Tuesday 30 September 2014

Requeim for Fletcher ZK-EFM

This FU24 Fletcher was c/n 210, a model 950, listed with the manufacturer, New Zealand Aerospace Industries Ltd of Hamilton on 29-01-1976.
 By March that year it was on line with Aerial Work (Marlborough) Ltd - with a name change to Aerial Work Ltd on 02-06-1978.
 Two pics from the Allan Wooller collection at taken at Omaka  during August 1978.

 Unknown date and place is Omaka (I think).
It moved to Fieldair Holdings (Central) Ltd of Palmerston North on 18-11-1980 and passed through the Fieldair Holdings Ltd and then the Fieldair Ltd changes.
On the 28-02-1997 Patchett Ag Air Ltd of Blenheim took it over
 followed by Air Services (1979) Ltd of Masterton from 28-07-1999.
A Walter M601D turbine conversion took place with its first flight as such at Hamilton being on 13-07-2001.
It had an undercarriage problem at Masterton on 02-05-2002 followed by another incident at Mauriceville on 12-01-2005.
It joined the Super Air team on 01-11-2007.
Seen at Masterton on 18-03-2010.
It was withdrawn from use in 2011 and its registration was cancelled on 15-07-2014.

Requiem for Fletcher ZK-DUJ

 ZK-DUJ c/n 196, was listed to New Zealand Aerospace Industries Ltd of Hamilton on 17-07-1974 as a FU24-950 and first flew on 24-07-1974 for delivery on 01-08-1974.
Ownership changed officially to Air Services (Wairarapa) Ltd of Masterton on 09-09-1974.
At Masterton August 1974 from the Allan Wooller collection.
November 1975 at Masterton from the CMM collection.
I believe it was damaged at Mauriceville on 23-12-1978.
 At Masterton on 31-08-1979.
At about this stage is was wearing the name "Alan Keate".
AS from 19-08-1980 it was listed with Air Services (1979) Ltd.
Conversion to turbine Walter M601-D was completed with its first flight as such on 15-11-1999 at Hamilton.
Super Air took it over from 01-11-2006.
 As seen at Krippners strip 23-02-2009.
At Masterton on 14-03-2012 from Geoff Lloyd.
It was withdrawn from use in 2013 and cancelled on 15-07-2014.

Requiem for Fletcher ZK-CKA

 ZK-CKA started as a Fletcher FU24 Mk11 with the c/n 100. It had been pencilled in to become ZK-BPW but in the end became ZK-CKA with James Aviation Ltd and gained it CofA on 12-10-1964 having first flown on the 8th. It was transferred to the James Subsidiary Advance Aviation Ltd of Kaitaia on 19-10-1964
It is seen below in the standard James Aviation scheme with Advance Aviation titles on the engine cowl and fin.
Another fine pic from the Allan Wooller collection.
It had a heavy at Maungaturoto on 01-04-1966 - was upgraded to a FU24-950M model on 01-02-1968 and transferred to James Aviation Ltd at Hamilton the same day.
At Hamilton date unknown as sprayer in James markings.
Hamilton date unknown 
Above - Te Kuiti (I think) date and photographer unknown.
From the CMM collection
 Above At Te Kuiti via Jim K. unknown date.
It was withdrawn from use in 1977 but was cranked back into life and listed to John Rika of King Country Air Services on 23-04-1987 and became part of the Super Air team on 28-10-1988.
Conversion to Walter M601D turbine was completed with its first flight as such on 29-12-1999.
Two views at New Plymouth on 21-02-2009 
Landing back at Stratford 29-04-2010 from Nick Furmage. 
It was withdrawn from service during 2010 and its registration was cancelled on 15-07-2014.

