Friday 31 October 2008

Hughes 369 paint scheme

Found this somewhat differently painted Hughes 369 in a hangar at Queenstown.
I believe it to be Kim Hollows of Fiordland Helicopters H369D ZK-HJO2 , c/n 107-0204D.
These aren't getting any younger. Cranked out in 1978 it spent ten years as N8699F before drifting down to Australia to become VH-AJZ.
Jo Faram of Gisborne picked it up as ZK-HJO on 16-02-1996, followed by a period with Miller Helicopters near Thames from June of 97. It was listed to Fiordland Helicopters on 14-04-00.

Taieri's Blokes Shed

Spied the sign on the side of the Otago Aero Club hangar at Taieri the other day (17-10-08).

And a list of the "Blokes" key holders stuck on one of the windows.

Thursday 30 October 2008

"New" Resident at Hokitika

Pete Lock of Hokitika recently took delivery of Jodel D9 ZK-AKR with the aircraft being flown from its previous home of Balclutha to Timaru and then across the Southern Alps to Hokitika. This particular example celebrated its 21st birthday in January this year, yet its cosmetic appearance certainly gave the look of something more befitting the era in which the registration of ZK-AKR would have been more aptly applied!

Wednesday 29 October 2008

Auster J1B Aiglet skiplane.

On 07-10-08 I made my annual pilgrimage up to Mount Cook. The prevailing meteorological conditions were such that the only activity at the Mount Cook Skiplane base was the young Lady at the terminal building service desk. Even the hangars were closed.
I took the opportunity to visit the Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre at the Hermitage to track down the Auster ZK-BDX. The photo above shows it suspended in the foyer of the Alpine Centre. Pic taken through the glass doors. The round object is actually a large light suspended forward of and below the aircraft.
ZK-BDX is an Auster J1B Aiglet with the c/n 3122. Built as G-ANGV and exported through W S Shackleton in the UK to the NZ agents Bristol Aeroplane Co (NZ) Ltd. It became ZK-BDX on 18-03-1954 and received its C of A on 29-09-1954 with Mount Cook & Southern Lakes Tourist Co Ltd. It carried out its first landing on the Tasman Glacier on 22-09-1955. It, along with the Auster J1B ZK-BDL, were the Company ski plane trial aircraft. On 24-08-1959 ownership changed to the well known gliding man of the time, Bruce Gillies of Oamaru. It joined the North Otago Aero Club in april of 1961 followed by time with the North Otago Gliding Club, R B Johnson of Springfield and then back to Mount Cook Airlines abount 1974. it was withdrawn from use after its C of A expired and was displayed (suspended from the ceiling) in the Queenstown Motor Museum mid 1983. Its registration was cancelled on 21-06-1991. It then moved to the Queenstown Airport domestic terminal ceiling in 2001 and last year ended up at the hermitage.

Tuesday 28 October 2008

Milford Helicopters

A visit into Milford Sound on 10-10-2008 found the Aerospatiale A350B2 , c/n 4419 , of Milford Helicopters sitting out in the inclement weather. This near new machine was first registered on 30-07-08.
Lurking in the hangar was their other AS350 (ZK-HYM from memory - I forgot to note the registration down) and the Hughes 369E ZK-HTN2 , c/n 0335E. This is a 1989 model registered to Milford Helicopters on 30-10-01 having previously served in Canada, Norway twice, and Sweden twice. The above pic taken on 10-10-08 and the lower photo taken a year earlier on 12-10-07. Note the different nose structure.

Nanchang ZK-JQS pops in for gas.

Nanchang ZK-JQS , called through Rangiora yesterday afternoon for gas. Listed to the Omaka Real Flying Club it had departed Omaka, flown down the West Coast on Sunday and overnighted at Rakaia Gorge, and was heading back home. The number "20"on the nose cowl is the last two numbers of its c/n , ie 3832020.

