Sunday 31 August 2008

Question time #18

Nice easy one this week.
What aircraft type do we have here then ?
And what's with the long rod ?

The Owl & the Otter

Added for no historic reason - but purely because I like the pic.
As spied at Rotorua water front a while back.
Which leads me to the next Question time !

Friday 29 August 2008


The three new MD NOTARS as seen at Christchurch.
ZK-HBC4 c/n LN018, as seen at Heli-Maintenance today.

ZK-HCZ 4. c/n LN106, at Skysales on 29-05-2008

ZK-HYY4 c/n LN107 (not yet registered) at Skysales on 06-07-2008

ZK-HYY & ZK-HCZ as seen today at Skysales.

The bosses signature (Lynn Tilton CEO MDHC) inside the cockpit of ZK-HYY.

Tuesday 26 August 2008

More Random Travels

Latest FU-24 to be added to the register, abeit briefly, is ZK-CYM (c/n 132). Originally ZK-CTP, it was exported to Australia in 1968 where it became VH-CYM with SuperAir in NSW. Super Air in Hamilton have worked their magic with it over the last four months, and it now features turbine power and stretched fuselage, making it by my reckoning a Fletcher 2000. Seen at Hamilton 14 October, I understand it will be returning to Australia.

Just another of the flock of second-hand training Cessna's hitting our shores at present is 152 ZK-JBS. Shot at Ardmore 13 August, it has yet to make it onto the civil register.

At last a sunny day! Noted at Ardmore on 25 July was PA-24 ZK-KJA (c/n 24-82). Originally imported in 1999 as ZK-CWJ, the registration was changed in July 2007 to reflect the name of the new owner.

Just about ready to fly on 15 August is Schweizer 269C-1 ZK-IPB (c/n 0228) after extensive rebuild of the wreck of N1831A which crashed in Florida in July 2006. In the background, in the early stages of rebuild, are similar machines ZK-IPC and ZK-IPE.

Interesting Mods.

Two interesting modifications on this microlight.

Fuel transfer tube from cockpit to fuel filler cap on top of cowling.
Motor vehicle horn for various purposes.

Question time #17 Answer

What you have been looking at was the front on view of the wing tip tank of the Cessna 320E Skynight ZK-EGN. (turned through 90 degrees).
I had two off line stabs at a Cessna 310 tip tank, but I also wanted the registration and seeing that the 320 is the only one in country I am not going to pay out this week.

Wednesday 20 August 2008

"New" Squirrel for Milford Helo's

Aerospatiale AS350B2 Squirrel ZK-IMS (4419) was noted outside the Ardmore Eurocopter facility back on 15Aug wearing this temporary registration awaiting a proper repaint.

Mike Condon photo

Tuesday 19 August 2008

Another NOTAR

MD 500n NOTAR G-NEEN captured at Heli-Maintenance Christchurch yesterday.

It was removed from its container at Skysales on late Monday afternoon, re-assembled, the fire lit and delivered across two fences to Heli-Maint.

I caught it just as the heat gun was doing its thing on the old Pommie registration of G-NEEN.

At one brief stage it showed the registration as "EEN". Now could this be confusing for some budding aviation enthusiast who inherits my photo collection in due course (not for a few more years yet I hope). This brings me back to my blog on EYF about keeping good records.

C/n LN-018 popped out from MD as N16061 in 1992 and spent some time at the Grand Canyon with AirStar Helicopters before returning to MD to become N520MB about September 2000. It then appeared on the UK register as G-NOTR from 26-02-2001 followed by a change to G-NEEN on 17-11-2005, much of this time with Eastern Atlantic Helicopters at Shoreham.

It is now listed as ZK-HBC/4 for Mount Hutt Helicopters, using Blair Chapman's initial as the last two letters.

The fastest (heat) gun in the south - waiting for no photographer.
Thanks to Heli-Maintenance for pic opportunity.

Tomahawks ZK-EYF

Piper PA-38-112 Tomahawk , c/n 38-79A0402 was (as you can see from the c/n) a 1979 production aircraft and appeared on the US aircraft register in April of that year as N2360F.
It came to NZ in December of 1982 for John Shivas (one of several aircraft he imported about this time) and became ZK-EZI on 27-08-1984. It was listed to the Wellington Flight Centre on 25-09-84 and first flew on the 27th.
Pic below of it at Wellington on 29-11-85
It was rebranded to the Wellington Flying Centre on 23-11-89.
Pic below showing altered scheme at Wellington on 03-10-89
By 11-10-1995 it had moved a few metres north to the Wellington Aero Club
Pic below at Wellington Aero Club 23-03-2000.
Canterbury Aero Club acquired it officially from 09-06-2006
Pic below at Christchurch on 05-07-06. (Club script on cowling).
On 05-03-2008 it veered off the strip in a strong crosswind at Kaikoura and went into the lupins. It was rebuilt, its registration cancelled on 09-06-08, and it was re-registered in the CAC Tomahawk ZK-EY# block as ZK-EYF/2.
I finally caught it outside today at Christchurch getting some fresh air. BelowNow - Not trying to confuse the issue - Below is a shot of the original Tomahawk ZK-EYF/1 , c/n 38-79A0094. It was cancelled on 16-10-2007 following damage at West Melton on 05-02-04. Some remains were still visible in the CAC workshop in January this year.
Can you tell the difference ?
I can - because I record details on the back of all my prints.

