Thursday 30 September 2021

Tecnam P 2002 Sierras of New Zealand (4) - 2006 Sierras

 In 2006 there were a smaller number of P 2002 Sierras registered, a total of three:

The Nelson Aero Club purchased a pair of P 2002 JF Sierras to their training fleet in early 2006.  The first was ZK-RJE (c/n 032 in the JF series), which was registered to them on 29/3/06 and was delivered on 4/5/06.  However the Sierras didn't last long at Nelson and on 25/5/07 it went to the Wakatipu Aero Club in Queenstown.  That didn't last long either and on 2/10/07 ownership changed to R G Brown of Christchurch on 2/10/07 and then on 24/10/07 it flew from Kerikeri across the Tasman via Norfolk and Lord Howe Islands.  It was cancelled from the NZ register on 18/12/07 and on 4/1/08 it was registered as VH-IMP to Chee Hoong Khong of Geraldton, WA.  It was cancelled from the Australian register on 21/11/16. 

ZK-RJF (c/n 033 in the JF series) was registered to the Nelson Aero Club on the same day as its twin, on 29/3/06 and it was also delivered to Nelson on 4/5/06.  On 29/7/07 ownership changed to A C S International Ltd of Blenheim and then on 4/7/15 it went to M R Foundation Ltd of Blenheim, with whom it is still current.

And the final P 2002 Sierra to be registered here in 2006 was ZK-RTM (c/n 169 in the P 2002 microlight series), which was registered to Lake Forest Enterprises Ltd of Taupo (owned by R T Mason hence the registration).  It was noted for sale at Dennis Thompson International in 2014 with 530 hours on the clock.  It was bought by Rodger Coleclough of North Shore with ownership changing on 3/8/17.  Then it went to L H Bonnar of Gore.  It is photo'd above at North Shore on 14/4/16.

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