Saturday, 4 October 2008

Recently deregistered Robinson R22 Beta II ZK-HBP

This little Robinson R22 Beta II ZK-HBP2 c/n 3375 first apeared on our register with Ahaura Helicopters (Simon Lawn) on 08-01-2003 as ZK-HDB4. It was registered as HBP when Simon acquired another R22 (C/n 3674) which became HDB5.
As ZK-HBP it was operated by Caithness Agriculture Ltd with a Culverden address, but was often seen at Maddison Road strip of Wyndon Aviation (South of CHCH). Pic above taken there on 21-01-2005.
Graham John Pender of "Ardmore" near Methven was the listed owner from 06-03-06.
It was being moved to shelter during the recent heavy snowfall on 7-06-08 when it had a heavy landing. It was cancelled on 15-09-08.

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