Tuesday 29 March 2016

Wanaka visitors park 26-03-2016

A bit of a waddle around the visitors park on Saturday morning found these -
 Stemme S 10-V motor glider ZK-GSI (c/n 10-39M) was listed to David Crail of Blenheim on 21-09-2015.
It was previously N8679 from about May of 1994.
 Listed to Lisburn Farms Ltd and carrying Mount Dalgety Station titles was the Hughes 369D ZK-HAY3 (c/n 690532D). 
A 1979 edition it first came onto the NZ register on 12-04-2012 for Phoenix Trading 2002 Ltd of Christchurch.
 The Hughes 369D from 1981 ZK-HDZ2 is c/n 510959D. This was initially registered in NZ on 07-10-1985 as ZK-HVZ with Peter Bradley of Murupara. 
In May of 1986 it went off to Rabaul as P2-IHB but returned to NZ to become ZK-HDZ via Wing and Rotor for Waimana Helicopters from 31-07-1990. 
Rebuilt following damage in 2004 it went to Jamie Scott of Alpine Adventures of Fox Glacier on 02-10-2007.
 The MD 500N NOTAR ZK-IES is c/n LN046 and came from Canada to first be listed as ZK-IDZ with Heli Imports Ltd of Mosgiel on 01-05-2014. It joined Heliventures NZ Ltd of Oamaru on 15-05-2015 and was re-registered to ZK-IES on 04-06-2015.
This Cessna 182Q Skylane II is c/n 65964 and is none other than the old ZK-DCK of the Ministry of Transport, followed by the CAA from 1977. 
JBT Ltd acquired it in mid 1997 and re-registered it as ZK-JBT on 20-06-1997.
Since 13-12-2013 it has been with Ross Millichamp of Christchurch.

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