Another export.

Pacific Aerospace 750XL ZK-XLG , c/n , 122 began as ZK-JAD/2 on 21-06-2005 listed with Pacific Aerospace Corporation Ltd, Hamilton. It was re-registered as ZK-XLG on 24-11-06, still with the manufacturers. On 11-01-2007 title moved to Kairanga Aviation Ltd.
Pic shows it at is base at Kairanga on 11-02-2007.
It departed Hamilton for Kerikeri on 09-08-2008, then on to Norfolk & Lord Howe Islands and Archerfield on the 10th. NZ reg cancelled on 11th.
The following day it became VH-NZJ, still listed with Kairanga Aviation Ltd at Palmerston North but operated by Skydive Cairns Pty Ltd of North Cairns, Queensland.
Has anyone seen it lately - Does it still have blanked out windows ?

Monday 18 August 2008

Some recent listed owner/operator changes.

Beech B200 Super King Air ZK-MAN , c/n BB-1366 , was relisted from Talley's Group to Tasman Helicopters Above & Beyond on 02-05-2008. The "Operated by Tasman Helicopters above & beyond" script is on the fin.
Pics taken at nelson on 19-05-2008
Air Chathams have acquired two aircraft from Great Barrier Airlines.
The Brazilian built Embraer EMB-820C Navajo Chieftain ZK-RDT , c/n 82017 , reached Auckland on 27-03-1994 and served with Great Barrier until mid 1998, then with Air National until returning to Great Barrier in November 2001.
The Romanian built IRMA Britten-Norman BN2A-27 Islander ZK-LYP , c/n 821 , (built in 1977) was shipped into NZ in November 2004 for registration on 15-09-2005 to Great Barrier. It flew from Auckland to Tonga on 13-05-2008.
Both ZK-LYP & ZK-RDT photographed at North Shore on 09-03-2008.

Recent exports

Two recent exports.
Aerospatiale AS350B2 Squirrel ZK-IBT , c/n 3840 has departed for Nigeria. Cancelled 17-07-08.
It began life here in NZ as ZK-IDF for Heli-Works Queenstown Helicopters on 22-09-2004 and moved over to Alpine Choppers on 10-03-2006 and was re-registered as ZK-IBT on 03-04-06.
It has been replaced by the AS350B2 ZK-IHT. The ZK-IBT marks will soon be re-issued to the AS350B3 ZK-HSS/5
Pic of ZK-IBT at Queenstown on 12-10-2007

Pic of Convair ZK-PAL at Christchurch 19-12-2006.
General Dynamics Allison Convair 440/580 ZK-PAL , c/n 501 , was cancelled from our register on 15-08-2008.
It first arrived at Palmerston North on 31-07-2003 as N631AR and was registered to Pionair Adventures Ltd on 24-09-03.

Sunday 17 August 2008

Relatively new local. ZK-SCB

Brian Atkinson of Hanmer Springs recently took over the Cessna 180K Skywagon ZK-SCB (c/n 53170) from Ron McAulay of Wanaka.
Pic above taken today at NZRT. Of interest is the black under wing - Why ?

This 180 was built late in 1980 as N13720 and had at least four owners before being re-registered as N186MA. It was cancelled from the US register on 24-09-1990 and became G-OPIX to Steve Bicknell Productions Ltd in London two days later. (A very apt rego don't you think). Steve moved to ZK land and listed the 180 on 08-11-1994 using his intials as its new registration of ZK-SCB. It went to Ron McAulay on 09-08-1997.

Yellow seems to have caught on with 180/185s in NZ - ZK-FMA, SME, FNX (with blue) - how many more ?

Works of Art #8

What do you class as ART ?
Hours of air brush work.

Or computer generated laser cut items

Or photographs bunged on sticky patches.
Anyway, Ive been sorting through more photos and offer these up.
Hughes 369HS ZK-HTI in its Garden of Eden Helicopter days. I know its on an earlier blog but these two shots are closer up views of snakes, ferns and damsels.
The athletic Linda Lovelace adorns the Titan T51 Mustang ZK-DGM/2.
Glacier Skydive is on the fin of Fox Glacier based Cessna A185F ZK-WHJ.
This simple flying froggy thing on the rudder of a glider at Omarama.
When is too much too much ?

