Saturday 31 December 2011

A final circuit of NZRT for the year.

The Jabiru J200 ZK-CHW3 (c/n 009) from the Watkins Family Trust of Auckland was seeking shelter from the inclement meteorological condition by over nighting in the Pat Scotter hangar.
Above : strongly rumoured to have been sold to new owners at Tauranga: is the North American NA78 Harvard 3* ZK-XSA (c/n 78-6647). It was out and about today (31-12-2011).
Tucked away was the Jabiru J120-C UL ZK-EFG3 (c/n 001) of Hamilton Computer Services of Christchurch. This little aircraft flew across the Tasman Sea from Lismore to Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands and into Kerikeri on 13-11-2009.
And something different -:- Taking of from Rangiora today.

Stuart Tantrum 20/5/48 - 26/11/11

I was sad to hear of the recent death of Stuart Tantrum at Blenhiem. Stuart was a can-do homebuilder who built some really interesting sport and antique aeroplanes. I first knew Stuart in Levin when he was my stage inspector for my Jodel D9 project, and later he successfully test flew the completed aircraft at Foxpine. He was a great help to me and very generous. I remember him giving many children joyrides from Foxpine in his Tiger Moth ZK-ALX.

Stuart was AACA member number 266 and he built aircraft quickly. His SE 5A Replica ZK-SET was completed in 1978 (whereas my Jodel which must have been started around the same time, was not completed until 1984). ZK-SET is photo'd here at Foxpine in the 1990's, piloted by Stuart after being rebuilt by him following its accident at the 1992 Auckland air Expo.

But Stuart really pushed the envelope with his second aircraft, the Fokker Dr1 Triplane Replica ZK-FOK. I was always impressed by Stuart's workmanship as I saw this aircraft coming together in his garage in Levin - so many parts in those 6 wings! ZK-FOK is photo'd here at the 1986 Manawatu Chapter AACA flyin at Feilding in December 1986, in its original lozenge colour scheme. This aircraft can be considered to be the grand-daddy of all the amazing WW 1 aircraft that we now have in New Zealand, including 6 other imported Fokker Triplanes.

Stuart was badly injured in the crash of his Tiger Moth ZK-ALX at Foxpine in January 1986. However he continued with his love of aviation to be back flying again later that year

Stuart then shifted to Blenhiem where he formed Antique Aero Engineering Ltd, and he worked there with his son Wayne. Antique Aero Engineering restored several excellent examples of antique aircraft including Rob Mackley's Stearman ZK-BWR and Tiger Moth ZK-BMY.

However, Stuart's foremost legacy to the history of aircraft in New Zealand is the wonderful complete and authentic restoration of Avro 504K ZK-ACU, including an original rotary engine used by the aircraft in the 1930's. This is New Zealand's oldest existing aircraft having been first registered in 1931 and operated by the New Zealand Permanent Air Force. It crashed at new Plymouth in November 1935 and the remains ended up in the Taranaki Museum. The remains were eventually obtained by Stuart and he began restoration in Levin, later shifting the project to Blenhiem. ZK-ACU was restored to the civil aircraft register in October 2008 for The Vintage Aviator, and Stuart carried out the test flying schedule. ZK-ACU is photo'd above in The Vintage Aviator's hangar at Masterton in March 2010. If you look closely you can get an idea of the amazing job that Stuart made of the restoration.

As I said in my introduction, Stuart was a can-do type of guy, and he was a very clever man.

Friday 30 December 2011

In the bottom of the shoe box

After a bit of a rummage around I dug up these photographs from the bowels of the old shoe box.
In my misspent youth I spent a lot of time hanging around at the Wellington Aero Club and assisting Ivan East in the hangar when an extra pair of hands were needed.
On 01-02-1964 I was on hand to capture the Avro 694 Sport Avian MkIVM ZK-ACM (c/n 499) being manoeuvred into the Club hangar.
Above: With its prancing horse and Checkered tail it rests alongside the Cub ZK-BTV. In the background is the newish Woolworths.
Above: Proud owner Keith Trillo watches as Barry McAlly and Frank Johnstone (unsure of the spelling of both these gents names) prepare to place it in the hangar.
In the hangar with Cub ZK-BQN on the left and the Cessna 310G ZK-CFG in the back corner.
It underwent an extensive rebuild and flew again on 30-11-1967.
 Above is a photo from Peter Ingram showing it post restoration with wings folded.
As seen on 18-11-1967. In 1970 it was stored in a barn near Wanganui; unfortunately to be destroyed by fire in February of 1974.

