Thursday 30 September 2021

Out of towners at Christchurch today 30-09-2021.

 A stroll around my patch at Christchurch International this afternoon found the following worthy of comment.

I was not disappointed with the helicopter variety on the Western side.

Below at Heli Maintenance Ltd we have the Robinson R44 ZK-HHS3 c/n 0805 which has been listed with Gerald Jefferies of Brisbane, Queensland since mid 2017.

Also receiving attention below was the Schweizer 269C-1 ZK-HMC2 c/n 0286 of Andrew Bowmar of Waikaia Plains Ltd of Balfour.

Parked outside was the Robinson R44 Raven II ZK-IJM c/n 12432 of Colin Nimmo's Muzzle Farming Ltd

Another stranger was the Hughes 369HS ZK-IOZ c/n 640608S which was imported for Stephen Robertson (of Robertson Real Estate Ltd) of Oamaru in August last year. 
It also carries the 'L J Hooker Rural" signage.

On the Terminal side of the Airport the Air Chathams Saab SF340A ZK-CIY2 c/n 340A-135 was on the 'Antarctic apron"

Tecnam P 2002 Sierras of New Zealand (4) - 2006 Sierras

 In 2006 there were a smaller number of P 2002 Sierras registered, a total of three:

The Nelson Aero Club purchased a pair of P 2002 JF Sierras to their training fleet in early 2006.  The first was ZK-RJE (c/n 032 in the JF series), which was registered to them on 29/3/06 and was delivered on 4/5/06.  However the Sierras didn't last long at Nelson and on 25/5/07 it went to the Wakatipu Aero Club in Queenstown.  That didn't last long either and on 2/10/07 ownership changed to R G Brown of Christchurch on 2/10/07 and then on 24/10/07 it flew from Kerikeri across the Tasman via Norfolk and Lord Howe Islands.  It was cancelled from the NZ register on 18/12/07 and on 4/1/08 it was registered as VH-IMP to Chee Hoong Khong of Geraldton, WA.  It was cancelled from the Australian register on 21/11/16. 

ZK-RJF (c/n 033 in the JF series) was registered to the Nelson Aero Club on the same day as its twin, on 29/3/06 and it was also delivered to Nelson on 4/5/06.  On 29/7/07 ownership changed to A C S International Ltd of Blenheim and then on 4/7/15 it went to M R Foundation Ltd of Blenheim, with whom it is still current.

And the final P 2002 Sierra to be registered here in 2006 was ZK-RTM (c/n 169 in the P 2002 microlight series), which was registered to Lake Forest Enterprises Ltd of Taupo (owned by R T Mason hence the registration).  It was noted for sale at Dennis Thompson International in 2014 with 530 hours on the clock.  It was bought by Rodger Coleclough of North Shore with ownership changing on 3/8/17.  Then it went to L H Bonnar of Gore.  It is photo'd above at North Shore on 14/4/16.

Wednesday 29 September 2021

Gulfstream A7-CGB at Christchurch

Noted parked up at Christchurch International Airport on Monday the 27th was this Gulfstream 650 A7-CGB c/n 6167.
Initially built as N667GD in 2015 with Gulfstream Aerospace it was delivered to Qatar Executive soon after.
It arrived in Christchurch from Kuala Lumpur on the 25th and departed for Perth on the 28th.
It is seen above parked between the JetStar Airbus A320-232  VH-VGI c/n 4466 and the U.S.Air Force Boeing C17A Globemaster III 10-0220 c/n P-220.

Tecnam P 2002 Sierras of New Zealand (3) - 2005 Sierras

 Carrying on into 2005, another six P 2002 Sierras were registered, as follows:

ZK-WAK (c/n 010 in the JF series) was a fully certified P 2002 JF model that was registered to the S & B Jones Family Trusy of Queenstown on 21/2/05 and it quickly went to the Wakatipu Aero Club at Queenstown (hence the registration I guess), on 4/4/05.  in September 2013 it was leased to the Wairarapa and Ruahine Aero Club at Masterton and they assumed ownership on 1/10/14.  The above photo was taken at Masterton on 10/11/13.  Tragically it was involved in a mid-air collision at Masterton on 16/6/19 (with the skydiving Cessna 185 ZK-CBY) and both pilots were killed.  It was cancelled from the register on 19/7/19.

ZK-PAJ (c/n 101 in the standard P 2002 series) was registered on 25/5/05 to Mrs J C Mickleson of Perth, WA, but I believe it was based out of Thames with the Sandpiper Trust.  later, on 2/8/12 ownership transferred to the Sandpiper Trust at Perth WA but then it quickly went, on 28/9/12, to the Manawatu Districts Aero Club at Palmerston North.  Most recently ownership transferred on 1/5/17 to the Manawatu Aviation Club at Feilding, where the above photo was taken on 30/1/21.

