Tuesday 22 March 2016

Wellington back on 17th and 18th February - Air Ambulances

When spending a bit of time at Wellington International, you get to see a busy air ambulance presence to and from around the country, and with a variety of aircraft.

Taranaki air ambulance, Skywest Aviation Ltd's  Cessna C 421C Golden Eagle ZK-TAM2 arriving on the 17th,

Then over a period of an hour and a half on the 18th:

Wellington based air ambulance, Air2there.com (2008) Ltd's Beech B 200 Kingair ZK-MYM arrived...

Which resulted in two King Airs on the ramp.

Napier air ambulance, Skyline Aviation Ltd's Beech B 200 King Air ZK-PLK departed...

Then Wellington based air ambulance, Air Freight (NZ) Ltd's BAE Jetstream 3200 ZK-LFW arrived...

And finally, Hamilton air ambulance, Search and Rescue Services Ltd's (of Taupo), Mitsubishi MU 28-30 ZK-KOH departed for points North.

The 18th was quite a blustery day and I wondered how the patients were feeling as their aircraft took off or landed.  Still, I am sure it would be better than a really long road journey.

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