Sunday 17 August 2008

Relatively new local. ZK-SCB

Brian Atkinson of Hanmer Springs recently took over the Cessna 180K Skywagon ZK-SCB (c/n 53170) from Ron McAulay of Wanaka.
Pic above taken today at NZRT. Of interest is the black under wing - Why ?

This 180 was built late in 1980 as N13720 and had at least four owners before being re-registered as N186MA. It was cancelled from the US register on 24-09-1990 and became G-OPIX to Steve Bicknell Productions Ltd in London two days later. (A very apt rego don't you think). Steve moved to ZK land and listed the 180 on 08-11-1994 using his intials as its new registration of ZK-SCB. It went to Ron McAulay on 09-08-1997.

Yellow seems to have caught on with 180/185s in NZ - ZK-FMA, SME, FNX (with blue) - how many more ?


  1. The black underwing can only be to prevent reflection from the high wing into the cockpit during a steep turn, although why its gloss black I don't know...?

  2. im 99 % sure this was to cover the original UK rego which was painted under the wing.

  3. It was Bicknells paint design which was rather hideous.I repainted the fuse to make it a little more presentable.

  4. I purchased this aircraft from Bicknell and had the fuselage painted to improve the ghastly colour scheme.