ZK-SCD (c/n 099) was registered to the Altiport Trust of Gisborne on 25/5/05.  On 18/2/19 ownership transferred to Gyrate (NZ) Ltd of Tauranga where the above photo was taken on 22/6/19.

ZK-WBF (c/n 117) was registered to J L Smylie of Tauranga on 17/8/05 and it is still owned by him.  It is photo'd above at the 2013 Black Sands flyin at Raglan, on 2/11/13.

ZK-WNR (c/n 118) was registered to the Marlborough Aero Club at Omaka on 17/5/05.  The registration reflects the initials of the aero club's patron Bill Ruherford.  On 25/1/11 ownership transferred to W L Moir of Te Awamutu.  It is photo'd above at the 2014 Black Sands flyin at Raglan, on 8/11/14,.  

ZK-PWH (c/n 142) was registered to P W Harland of Christchurch on 12/12/05.  Later he moved to Alexandra where he still owns it.  It is photo'd above at the 2009 SAANZ flyin at Ashburton, on 6/2/09.

Tuesday 28 September 2021

Some recent sightings near the top of the South.

A quick visit to Nelson on 14th September found the Cessna 150H ZK-CTG c/n 67640 on the tie downs.
This has been listed with Lex Selby of Whanganui since March of 2009.

Receiving a strip down was the Britten-Norman BN2A-26 Islander ZK-EVO c/n 785, which is still listed to Commercial Helicopters Ltd of Taumarunui - "Fly My Sky".
It flew into Nelson from Auckland on 16th August for a paint strip before delivery to a new owner.

Up at Motueka the De Havilland DHC-2 Beaver c/n 124, marked as DQ-GWW, still sits outside at Argus Aviation Ltd 
It was placed on the New Zealand register as ZK-LAY on 9 September 2021 to GCH Aviation Ltd of Christchurch.

Monday 27 September 2021

LongRanger ZK-IZY

 Spotted at Motueka back on September the 16th was the Bell 206L-1 LongRanger ZK-IZY3.
  C/n 45410.

This helicopter has an extensive Canadian history as C-GVIW from 1980.
It joined the NZ register on 14th September for Coast To Coast Helicopters Tasman Ltd of Richmond and is seen here during a short test flight out of the Argus Aviation facility at Motueka.
It is interesting to note the tinted pilots window in the open slide down position.

Question Time

 A poser for our readers.  I got this photo from the internet and it was taken in Christchurch:

The interesting thing is that if you look at the registration plate of the truck it is JGJ1, which was issued in 2015....

Can anyone provide an answer as to what and where this is?

Sunday 26 September 2021

Tecnam P 2002 Sierras of New Zealand (2) - 2004 Sierras

P 2002 Sierras kept arriving at Ardmore during 2004, with a total of six registered during the year.  In registration date order they were:

ZK-NPS (c/n 032) was registered to the New Plymouth Aero Club on 10/5/04.  It went to Pro Flight Ltd of Tauranga on 19/4/07 and it is photo'd in their ownership above.  On 20/11/07 it went to the NPS Syndicate of Tauranga and then on 5/11/09 it went back to Tecnam Ltd of Ardmore.  From 23/4/10 ownership was with Rod Vaughan Ltd of Ardmore.

And then on 25/1/12 ownership transferred to M J S (Michael) Wilkins of Taupiri, and it is photo'd above in his ownership at Matamata on 6/5/17.

ZK-KFA (c/n 046) was registered to Kevin M Farmer of Manakau on 5/8/04.  (Kevin Farmer had also owned an early Tecnam Echo ZK-KFP for Kevin Farmer's Plane and I guess that ZK-KFA was for kevin Farmers Aircraft).  On 4/12/10 ownership transferred to B D and J L Mackie of Napier and then recently it went to S A (Stan) Hyde of Feilding, on 31/5/21.  The above photo is at Feilding on 13/6/21.

ZK-MVS (c/n 049) was registered to Maximum Ventures Ltd of Wanaka on 14/9/04.  I am not sure why it has this non-standard colour scheme, but I think it may have always been like this as I have seen a photo of it looking the same in from 2005.  It then went to /Minaret Enterprises Ltd (Ruth Presland) also of Wanaka, on 4/7/05 and then back to Maximum Ventures Ltd on 14/2/07.  On 24/10/18 ownership changed to D J Moore of Timaru and then on 1/12/19 to the McLeod Brothers Syndicate, also at Timaru.  It is photo'd above at Rangiora on 7/9/19.

