bit further on there is Pahi (on the peninsula) and Whakapiro across the water.
And finally a bit further on some nice green farmland (it has been raining a lot in Northland) with North Head and South Head of the Kaipara Harbour in the murky distance.

Friday 22 April 2022

Rockwell Commander 690B 5W-LOR

Of interest at AKL International in the rain today was the Samoan registered RC690B 5W-LOR.   It is one of 2 690B operated by Talofa Airways on flights between Samoa, Tonga, and American Samoa  (the other being 5W-TAL).   Acquired in December 2018 from the USA,  5W-LOR was originally built in 1978 and arrived in Auckland yesterday from Nuku'Alofa, and headed down to Napier today, presumably for maintenance.


Wednesday 20 April 2022

A Different Type of Hot Air Balloon

The Hairy Mole Rat was down at Carterton last week for the Wairarapa Balloon Festival and after some delays the balloons got into the air in a lovely blue sky.  As balloons are ZK registered they are part of New Zealand civil aviation but we don't often feature them on the NZ Civair blog.  One balloon was a different and I didn't know there were single pilot balloons, but here is one:

ZK-TNY (c/n 12435) is a Cameron O-31 that was registered on 15/6/21 to a Private Owner.  I guess TNY is for Tiny, but that is a relative term!

Monday 18 April 2022

Pitbull Goes for a Run at Dargaville 16-4-2022

Brian Taylor wheeled out his North American Rotorwerks Pitbull SS gyrocopter ZK-RUN at Dargaville last Saturday 16 April, and Rusty Russell took it for a flight:

Jordan Elvy and Simon Hills were there and Jordan took these photos.

You can see an earlier post on this unique (in NZ) machine HERE.  This has an earlier photo without the endplates on the tailplane, which Brian Taylor told me have made a big difference to how the autogyro flies.

Sunday 17 April 2022

And a New Pioneer 300 at Wanaka this Weekend

Some of the said aircraft enthusiasts still travelled to Wanaka over the weekend anyway, one of whom was Mark Pattenden, who photo'd this Alpi Pioneer 300 that has not appeared on the blog previously:

ZK-LAT2 (c/n 5010) was registered to the J C Templeman Syndicate of Wanaka on 14/10/20.  It was imported from Australia where it was registered 24-8362.

Thanks for the photo Mark.

Saturday 16 April 2022

What Might Have Been at Wanaka This Weekend

Great weather across most of the country this Easter weekend has proved bitter sweet for many aircraft enthusiasts who had planned to be at Warbirds Over Wanaka 2022.  Sadly it was cancelled back in January for the second time in a row (even though the country is now in Orange which means the crowds would not have been limited).  I thought this photo would provide a poignant reminder of what might have been:

Polikarpov I 16 Ishak ZK-JIP at Wanaka in 1998.  It is now with Kermit Weeks in Florida.

If you want a further reminder of the glory days of Warbirds Over Wanaka have a look HERE

And so we look forward to local 2023 airshows...

Saturday visitors to Pauanui

Amongst the visitors to Pauanui airfield today was the 1974 model Cessna 180J Skywagon ZK-DOD which hasnt appeared on this blog site before.   Imported new it has been with its current Pukekohe owner since 2009.

And making its first noted visit here is the brand new Tecnam P92 Echo Mk II ZK-EAD2 which is registered to Gyrate NZ of Tauranga.


Friday 15 April 2022

Pauanui Waterways

The long weekend has brought a number of private aircraft and helicopters to Pauanui including the following which have taken up holiday residence in the Pauanui Waterways.

Hughes 369HS ZK-HJB3 was imported used from the US in 1995 and has been with its Rotorua owner since 1998.

And Robinson R44 Raven II ZK-IHX which was imported new in 2006 and has been with its current Auckland owner since 2018.


Monday 11 April 2022

Cessna U206F ZK-DWX in Whitiki Ngati Porou Scheme

Photo'd by Simon Hills at a AOPA flyin at Otaki on Sunday 10/4/22 was the Cessna U206F ZK-DWX in a Whitiki Ngati Porou colour scheme:

I understand that the script on the side of the fuselage of the aircraft is the names of the soldiers of C Company of the Maori Battalion who came from the East Coast (Tairawhiti) area who fought in WW II.

There were six aircraft painted up in the Whitiki Ngati Porou colours to help with Covid vaccinations in the East Coast area, and we have previously posted 3 others, being the Cessna 180A ZK-CDY, the Cessna P206E ZK-FJH and the Cessna 208 Caravan ZK-EAV2.

Sunday 10 April 2022

Te Kowhai Yesterday 9-4-2022

Another trip down to Ngahinapouri yesterday, for a significant birthday celebration (not mine) saw me have a bit of time for a side trip to Te Kowhai which is only 20 km up the road.  There were a couple of aircraft out that have not been blogged very often (but the more interesting stuff was in one of the hangars):

Beech C 23 Sundowner ZK-DVH was doing circuits.

While the Cessna C172K Hawk XP ZK-TXP taxied out and took off.  The performance looked spritely with 210 HP and one up.

Saturday 9 April 2022

Tiger Moth ZK-SSA at Forest Field


Lionel Green's De Havilland DH82A Tiger Moth ZK-SSA "Ruby" c/n DHA111 airborne out of Forest Field yesterday (08-04-2022).

Thanks to Aaron Murphy

Friday 8 April 2022

ZK-DWW at Christchurch

 Cessna A185F Skywagon II ZK-DWW c/n 18504372 was on the tie downs at Christchurch International Airport late this morning..

It was listed to Darlington Drilling and Piling Ltd of Blenheim on March 4 th.
It started its NZ career as ZK-MCU in October of 1986.
Became ZK-MDC in September 1999 and following an incident in September 2012 came back as ZK-DWW on 22-06-2012.

Motueka news.

Lord Nelson was at Motueka today - Friday 8th and reports the following.
The Cessna 185D Skywagon ZK-CKT c/n 185-0929 which was listed to Shannon Harnett of Opotiki in mid December 2020.

Being cleaned up before export was the De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver ZK-LAY c/n 124 of GCH Aviation Ltd.
Thought to be one of several being rounded up for export.

The Westland Scout AH/1 ZK-HQU2 c/n F9475 of Chris Marsden still in its Raspberry Ripple "Empire Test Pilots School" markings.
Earlier posts oon this one can be seen here :-

More around Auckland

A return to Mercer airfield today found the Rocket Lab Sikorsky S-92A ZK-HEV3 out test flying.  Further details on this helicopter are contained in yesterday's blog.

And at AKL International the Airwork (NZ) Boeing 737-351 freighter ZK-TLE was outside, now painted all white.   This was reregistered in Austria in January 2021 as OE-IFE,  and returned to the NZ register in March 2022.


Thursday 7 April 2022

Meanwhile up at Kaipara Flats

I was only out at Kaipara Flats airfield for a short time this afternoon but it coincided with the Eurocopter EC130T2 ZK-IBH2 practicing autorotation landings, which made for a spectacular display:

ZK-IBH2 was registered to Advanced Flight Ltd of Auckland on 12/10/20.  The pilot made several autorotation landings....

down to low level before flying another circuit.

Then to a low hover where you could see that the helicopter is not actually painted black.

A very nice helicopter, and more expensive than most flying machines that we see at NZKF!