Thursday 9 September 2021

Tecnam P 92s of New Zealand (8) - Echo Classics

The next iteration of the P 92 to come along was the P 92 Classic which seemed to revert to an older style looking fuselage with squarer bottom corners.  It can also be registered as a Light Sport Aircraft with a MAUW of 600 Kg and most of our Echo Classics are LSAs.  The wingspan is slightly longer than on the Echo Super at 9.4 metres (30 feet 9 inches).

We have had eight P 92 Classics registered in New Zealand to date, as follows in the order of their date of registration:

Our first P 92 Classic was ZK-TRD2 (c/n 1300) which was registered to Trevor R Doig of Hastings on 27/4/10.  It is photo'd above at the 2013 Black Sands flyin at Raglan, on 2/11/03 and you can see it has a square-ish rear window and a cut down turtle deck, a bit like the very early P 92s.  On 12/1/17 ownership changed to Stan Hyde of Feilding and it moved on to the Feilding Flying Club on 20/6/17 with whom it is still current and very active.

Also registered on the same day as ZK-TRD2 was the Classic De Luxe model ZK-TLS (c/n 1301) which was registered to Ardmore Aviation Services Ltd (Giovanni Nustrini) on 27/4/10.  It is photo'd above on 10/7/10 at North Shore where you can see that it has a more streamlined rear window and turtle deck than ZK-TRD2. On 30/7/10 it went to U Fly Ltd of Wanaka, and later of Haast.  On 5/11/10 it was re-designated as an Ultralight.  The ownership changed on 1/10/14 to CN and CJ (Cliff) Bellingham of Pukekohe with whom it is still current.

ZK-TCM (c/n 1357) was registered on 6/7/11 to Stanley Aviation Ltd of Rotorua and it is still with them.  It is photo'd above at Pauanui on 28/12/16.

The Canterbury Recreational Microlight Club at Rangiora decided in 2013 to replace their fleet with P 92 Echo Classics, and their first aircraft was ZK-RGA2 (c/n 1485) which was registered on 17/4/14.  It is photo'd above at Rangiora on 31/3/17. 

ZK-LRA (c/n 1489) was registered to Russell Ainsworth of Weedons on 6/8/14 and it is still registered to him.  It is photo'd above at Ardmore on 23/8/14 before delivery I guess.

ZK-VTE (c/n 1526) was registered to GS Thompson of Tauranga on 11/12/15.  It is photo'd above at Paraparaumu on 28/10/18.

ZK-RGB2 (c/n 1544) was the second P 92 Classic aircraft for the Canterbury Recreational Aircraft Club.  It was registered to them on 8/8/16 and it is photo's above on 31/3/17 at Rangiora.  It suffered a forced landing accident at Glentui on 28/4/21 and was written off.  I understand that it will be replaced with a Tecnam Echo Mk II.
And ZK-RGC2 (c/n 1601) was the third Echo Classic airaft for the Canterbury Recreatuional Flying Club.  It was registered to them on 19/7/19 and is photo'd above at Rangiora on 7/9/19.  On 15/8/19 it was re-designated as an Ultralight.

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