Thursday 31 March 2016

Titan T51 Mustang ZK-WZY revisited

Sir Minty has well and truly covered off this fine specimen of an aeroplane in his previous blogpost which can be found HERE

However I had not had the opportunity to catch up with ZK-WZY so it was very pleasing to catch its arrival at Ardmore on the afternoon of 30 March 2016. 

Airedale Duo at Timaru

Test flown yesterday 30-03-2016 at West Melton 
by Russell Brodie was the Beagle Auster A.109 Airedale ZK-COA2 (c/n B.525).
It was then delivered to Timaru where it is seen above with the Airedale ZK-CCW (c/n B.528) outside the Geraldine Flying Groups facility.
Great to have these two classic aircraft together at last - a NZ first !
Thanks to Russell Brodie.

Wednesday 30 March 2016

Wanaka visitors park # 3

Some more pics from the visiting aircraft park at Wanaka.
 Old familiar Auster J5 ZK-AXJ (c/n 2892) as currently listed with the Tolaga Bay Trust of Hamilton.
 The Tokoeka Bush Co's Cessna 180D ZK-BZP2 (c/n 18051050) departing.
Check earlier post at :-
 Also departing on Friday was the Piper PA-28-180F Cherokee ZK-DEI (c/n 28-7105206) of the DEI Syndicate of Christchurch.
 One of two Harmon Rockets on the field. ZK-RMD2 is c/n HR2-187-08 originally registered for Rocket Man Dave Simpson. It moved to Edwin Nieman of Brighton (Dunedin) on 09-03-2015.
RNT are the initials of Russell N Taylor owner of this Beech A36 Bonanza ZK-RNT (c/n E-1019)
which arrived in Auckland ex Australia on 27-07-1993.

Wanaka visitors park # 2

Another selection of visitors at Wanaka on the 26th.
 Cessna A185F ZK-JKH (c/n 18503249) ferrried into Auckland on 01-03-1977. 
More of its history can be found at :- 
Ownership transferred to Wanaka Bowmar Ltd on 26-11-2010.
The Cessna 180H ZK-PKD (c/n 18051548) got a mention earlier at :-
 The Coulter's Piper PA-18-135 ZK-PSC (c/n 18-2717) came onto our register on 16-01-2013.
Of 1953 vintage it began as N8564C followed by a spell from 1981 as N475NC.
I believe it wears a Lycoming O-360 up front now days.
 Beech A36 Bananza ZK-PVA2 (c/n E-2490) was first registered in May of 1989 in the States before having a career in Australia as VH-ORK and later as VH-RKP.
Rob Leach flew it into Auckland on 29-11-2014 for Pieter van Ammers of Dunedin.
Down from up Te Kuiti way was the Cessna 182P ZK-RLG (c/n 18261421) of Peter Voyce.

Beech visitor to Tauranga.

Grayson Ottaway captured the Beech C90A King Air ZK-FDN2 (c/n LJ-1606) during its hour long visit to Tauranga mid-afternoon today.
It gained a mention previously at :-

Tuesday 29 March 2016

Wanaka visitors park 26-03-2016

A bit of a waddle around the visitors park on Saturday morning found these -
 Stemme S 10-V motor glider ZK-GSI (c/n 10-39M) was listed to David Crail of Blenheim on 21-09-2015.
It was previously N8679 from about May of 1994.
 Listed to Lisburn Farms Ltd and carrying Mount Dalgety Station titles was the Hughes 369D ZK-HAY3 (c/n 690532D). 
A 1979 edition it first came onto the NZ register on 12-04-2012 for Phoenix Trading 2002 Ltd of Christchurch.
 The Hughes 369D from 1981 ZK-HDZ2 is c/n 510959D. This was initially registered in NZ on 07-10-1985 as ZK-HVZ with Peter Bradley of Murupara. 
In May of 1986 it went off to Rabaul as P2-IHB but returned to NZ to become ZK-HDZ via Wing and Rotor for Waimana Helicopters from 31-07-1990. 
Rebuilt following damage in 2004 it went to Jamie Scott of Alpine Adventures of Fox Glacier on 02-10-2007.
 The MD 500N NOTAR ZK-IES is c/n LN046 and came from Canada to first be listed as ZK-IDZ with Heli Imports Ltd of Mosgiel on 01-05-2014. It joined Heliventures NZ Ltd of Oamaru on 15-05-2015 and was re-registered to ZK-IES on 04-06-2015.
This Cessna 182Q Skylane II is c/n 65964 and is none other than the old ZK-DCK of the Ministry of Transport, followed by the CAA from 1977. 
JBT Ltd acquired it in mid 1997 and re-registered it as ZK-JBT on 20-06-1997.
Since 13-12-2013 it has been with Ross Millichamp of Christchurch.