Thursday 29 December 2011

Piper Meridian ZK-OLY

A pleasant surprise at Taupo 28 December was the visit of New Zealand's one and only Piper PA46 Meridian ZK-OLY.  This slick machine arrived from its Fielding base via Gisborne and after a refuel continued home to Fielding.

More on ZK-OLY here:
And a nice Youtube video:

Thanks to Henry M for these great shots taken at Taupo:

Wednesday 28 December 2011

Today at Rangi - ora and - tata Island

These first two shots show the Rockwell 114 ZK-ELL3 (c/n 14229). Above at the fuel pump at Rangiora; and below is a close up view of the logo on the fuselage side. This arrived via container at Hastings in September 2010 for Gwailo Investments Ltd and is now on the line with Air Hawkes Bay Ltd.
ZK-ELL has featured before in these pages at
Below we have the Wairakei Holdings Eurocopter EC 120 B Colibri ZK-IFR2 (c/n 1312) which did a series of circuits at NZRT.
 Below we see Grant Porter feeling for the ground at Rangiora in his Avid MkIV ZK-JHW (c/n 1434D). This has also been on this blog previously at
At Rangitata Island today Alan Bowman spied this Timaru based Beech V35 Bonanza ZK-DDG (c/n D8220) of Russell Rarity. This moved to Timaru in about February this year after some 35 years at Gisborne.

From the cockpit 27-12-2011

Yesterday (27-12-2011) I was fortunate to get a back seat ride in the Piper PA-28-181 Archer 111 ZK-LJC over Christchurch City, Lyttelton and the Harbour entrance. The dead grassed areas have been sprayed and are to be re-planted with the new grass that birds dislike.
Above is the view on final approach to Rnwy 02 at Quake City (NZCH).
Above is the view that Andy Heap had yesterday from the Grob G102Club 111b Astir ZK-GNH. He is sneaking along the Robert Ridge, with Lake Rotoiti out and down to the left of picture. A tad more right rudder please Andy.

Tuesday 27 December 2011

Three new sightings at Lake Station.

The latest addition to the gliders operating out of Lake Station is this Rolladen-Schneider LS4 ZK-GVL (c/n 4085) of David Van Der Linden of Richmond. First registered in NZ on 21-09-2011, it is yet to be certified.
A couple of strays from the North Island.
Cessna A152 ZK-ETS (c/n A1520886) is a very recent addition (15-11-2011) to the Wellington Aero Clubs fleet.
 Cessna 152 ZK-JIA (c/n 152 80726) is a member of the Kapiti Districts Aero Club
All three pics from Andy Heap.

Four from Rangiora 26-12-2011

 ZK-SKS (c/n 815) is the Mike Kindon built Aeros Ukraine Skyranger Swift as seen at Rangiora yesterday (26-12-2011). It was recently re-engined with a Rotax 582: replacing the earlier Simonini.
Piper PA28-151/180 Cherokee Warrior (Bold Warrior mods) ZK-TGF (c/n 28-7715223) from TGF Aviation of Parakai was parked over at Rangiora.
The Vans RV6A ZK-VIA (c/n 23401) of Derek and Christine Edwards of Levin dropping in for fuel before heading further north.
Already at the pumps was the Cessna U206F Stationair 11 ZK-DKB (c/n U206F 02170) up from Clyde and heading for Paraparaumu and further afield.