Monday 27 October 2008

Kermit ZK-DYM

The sparkling new Rans S6 ES (TD) Coyote II ZK-DYM , c/n 4051657 , first flew at Rangiora on 12-10-2008. The results of 2700 hours of toil spread over two and three quarter years by Dave Mitchell of Amberley. Power is provided by a 80hp Rotax onto a Brent Thompson propeller.
Referred to early on during its construction as Kermit by the bystanders - The name has stuck and is now worn on its rudder.
On the forward fuselage it has the Mitchell family crest.
The ciloured covering is sprayed with "clear coat" which gives it a really nice glossy look.
It has the locally developed engine cowls which allow easy access to the top of the engine on either side by simply undoing two clips and hinging that section upwards. Normal Rans top access is achieved by undoing a heap of screws - which makes a decent preflight rather tedious.
Pics taken at NZRT on Sat 25th Oct 2008.

Sunday 26 October 2008

Lady Jane shows her tail.

Southern DC-3 Ltd had their Douglas DC-3C ZK-AMY c/n 13506 ; better known to most of the public as "Lady Jane" ; at Rangiora for much of yesterday as part of an open day at the field.
A slightly better view of her tail as she gets airborne with another load of paying punters.

And coming over the fence with it all down.

Tuatapere visitation

I had the honour of visiting the sausage capital of NZ on 12-10-08 and found these two helicopters parked at the Northern extremity of the town.
Robinson R22 Alpha ZK-HRN c/n 0475 went to Helispray South on 02-07-05 and changed to Helipark Ltd on 23-10-06.
Another Robinson R22 Beta ZK-HUV3 c/n 2722, is also operated from here but was away working during my visit.
Robinson R44 Raven II ZK-HVI2 c/n 10185 is under lease to them from Bluewater Helicopters of Picton.
Note the Blue bus in the background of both pics.


Avid Flyer Aerobat ZK-VID , c/n AACA/763 , was built by Paddy McDonnell of Ashburton and registered on 08-12-1993. At this time it was powered by a Rotax 582.
Peter Taylor of Te Anau became the registered owner from 01-08-96. It was ground looped on take off at Alexandra on 12-03-2004 damaging the right wing and destroying the right undercarriage and fuselage attachment point.
Ownership transferred to John David Cranstoun of Kirwee on 23-05-06 who withdrew the aircraft and cancelled the registration on 13-07-07.
Paddy McDonnell returns to the scene and rebuilt the aircraft and replaced the Rotax with a Jabiru 2200 engine and reregistered it on 07-02-08.
The above pic was taken at Ashburton on 23-10-08 showing the paintwork nearing completion.

Saturday 25 October 2008

Question time #24 continued.

OK then.

What do you make of this then ?

I want the model, registration letter/numbers & c/n please.

Thursday 16 October 2008

GBA Trislander Update

On 31Jul this year we posted a photo of Trislander G-RHOP marked as ZK-CJS with Great Barrier Airline's titles sitting at their North Shore/Dairy Flat base. Interestingly, Trislander ZK-LGC c/n C381 was deregistered 2Oct08 and G-RHOP has since become ZK-LGC/2 c/n 1042 and not ZK-CJS as depicted in the photo!

Tuesday 7 October 2008

K-Max Caught

Funny thing happened yesterday. I was standing on Balclutha Airstrip, discussing the effect of the world's financial woes on topdressing with the local fixed wing pilots, when out of the south appeared K-Max N312KA (c/n A94-0024). The pilot was a bit disorientated and stopped to ask directions to the refuelling location. Don't tell me nothing ever happens in Balclutha! Built in 1997, the machine is leased from Superior Helicopters LLC, of Glendale Oregon (hence the big 'S' on the tail). My recollection is it arrived in the country around February this year, but I stand to be corrected. It is operated by Aviation Helico New Zealand, the successor to Columbia Helicopters NZ who used to operate Vertol 107 ZK-HCW.

Sunday 5 October 2008

Bluebus signing off for a while.

Bluebus is about to head off into the wild blue for about three weeks, so I will not be active on this blog until my return.

One of my aims whilst away is to emulate the persons in the pic below.

Sit around in the Omarama sun and listen to the tall stories, & maybe tell one or two.

Recently deregistered gliders

Two of Paul Schofield glider had their registrations revoked on 26-08-2008.
The PZL-Krosno KR-03A Puchatek ZK-GOV c/n 03-06 appeared here for M Grundy of Mt Eden on 15-10-91 and went to the Auckland Gliding Club on 27-08-92. In May of 1974 it was listed to the Sky Sailplane Syndicate before going to Paul Schofield from 31-10-07. Above pic at Drury on 18-03-2000.