Friday 15 August 2008

Tekweld Aeropup ZK-MDB

A note and some pics from Malcolm Belcher of Havelock North about his Tekweld Aeropup ZK-MDB c/n 2024 which was first registered on 02-07-2008. It is a first of type in NZ.
The Aeropup is an Australian kit which has taken about 1200 hours to build. Started in August of 2007. The fuselage is fabric covered over tube,and the wings are ply ribs set on two aluminium spars with an aluminium leading edge. The undercarriage is fairly standard tail dragger.
It is a two seater, side by side with dual controls.
First flight was on July 3rd by Jerry Chisum and to date it has done 7.5 hours with no problems.
Motor is a Rotax 912UL of 80hp running a 68 x 48 wooden Sweetapple propeller.
Malcolm has been gliding in NZ since 1973 after learning to Fly in the UK in 1972 and has owned several gliders including ZK-GEH, GJS, GIA and GHF.
Next project - maybe a Sonex.
The registration is of course Malcolms initials. The original ZK-MDB was a Cessna A185F Skywagon skiplane with Mount Cook Group/Tourism Holdings.

Wednesday 13 August 2008

AV8 passes through

Hughes 369HS ZK-HBY/3 passed through Rangiora this day, departing to the west.
Interesting history for this helicopter. Its c/n of 71-0330S tells me that it is a July 1971 production machine that popped up on the Indonesian register as PK-PHS in March of 1972 before becoming PK-AVK in December of 1987. It was sold via the US where it was briefly listed as N2188J during June 1994 with Autorotate Inc of Austin Texas until Oceania Helicopters NZ Ltd registered it as ZK-HMJ/2 on 11-07-1994. It served with Mares Yachts; Jonbar Ltd; Mares Yachts (again); M L Jones (Jonbar again) and the Dunn Family Trust #3.
It was re-registered as ZK-HJD/3 on 05-08-1999 (last two letters being initials of J P Dunn).
It then appeared with Alan Speight of Pukekohe on 06-03-02 and was re-registered as ZK-HBY/3 on the 20th. It then moved to Rangitikei Helicopters Ltd before being picked up by AV8.

Question time #17

What is the purpose of this object.
& If you know that - then you will know the registration of this aircraft.

Tuesday 12 August 2008

Question time #16 Resolved

ANSWER : Druine D31 Turbulent ZK-CFX in its current scheme.
This was originally c/n 1009 with Aerocraft (NZ) Ltd and was first registered along with at least three others (ZK-CFW, ZK-CFY and ZK-CFZ) on 20-07-1966. Construction was started by Sid Jensen but not completed and all four were cancelled on 11-08-1977. CFX was completed and registered to D W Phillips & D A Provan (The two Dave's) of Bulls on 28-05-1980. Ownership went soley to Dave Provan from 02-07-1981 and it became known as the Group Captain's aircraft whilst it (and he) was based at Wigram.
ZK-CFY was completed in 1977 (and is still current) but the other two never made it.
Well done Barry Hudson (Anonymous).

Monday 11 August 2008

You have been warned

Notices seen in the rear of the ex Royal Navy Westland Gazelle cabin.
Sound like it could be as dangerous inside as it is outside.

Sunday 10 August 2008

Question time #16

A nice easy one this time.

What type of aircraft do we have here then ?

Friday 8 August 2008

And then there were four............

A quick visit to Ardmore today (8/8/08) netted yet another Cessna 150/152, ZK-JBS, with the aircraft yet to enter the ZK register thus its previous identity and new owner/s are a mystery............ for now! Oh, and yes. For those who are extremely observant this is the second day with sunshine in a row!

Recent Import - and now Exported!

Cessna 172R ZK-JBP arrived by container at Napier back in early June this year and was reconstructed by a local company. It subsequently flew to Ardmore and was noted there having an HF radio installed on 04Aug and departed there for Kerikeri and Norfolk Island 05Aug and to Nadi 06Aug on delivery to Sunflower Aviation. The aircraft was flown by veteran ferry pilot Jim Hazelton.

Parakai vistor at Ardmore

Parakai based Dyn'Aero MCR01 Club ZK-WIK was outside the Auckland Aero Club 07Aug. First time I've seen this machine which has been in the country since May 2007.

Trio of 152's!

Captured at Ardmore 07Aug were three 'new' Cessna 152's outside the Hawker Pacific facility.

A152 ZK-NPL c/n A1520921 ex N4973A registered 29Jul to New Plymouth Aero Club

152 ZK-NPN c/n 15281623 ex N65568 registered 31Jul to New Plymouth Aero Club

152 ZK-TOD c/n 15280723 ex N25534 registered 31Jul to Foxtrot Aviation, Fielding