Down South with Henry M. #4

 Cessna U206G Stationair 6 ZK-ETN (c/n U206 05866) was listed to Invercargill Holdings Ltd on 15-09-2011. It i seen here at Queenstown carrying Alpine Air titles on the rear door and "Operated by Southern Lakes Aviation Queenstown on the forward fuselage.
 ZK-FIG2 is a Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP (c/n 172S-9619)  (NZ) Ltd was first registered to Glenorchy Air Services and Tourist Co Ltd on 03-05-2004. In July of 2007 it moved up to CTC Aviation Training at Hamilton; returning to Glenorchy Air Services and Tourist Co on 29-10-2007. It moved over to the Wakatipu Aero Club on 01-07-2010 and carries their Air Wakatipu markings.
The Cessna 208 Caravan ZK-SKB (c/n 20800244) [the Hank Sproull Kero Burner] fired up and ready to move out at Queenstown.
Another Wakatipu Aero Club / Air Wakatipu aircraft is this Cessna 172P ZK-ETT (c/n 172 74937) which has been with the Club since 06-01-1998. (That will be the nose of the Gulfstream G-V N780W on the right of the pic)

Down South with Henry M. #3

Above is the Cessna 172N ZK-MDR (c/n 172N 68885) which was first registered in NZ on 12-01-2007 to MDR Aviation Ltd of Auckland. It has had several leases since. It carries the "Air Planes" script on the forward fuselage and "Operated by Glenorchy Air" on the door; having been listed to them on 24-11-2010.

Below we have the Air New Zealand Airbus A320-232 ZK-OAB (c/n 4553) arriving at Queenstown. It has been in service since 07-02-2011.
Another Airbus A320-232 is ZK-OJI (c/n 2297) as seen below on climb out from Queenstown.
 A very recent re-registration below is the NZ Aerospace FU24-950 [Walter powered]  ZK-PDZ(c/n 157) of Skydive Glenorchy. It had been registered as ZK-NZSafter its return from Australia in 2003 and listed to Skydive Tandem Ltd. An ownership change to Skydive Glenorchy took place on 15-09-2011 and the change of marks took place from 02-12-2011. It carries "Skydive Paradise" on the fuselage side.

Monday 26 December 2011

Down South with Henry M. # 2

A long lens view of three Squirrels, AS350 BA ZK-HGO2 (c/n 2182), AS350 BA ZK-HJP3 (c/n 2322) and AS350 B2 ZK-HYS3 (c/n 2447) of Heli-Works Queenstown Helicopters Ltd.
 Across the other side of the old grass vector were the Twin Squirrel AS355F1 ZK-IAV (c/n 5041), The AS350 BA ZK-HKR (c/n 1234) and the  AS355 F1 ZK-HMB2 (c/n 5016) of The Helicopter Line.
Below is a better shot of ZK-HMB2.
 Below is the Aerospatiale AS 350 B2 ZK-HQN2 (c/n 1807) of Heli Tours Ltd.
All four shots taken at Queenstown on 22 and 23-12-2011.

Down South with Henry M. #1

Three Cessna 207's were captured by Henry McIntyre whilst recently down South.
Above is ZK-DEW3 (c/n 207-00161) of Milford Sounds Flight Ltd as seen at Milford Sound on 22-12-2011.
Above is ZK-DRY (c/n 207-00196) of Wanaka Flightseeing (2006) Ltd parked at Queenstown on 23-12-2011.
Above is Cessna 207 ZK-FQY (c/n 207-00293) of Southern Alps Air Ltd of Wanaka. As captured at Milford Sound on the 22nd.

Sunday 25 December 2011

Christchurch 24-12-2011. Two visitors

Tony McFarlin captured these two visitors to Christchurch on 24-12-2011.
Above is the Beech G58 Baron N254F
It has featured on this blog previously at :
And below the Cessna 402B ZK-PVC. Presumably in town for post Fridays earthquake work.
This aircraft has also featured before.

Question time # 144


Some pictures for you to ponder over !
Tell us what aircraft types they all belong to and you can go to the top of the class.
No 1
No 1
RESOLVED : DH Heron Aileron at Tauranga : ZK-CKE2 & Planecrazy
No 2
                                                                               No 2
No 3
No 3
RESOLVED: DH DEVON ZK-UCO (ex NZ1812) : ZK-CKE2 and Planecrazy.4
 No 4
No 4
RESLOVED: Cessna 525B CJ3 ZK-TBM3 : Planecrazy4
No 5
No 5
No 6
No 6
No 7
No 7
No 8
No 8
No 9
No 9
No 10
No 10
No 11
No 11
RESOLVED : GAF NOMAD ZK-NMD at Tekapo : ZK-CKE2 and bobgod confirmed
No 12
No 12
No 13
No 13

And a merry Christmas to you all.
Thanks to all for your support over the year