Thursday 22 December 2011

ZK-TBM, N & O.

Thanks to Pacific Aircraft Services I managed today to get a closer look at these three aircraft today (22-12-2011).
Above is the Cessna 525B CJ3 Citation ZK-TBM3 (c/n 525B-0027) as registered to Pacific Jets Ltd of Christchurch. This aircraft arrived in NZ on 04-07-2005 and replaced the previous Cessna 525 CJ1 Citation ZK-TBM2.
Residing in the same hangar is the CHL Investments Ltd's Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP ZK-TBN (c/n 172S9920). This Garmin G1000 equipped 172S arrived at Pacific Aircraft Services in November 2010. It was then spirited away into this hangar and I did not see it again until Tuesday (20-12-2011).
Below are two earlier shots of the same aircraft. As N447JK it served with Sun State Aviation -
 - and then a view of it not long after delivery to the Pacific Aircraft Service hangar at Christchurch in November of 2010.
In the other corner of the hangar is the Walkington Family Trust Cessna T182T Skylane ZK-TBO (c/n T182-08069). This was first registered in country on 06-11-2001 and has alternated between the Walkington Family Trust; CHL Investments; Christchurch Helicopters Ltd and back to the Walkington Family Trust.

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