Requiem for Fletcher ZK-CCT

This airframe was c/n 102 and began life with the Fletcher Aviation Corporation as a dual control utility aircraft and was registered in the US as N6507C - First flying in June of 1955.
It arrived in NZ and was registered as ZK-CCT on 09-10-1962 to Air Part (NZ) Ltd, obtained its C0fA in February of 1963 and first flew on 06-02-1963 for James Aviation Ltd.
 At Hamilton from the Allan Wooller collection.
It was uprated to the 260hp engine on 08-12-1965 and then to the 300hp version on 10-04-1970.
On 11-08-1970 it was damaged at Tahora and then in August of 1973 it was converted to single control and also to a FU24-950M
 At Palmerston North August 1973 from Allan Wooller.
It was damaged at Ormandville on 23-10-1981 and was transferred to Associated Farmers Aerial Work Ltd at Martinborough from 21-08-1984.
Sold abroad - it ferried from Auckland to Norfolk Island on 09-09-1988 with its NZ registration being cancelled on14-09-1988.
Middlebrook Air Services registered it as VH-HVO on 26-08-1988.
I believe Cropair operated it in the early 90's - until it was returned to NZ for Super Air Ltd and took up its old registration again as ZK-CCT on 21-01-1992.
Its was converted to turbine Walter M601D power and first few in this mode on 12-10-1999.
 Left and right sides at Thames on 15-03-2009.

 Two views taken at Whangamata in Easter 2009 by John H unknown sources sent via Jim K.
 It was withdrawn from use in 2010 and stored outside at Hamilton and finally cancelled on 15-07-2014.

 The photo above of a very weary looking ZK-CCT was taken by Magnaman at Hamilton just a few days ago.
Registration was cancelled on 15-07-2014.

Monday 29 September 2014

Requeim for Fletcher ZK-BXS.

 C/n 77
This airframe had a manufacturing date of 01-03-1956 and was initially pencilled in to become ZK-BOZ but by the time it was assembled by TEAL in 1960 it was allocated ZK-BXS.
First registered to Air Parts (NZ) Ltd on 04-07-1960, gaining its CofA on 14-08-1960 and first flying on 25-08-1960.
Its first operator was Aircraft Service (NZ) Ltd from 09-09-1960 who gave it the fleet number "9". It is seen below at an early unknown date at Hamilton. Photograph from the Allan Wooller collection.

 It was converted to a 260hp engine from May 1963, was transferred to James Aviation Ltd on 01-02-1968 and then converted to a 300hp model in November that year.
Above - as seen at Palmerston North on 22-09-1973.
On 21-05-1974 it was slightly damaged on Rainbow Mountain.

In June 1974 it was seen at Paraparaumu by Allan Wooller.
 On 30-07-1976 it was listed as a FU24-950M and on 31-01-1983 it was withdrawn from use and stored until going on line with Associated Farmers Aerial Work Ltd of Martinborough from 21-02-1985.  
At an unknown date and place.
 And a pic from the CMM collection.
On 18-08-1987 it was listed to Central Northern Group of Hamilton and then it departed NZ for Norfolk Island on 01-04-1989.
It became VH-JIY with Burdekin Aerial Service at Ayr Queensland on 08-06-1989 and then to Minuzzo Investments Pty Ltd for ops by Liddles Air Services of Ingham, Queensland.
The Ozzie registration was cancelled on 28-10-1992 for it to re-appear in NZ as ZK-BXS again on 29-10-1992 with Super Air Ltd at Hamilton for onward delivery to Bargh and Gardner of Martinborough from 01-12-1992.
Air Services(1979) Ltd took it on from 19-06-2003 and then it joined Super Air Ltd of Hamilton on 01-11-2006.
As captured at Masterton on 08-02-2007
It went off the end of the strip and overturned at Hukerenui on 10-11-2008 and was withdrawn and was finally cancelled on 15-07-2014.