Amazing Sunset 29-3-2016

I know it is not strictly civil aviation but tonight's sunset surely was ethereal.  Can any weather gurus out there advise what it is?

Darfield Fly-In April 3rd.

Wings and Wheels Fly In 
                   Sunday April 3rd                            

Charlie Draper’s Strip at  Darfield.
From 0900
All welcome

If driving :- Cross the railway line at Darfield and turn left (West) along North Terrace.
Turn right into Kimberley Road and proceed for 4km.

Great Story of ZK-BEM

Following my recent post on the history of Ryan ST-M ZK-BEM (see ), Andrew Philpotts has sent in this great story about the aircraft

Andrew writes: Notice the generous amount of oil all over the cowling.  

This reminds me a story I remember my father telling a couple of times. In the mid-fifties my father was a line boy at Mangere with the Auckland Aero Club.  That was how he paid for his flying - learning to fly in the Tiger Moths.  I remember him telling me how BEM lands and taxies up to the pumps.  Dad refuels it with the pilot looking on.  After fuelling was completed the pilot growls "Give that to me lad" and grabs the fuelling nozzle and proceeds to hose down the cowl and fuselage side with fuel to clean off all the oil! 

My father beat a hasty retreat but there wasn't any fire!  Looking at the history you have documented it is hard to say if it was James Whiteman or Alex Blechynden that was the pilot, but I have an impression that this was a visiting aircraft and not normally based at Mangere.  My father related this story of an individual who was a larger than life character and a bit rough around the edges.  Like hosing a plane down with petrol to clean it was fairly typical of the things he would do.

Thanks very much for the story Andrew.  I reckon more stories like this would be great to post on the NZ Civair blog, so send them in if you have any - we should be able to provide a photo of the aircraft concerned.

Monday 28 March 2016

More from Wanaka

 Douglas DC-3 ZK-DAK with Jurgis Kairy of Air Bandits in his Juka LY-JKA (c/n 01) about to commence his barrel roll act.
 The North American P51D ZK-SAS 'Dove of Peace' runs along the crowd line.
Above is the Eclipse EA500 N570RG (c/n 000048) of Francis Dunleavy of Houston, Texas.
Another view of the Robert Borrius-Broek Piper PA-18-150 amphibian ZK-UCR (c/n 18-7572) prior to Fridays Lake front display.
The Air Chathams General Dynamics Allison Convair 440/580 ZK-CIE2 (c/n 399).

Pilatus at Wanaka

Pilatus were prominent at Wanaka this year.
 The demonstrator PC-12 VH-PIL (c/n 1389) was proudly displayed at the entrance to the Platinum box. 
 Two views inside VH-PIL.
 Sounds Air had ZK-PLS parked in the visitors aircraft park on the Friday.
And I spied five PC-12's on the field on Sunday.
And don't forget that the RNZAF Texan's morphed out of the Pilatus PC-9.

Wanaka bitz.

 Two of the RNZAF fling wing machines.
 And the USAF C-17 kindly came down from Christchurch.

 Above is Strikemaster ZK-STR cunningly disguised as NZ6370.
And NZ6362 is also known as ZK-NTY.

Sunday 27 March 2016

Wanaka snaps.

 Sorry but another shot of the Buchon. I liked it.
 The Supermarine Spitfire Mk 26B is the Ivan Campbell ZK-CGV and is c/n 52 
 This little critter arrived and I never noted it again. Don't know where it parked !
It is VH-LNZ c/n L2K-288 a Lancair legacy with its Teledyne Continental IO-550N engine.
It was first listed in Australia on 07-03-2012.
 Note for ErrolGC - Yes the 'Dove of Peace' did fly - and very nicely too thank you.
ZK-SAS is a North American P51D-20NT c/n 111-36299. 
Dare I say it - but it one served with the RAAF.
First registered in NZ on 05-11-2004 and currently listed to Mustang Flights Wanaka Ltd.

Wanaka pic essay.

Saturday 26 March 2016