ZK-GOD however is a completely different animal. Referred to as a "Clockwork Mouse" this Slingsby T61C Falke arrived from Slingsby's in a damaged condition mid 1973. It is a motor glider (which to my eye, lacks in radiant beauty) powered by a Pieper Stork-Stamo 1500 engine (Is that another word for VW ?). C of A status was gained on 18-07-1973 and it was registered in the powered aircraft section of the register as ZK-DOI. Pic shows it as such at Drury on28-08-1985. It went to the Auckland branch of the Air Cadet League of NZ (Inc) and was reregistered in the glider section of the NZ civil register as ZK-GOD on 13-03-1993. Ownership title changed to Auckland ATC Gliding School on 27-04-1994 with Paul Schofield appearing on 18-10-07.

Revoked often just means that paperwork is not up to date. So we may see these two back on the listings some time.

Recently cancelled Aerospatiale A350BA ZK-HMY

This Aerospatiale AS350B arrived on the scene with Airwork (NZ) Ltd of Christchurch on 26-04-1979 to take up duties with Alpine Helicopters at Queenstown from 21-08-79. It moved pads to The Helicopter Line from 15-07-1988 and then took up residence at Te Anau for South-West Helicopters Ltd from 26-06-1996. It was re-designated as a AS350BA from 22-12-05. More recently it migrated north to Johnson Flying Services of North Shore (19-05-08) and was cancelled as exported on 16-09-08.

Top pic has it with Bill Black at Te Anau on 15-02-1996.
Botton view is at Queenstown on 12-10-2000.

Saturday 4 October 2008

Recently deregistered Robinson R22 Beta II ZK-HBP

This little Robinson R22 Beta II ZK-HBP2 c/n 3375 first apeared on our register with Ahaura Helicopters (Simon Lawn) on 08-01-2003 as ZK-HDB4. It was registered as HBP when Simon acquired another R22 (C/n 3674) which became HDB5.
As ZK-HBP it was operated by Caithness Agriculture Ltd with a Culverden address, but was often seen at Maddison Road strip of Wyndon Aviation (South of CHCH). Pic above taken there on 21-01-2005.
Graham John Pender of "Ardmore" near Methven was the listed owner from 06-03-06.
It was being moved to shelter during the recent heavy snowfall on 7-06-08 when it had a heavy landing. It was cancelled on 15-09-08.

Recently deregistered Aerospatiale AS350B2 ZK-HBU.

Aerospatiale AS350B ZK-HBU3 c/n 2286, after a period in Japan and the Philippines, became ZK-HBU with Helicopters (NZ) Ltd at Nelson on 28-06-2004 having arrived mid January for a rebuild during which it became a B2 model and first flew as such on 04-07-2004. On 05-03-08 its was poked into a container at Nelson and shipped to Sydney to take part in a power line laser survey. It ferried across to Perth in late July and has now joined H/C (NZ)'s sister Company, Helicopters (Australia) at Belmont WA as VH-WDH from 25-09-08.
Grotty pic above shows it t Nelson on 14-12-06.

Recently deregistered GA AA1C Lynx ZK-FPA.

Grumman American AA1C Lynx ZK-FPA c/n AA1C-0047 was a product of 1977 and spent ten years in the US as N9551U before hitting our shore and being registered on 22-10-1987 with the Auckland Aero Club. I kow it had a forced landing on 08-06-1990 at Hobson Bay Auckland and was helicoptered out. Pic shows it at Ardmore on 02-12-1993.
This pic below has it in a derelict state outside the Auckland Aero Club on 18-03-2008. Anybody know how it came to be in this state ?

Recently deregistered Cessna A152 ZK-EJZ.

Cessna A152 Aerobat ZK-EJZ c/n 0770 was cancelled on 24-09-08 as exported.
A Dalhoff & King import appearing on the listing on 16-02-1978. It joined Kawerau Aviation Services on 07-08-1978 before moving up to Waitemata Aero Club at Ardmore on 29-08-1980. I believe at about this time it was converted to a tailwheeler but reverted back to nosewheel in 1983.
Waikato Aero Club feature from 19-01-1984.
Pic above has it at Hamilton in Waikato Aero Club marks on 20-03-2000. Next official listing is to Ace Aviation at Masterton on 10-12-06 before Coastjet (NZ) Ltd of Port Macquarie, NSW show on the paperwork.