ZK-MVT (c/n 048) was registered on the same day as ZK-MVT, 14/9/04, to Minaret Enterprises of Wanaka (Ruth Presland).  I think Ruth Presland was the South Island Tecnam representative at that time.  Ownership transferred on 1/11/07 to U-Fly Ltd of Wanaka and then on 29/6/09 it moved North to the Wairarapa and Ruahine Aero Club at Masterton.  The above photo was taken at Masterton on 21/4/12.  On 19/5/14 it crashed on take off at Masterton and was burnt out.  It was cancelled from the register on 27/6/14.  

The next two Sierras to be registered in 2004 were fully certified P 2002-JF models that had higher MAUWs of 579 Kg.  The first of these was ZK-ROZ (c/n 007 - this was an early c/n of the certified JF model that had a separate c/n series).  Giovanni Nustrini told me that they had these 2 aircraft painted in the colours of the Frecci Tricolori, the aerobatic team of the Italian Air Force, and they also were given Tecnam Arrows script on the tail.  ZK-ROZ was registered to Skylease Ltd of Auckland on 2/12/04 and it then went to Auckland Flight Training Ltd at Ardmore on 17/3/06.  It was re-designated as a P 2002-JF UL on 6/7/11 and sold to Martin E Lobb of Rotorua on 19/7/11.  The above photo was taken at Ardmore early on in its life.

Martin Lobb re-registered his new P 2002 JF UL as ZK-MEL on 20/7/11.  He later moved to Tauranga and owned the aircraft until 11/9/17 when he re-registered it again as ZK-CCV2.  This was to make the ZK-MEL registration available for his new RV 7A ZK-MEL2.  It is photo'd above on a lovely day at Taumarunui on 5/2/17.

ZK-CCV2 was sold to Susan P Gaiger of Christchurch on 14/6/18 and it is photo'd above at Rangiora on 8/9/19.

And the last P 2002 to be registered in 2004 was the twin of ZK-ROZ above, being registered ZK-TVB2 (c/n 009) to Skylease Ltd of Auckland on 20/12/04.  On 17/3/06 ownership transferred to Auckland Flight Training Ltd of Ardmore.  On 15/12/11 ownership transferred to Giovanni Nustrini of Auckland and the on 19/12/12 to Keiko and James Walker of Rotorua.  It was re-designated as a P 2002-JF UL on 21/12/12.  The next owner was R F Donaldson of Matamata from 16/2/18 and most recently ownership has transferred on 15/3/21 to B J Yorke of Wyndham in the deep South.  It is photo'd at Ardmore early on in its life.

Friday 24 September 2021

Tecnam P 2002 Sierras of New Zealand (1) - 2003 Sierras

Following on from the low wing P 96 Golf, the all metal Tecnam P 2002 Sierra was designed by Tecnam in 2002 and was introduced at Aero Friedrichshafen 2003.  It was designed to comply with the European microlight regulations as well as the American Light Sport Aircraft regulations.  It proved to be very successful and by 2005 it made up 70% of the output from Tecnam.

The P 2002 Sierra was a development of the P 96 Golf but it had a new tapered laminar flow wing which produced a slightly improved cruise speed with the same 100 HP Rotax engine.  It was heavier than the Golf  but it has the same 544 Kg MAUW as a Class 2 microlight in New Zealand (and it can be registered as a LSA with a 600 Kg MAUW).  The Sierra also became available with retractable undercarriage and is still produced as the updated Sierra Mk II with a new canopy and as the P 2002 JF with the old style canopy which is a certificated version (and which has been purchased by the Argentinian and Greek Air Forces).

The specifications for the original model Sierra were:  length 6.6 metres (21 feet 7 inches). wingspan 9 metres (29 feet 6 inches) and the wing area was 124 square feet.  The empty weight is quoted as around 330 Kg (730 pounds) and the MAUW for a Class 2 microlight in New Zealand is 544 Kg (1,200 pounds).  With a 100 HP Rotax the cruise speed is around 120 knots, and the stall with full flaps is quoted at 41 knots.  From the specs I have seen the Mk II Sierra is heavier than the original model at 380 Kg but it can be operated at  a MAUW of 620 Kg in some overseas countries.

