Tuesday 22 March 2016

Ashburton traffic this afternoon # 1.

Allan Bowman captured this collection of aircraft and people at Ashburton this afternoon.
One that gathered its own crowd was the Avro Anson ZK-RRA as seen over the wings of two Harvards and with the Cessna's ZK-BUQ and ZK-DAH behind.
 Two more views of Anson ZK-RRA.

 The Harvard line up through the smoke haze.
L to R is ZK-MJN, ZK-ENJ, ZK-TVI, ZK-WAR, ZK-ENG and nearest is ZK-JJA.
One of the Yak attack - ZK-PTE.

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  1. i like the yaks with the two bladed prop a 3 bladed prop with a spinner just looks wrong the two blade screams im grunty