Saturday 17 December 2011

Metroliner ZK-SWC at QAM

Here we have the Swearingen SA226TC Metroline 11 c/n TC-270 as photographed at the Queensland Aircraft Museum (QAM) recently be ZK-CMM .
Built as N5467M, it was registered to Swearingen Aviation Corporation of San Antonio, Texas in 1978 for delivery to Bush Pilots Airways Pty Ltd of Cairns, Queensland with whom it became VH-BPV on 06-11-1978, arriving on the 11-11-1978.
It was re-listed to Air Queensland of Cairns in January 1982 only to be withdrawn on 04-09-1984.
It then crossed the "Ditch" to become ZK-SWC with Air Albatross Ltd of Wellington from 22-02-1985.
Less than a year later (27-01-1986) it flew out of Nelson for Melbourne and re-entered the Australian register as VH-BIL from the 25th with Kendall Airlines (Aust) Pty Ltd of Wagga Wagga.
It was withdrawn from use on 28-06-1993 and its registration was cancelled on 12-10-1993.

It was presented to the Air World at Wangaratta the following month until being acquired by QAM in early 2003.
There is a bit of a story about this Air World Museum.
It was closed by the Council in 2002.
Have a look at:-
Unfortunately I don't actually have a photo of ZK-SWC to show you.


  1. Photo of ZK-SWC posted above.

    Seeka and ye shall find

  2. Photo of ZK-SWC posted above.

    Seeka and ye shall find

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