We have had  twenty nine P 2002 Sierras of various models registered in New Zealand to date.  The first couple are detailed below in the order of their dates of registration:

Our first P 2002 Sierra, ZK-TST (c/n 008) was obviously a very early model from the Tecnam factory.  It was registered to Ardmore Aviation Services on 28/11/03.  On 23/12/07 it was sold to N C Cleine of Westport and then on 15/12/14 it went back up North to T S Hunt of Kaitaia.  One year later, on 23/12/15 ownership transferred to Dreamcraft Aviation Ltd of Whanagarei and then on 4/11/18 to the interestingly named Hamingja Enda Fylgjur Ltd of Auckland.  It is photo'd above at Whangarei on 26/11/17.

And our second P 2002 Sierra was ZK-TBK (c/n 009) which was registered to the Dee Family Trust of Ohope on 22/12/03.  I guess these first two Sierras came in the same container.  The above photo was taken at Pauanui on 5/1/19.

Thursday 23 September 2021

Kitfox IV ZK-JRK

Out doing touch & goes on a very grey Matamata day was the very colourful Skystar Kitfox IV Speedstar ZK-JRK.    Originally registered back in 2007 it is still owned by its builder, Graham Kettle of Hamilton.


Wednesday 22 September 2021

Ag Helicopters & Others

Noted at the Outback Helicopters' base at Dannevirke today was their sprayer R66 ZK-HCE3.    This was imported from Australia in 2012 and has been with the company since 2017.  They also operate a Jetranger ZK-ISW.

There are now only 4 other R66 remaining on the NZ register being 1 at Taupo with Helicopter Services BOP,  2 with SCN Helicopters at Porirua and 1 stored with Heliflite.

Moving onto the Heli Ag base at Maraekakaho their 2 AS350B were in residence being ZK-ICR and ZK-IRE.      The latter has been owned by the company since importation from Australia in 2019,  while ICR was acquired in March 2021,  having been imported from the US in 2015.

Operating from the Heli Ag base was Christchurch Helicopters' EC120B ZK-HTV2 fulfilling a survey contract in the North Is.   This was imported from Australia in 2002.

And a return visit to Hastings airfield showed Hughes 369E ZK-IDV2 now more complete,  details as per yesterday's blog below.


Tecnam P 96 Golfs of New Zealand (6) - the Last Lot of Our Golfs

 Here are the last five of the twenty three Tecnam Golfs that we have had registered in New Zealand:

ZK-TSC (c/n 235) was registered to T S C (Trevor) McKeown of Masterton on 4/4/03, and it is still owned by him.  It is photo'd above at Masterton on 30/11/19.

ZK-KER (c/n 267) was registered to the Lance and Robyn Kerr Family Trust of Huntly on 9/8/04, and it is still owned by them.  It is photo'd here at Pauanui on 2/12/16.

ZK-RNJ (c/n 296) was registered to Ray and Judy (RNJ) Costello of  Papakura on 21/6/07.  It is still owned by Ray and it is photo'd above at Kaipara Flats airfield on 19/1/19.

ZK-KSW2 (c/n 237) was quite short lived in New Zealand.  It was registered to Steve and Keiko Chiba-Walker of Rotorua on 9/7/07 and it was cancelled as exported on 4/6/08 (but I do not have a record of where it was exported to - can anyone help with this?).  It is photo'd above in a hangar at Ardmore, and I guess it is in 2007 as it looks quite new.

And our last Tecnam Golf to be registered here is ZK-SVT (c/n 303) which was registered to J A Schaake of Hamilton on 27/2/08.  Ownership changed to the Chris and Lynda Haynes Family Trust of Te Aroha on 16/4/09 and ion 20/2/13 it went to Endeavour Farm Ltd of Te Aroha.  It is photo'd above in a hangar at Thames on 20/12/16.

I don't think we are likely to see more Tecnam Golfs here in New Zealand as the model has been superceded by the P 2002 Sierra, which I will post about next.

Tuesday 21 September 2021

Hughes 369E ZK-IDV

Noted on assembly at Hastings today was Hughes 369E ZK-IDV2 which was registered to Helicopter Hire Ltd, Masterton this month.   Built in 1986 it was imported from Indonesia where it was last operated by Intan Perkasa Air Service.


Tecnam P 96 Golfs of New Zealand (5) - ZK-TMG

Among our twenty three P 96 Golfs several have gone to Australia, but one that was different was ZK-TMG which flew across the Tasman to Australia.

ZK-TMG (c/n 236) was registered to M G M (Michael) Gray of Wellington on 21/2/03.  I think that Michael Gray maybe always intended to move to Australia and he undertook some flying training in his aircraft with John Bolton-Riley at Feilding.  He then arranged with John for him to fly ZK-TMG across the Tasman to deliver the aircraft to South Australia.  John Bolton-Riley had previously flown his Sky Arrow (ZK-EBR) across the Tasman and return, making him the first to fly a microlight aircraft from New Zealand to Australia.  Logan McLean had also flown the Tasman and return in his Alpi and so Golf ZK-TMG would be the third microlight to make the East-West trip, in October 2003. This made ZK-TMG the shortest lived of our Tecnam Golfs in New Zealand at just over 7 months.  I had not seen any photos of it previously, and as you can see above it had the ZK marks as required for international flights.