Recently deregistered Cessna 180 ZK-BDE.

Cessna 180 ZK-BDE c/n 30459 gained its NZ C of A with Rural Aviation of New Plymouth on 14-12-1953 and went to Southern Scenic Air Services at Queenstown.. By late November of 1960 it was with Hewett Aviation of Invercargill. It went back to Rural Aviation before being acquired by Richard Raywood who traded as Air Safaris and Services. It carried the name "Mesopotamia" in the early 1970's. Next move was to Rex Aviation on 01-06-1973 and two weeks later was listed with Kiwi Holiday Cottages of Auckland. March 1976 had it with Walter Holdings of Wanganui and then to C A Rowland at Longburn on 02-02-1977. BDE Syndicate of Hanmer Springs feature from 13-12-1999 before its final move to Brian Atkinson at Hanmer from 20-08-2003. It was cancelled from our register on 10-09-08 as exported !
The three photos of rather poor quality are digital photos of the original prints taken in rather poor light this aftermoon. Above it is at Aeroteck Timaru on 03-09-1968 (Note the aircraft in the hangar behind it).

Photo in Air Safari marks with "Mesopotamia"on the cowl was shot at Wellington on 29-09-1972 (another interesting background aircraft).

ZK-BDE in more recent times at Christchurch on 05-07-2002.
Brian Atkinson now operateds the C180H ZK-SCB.

Friday 3 October 2008


Scouting 'round my local patch today stumbled across a couple of visiting European's.

Whitianga based Bolkow BO209 "Monsun" ZK-MON (168) nee D-EAAH was placed on the NZ register on 13Aug this year. This is a first of type in NZ which is interesting considering the types maiden flight was way back in December 1967! Production was short lived, ceasing in 1971 with only 102 aircraft built.

Also visiting Ardmore today was Robin DR400/180 ZK-TZB (1043) which has been around since late 2003 based at Wellsford. It flew into Auckland back on 18Nov 2003 from Norfolk Island as F-ODAN. It came onto the ZK register 20Jan 2004.

Oceania Aviation Aerospatiale AS350BA Squirrel ZK-HRD (1535) has been undergoing maintenance at their facility.


Is this what they in the trade call a "Wheels up landing" ?


Snapped this beauty at Ardmore a few days ago, ZK-BEN c/n 84671 (ex G-AMVH) registered to Jet Imports of Papakura since 1 April 1998.

Thursday 2 October 2008

Question time #24

Nice easy one again -any child should recognise the types colour scheme.
To be fair to all "Greybeard" has offered to resist answering this one to give you plebeians a fairer go.
What type of aircraft is this ?
Any other comments on it ?

Canterbury Aero Club today

A quick wizz around the Canterbury Aero Club mid afternoon found the two new Piper PA-28's coming together nicely.
N3106M PA-28-181 Archer III c/n 2843672 (to be ZK-LJE) is about to have its wings inserted.

ZK-LJD PA-28-161 Warrior III c/n 282308 and ex N6068T (not worn) is now out in the main hangar area.
I am wondering if the registration letters are big enough !

Visiting was the PA-32-300 Cherokee Six ZK-WGO c/n 32-7340146.
The sign writing says it all really.

What I did miss however was the newly imported Schleicher ASH 25 Mi motor glider N287SF c/n 25202, which was registered as ZK-GZF today to the Zulu Foxtrot syndicate with Terry Delore. This is the same glider that Terry and Steve Fosset (hence the "SF" on the US registration) broke several world records in Argentina and Nevada. It was having its radios checked today. Its original German registration was D-KLWE. (Tks to Aaron Murphy for heads up call)

Ski plane pilots Mt Cook

Here is another list of names of ski plane pilots.
A few I see are no longer with us.

Wednesday 1 October 2008

Some well known names.

Tripped over this olde ski a couple of years ago at Mt Cook airfield. Left over from a pilot reunion I believe. Some well known drivers names here.

Meteorological phenomena

Slightly off topic, but of significant meteorological significance for me to dig my camera out and snap a shot.
Mammatus. Cool air sinking from the base of a receding cumulonimbus cloud over northern Christchurch this afternoon.