Preparations for the flight were made at Feilding and you can see in this photo taken at Feilding that the crossing had some sponsorship backing and was to be a Trans Tasman World Speed Record attempt for the 500 - 600 Kg aircraft category, which was achieved.  John Bolton-Riley left Feilding on 6/10/03 and located to Kaitaia.  Then on 7/10/03 he flew from Kaitaia to Norfolk Island where he overnighted and the next day he flew on to Lord Howe Island and to Coffs Harbour in NSW, 800 miles in the day. 

Then over the next few days John flew on via Mudgee and Hay to Aldinga in South Australia where the above photo was taken in front of the Aldinga Aero Club clubrooms.  ZK-TMG was cancelled from the New Zealand register on 14/7/04 and it became 24-4151 with Michael Gray.

Thanks very much to John Bolton-Riley for the photos.

Monday 20 September 2021

Tecnam P 96 Golfs of New Zealand (4) - Later 2002 Aircraft

 As I mentioned in my previous post, there were ten P 96 Golfs registered in New Zealand during 2002 (as well as four P 92 Echos) so Tecnam NZ were very busy at Ardmore.  Here are the remaining P 96 Golfs from 2002 in the order of their registration:

ZK-JTG (c/n 212) was registered to Allied Press Ltd of Dunedin on 29/7/02 and it is still registered with them 19 years later.  It does not appear to have been photo'd much and the above photo is from Jet Photos.

ZK-TNG (c/n 221) was registered to Tecnam Ltd at Papakura on 5/9/02. It went to Ardmore Aviation Services Ltd on 22/5/03 and then to Auckland Flight Training Ltd of Ardmore on 9/6/04.  However this was very brief as it was cancelled on 5/7/04 and exported to Australia where it became 24-4143 and this registration was cancelled on 6/7/05.  So it wasn't around for very long and no photos of it seemed to exist until Giovanni Nustrini came up with this one showing ZK-TNG in a line up of other Golfs ready for delivery at the Tecnam hangar at Ardmore.  Thanks very much for the photo Giovanni.

ZK-TEB2 (c/n 217) was first registered to G M Rogers of Dunedin on 16/9/02.  It then moved around a bit going to H V Ryan of Waharoa on 17/6/05 and then on 1/11.06 to Izard Pacific Aviation Ltd of Springhill.  They sold it to B W Ford of Hamilton on 9/10/07 and then it went briefly to C W (Cliff) Johnston of Hastings on 23/7/13.  Finally ownership changed to Sport Aviation Corp of Hamilton and it is used for training at Te Kowhai, where the above photo was taken on 14/3/17.

ZK-WFG (c/n 215) was registered to WFG Ltd of Wanaka on 16/9/02and they owned it until 2019 when ownership changed briefly to GBM Aircraft Holdings Ltd of Wanaka on 28/2/19, and then on to Southern Cross Contracting Ltd of Tauranga on 15/3/19.  The above photo was taken at Pauanui on 15/7/21.

ZK-RLS (c/n 218) was registered to R L Sparks of Auckland on 25/9/02.  He later moved to Alexandra and ownership transferred to the Sparks Family Trust of Alexandra on 13/4/05.  It is photo'd above at Alexandra on 22/3/21.

A Golf with a different colour scheme!  However I reckon someone probably added the red trim after delivery.  ZK-EHG (c/n 227) was registered to PNM Equipment Hire of Matamata on 4/12/02.  It then went to the Hauraki Aero Club at Thames on 21/8/06.  It was damaged in a take off accident at Thames on 15/1/10 and it was cancelled on 27/7/10.  It is photo'd above at Paul Hopper's strip at Silverdale on 28/3/09.

However it was rebuilt and re-registered on 14/3/11 as ZK-JAN3 (still with the same c/n of 227), to A Franklin of Tauranga, this time with a truly different colour scheme.  It quickly went to Tecnam Hire Ltd of Waihi Beach on 28/3/11.  It is photo'd above about to depart from the 2011 Black Sands flyin at Raglan, on 12/11/11, I suspect flown by Jean-Jacques Deschamps and Dave Evans.  On 28/3/14 ownership changed to the DDJ Syndicate of Waihi Beach.