Requiem for Fletcher ZK-BHG

During July Super Air Ltd of Hamilton cancelled the registrations of several of their Fletcher FU24's.
Now I know that there are much more knowledgeable Fletcher Guru's out then than I - so I offer only a brief look at these aircraft.
This Fletcher was c/n number 9 and was one from the first batch of thirteen airframes imported and assembled by James Aviation Ltd at Hamilton.
It became ZK-BHG on 24-03-1955 listed with Cable-Price Corporation Ltd and first flew on 15-04-1955 with the 225hp O-470E engine and gained it CofA on 22-04-1955.
It was officially listed to Robertson Air Services Ltd of Hamilton on 09-11-1955 and given the fleet number "2".
Below is a reasonably early shot from an unknown source. 
It carried the names of at least two of its early pilots.
"Max Alex Williams" and "Kevin Roberts".
Above as seen at Te Kuiti January 1968 from Allan Wooller.
 Above it is seen at Hamilton in March of 1969.
 On 21-12-1978 it was re-listed as a FU24-950M and it is seen below at Hamilton 03-09-1979 with the pilots name "Kevin Roberts" on the engine cowling.
It was withdrawn from use on 06-05-1986 and stored outside  at Hamilton. 
 Then along come the fertiliser Companies and ZK-BHG becomes part of the Custom Blend Feeds and Fertilizers Ltd on 21-09-1988.
In 1994 it went under the Super Air Ltd name and first flew with those titles on 13-05-1997.
There were several alternative fuel and engine Fletchers developed over the years:  -
ZK-BHG was fitted with a 10.5 litre Ford V8 engine which was certified in January of 2000.
In this mode it first flew on 23-01-2000 and carried out its first ag drop on 15-03-2000.
Initially engine power went through a chain drive to the reduction gearbox but this was later changed to a gear drive.
Below are two photographs from unknown sources showing it with the Ford V8 engine.
  In the above pic it has the dual main wheels - these where later changed to the standard single wheel set up.
At the end of trials it was (along with several others Fletchers) re-engined with a Walter M601-D-11NZ turbine engine and first flew as such on 28-11-2003.
 Two views at Dargaville on 09-02-2009 came from Jean210.
In 2013 it was the last of the Super Air Walter turbine conversions to be withdrawn from use. Stored at Hamilton its registration was cancelled on 15-07-2014. 

Sunday 28 September 2014

Helicopters at North Shore 27-9-2014

While up at North Shore yesterday there were as usual quite a few helicopter movements.  These two took my eye.

Hiller FH 1100 ZK-HXF is owned by Brendon Leddy of Kumeu, and headed off in that direction.  A previous post on this helicopter with details of its history can be found at www.nzcivair.blogspot.co.nz/2008/12/looking-great-for-her-age.html  It is still looking great for her age six years on.

Bell 427 ZK-IRP is owned by Heletranz of North Shore but seems to be based at North Shore Airfield instead of their base at Rosedale Road.  It is a sleek machine.

Foley's strip, Taihape

Graeme Stratton also sent in three photographs taken by his father at the Bill Foley airstrip south of Taihape alongside the main road.
First pic is of Gordon Reader taxying, with wingtip assistants (or should that be assistance) in his De Havilland DH60M Special ZK-AEJ (c/n 1542).
This historic aircraft was exported in 2009 back to the UK to be restored to its original registration of G-AAXG to Simon Kidston (with a Swiss address) who was related to one of the earlier owners.
Check out:-
Below is a reasonably decent recent shot ZK-AEJ as G-AAXG thanks to Airport-Data.com
G-AAXG, 1930 De Havilland DH-60M Moth C/N 1542, De Havilland DH-82A Tiger Moth II at The De Havilland Moth Club's 28th International Moth Rally at Woburn Abbey. August 2013.

Below is the Piper PA-18-135A Super Cub ZK-BFQ (c/n 18-3713). This was an Airwork (NZ) Ltd import - being registered to them on 30-09-1954.
 (I have a pencilled note that it was re-engine to 150hp !). (Ignore this).
Robertson Air Service Ltd picked it up from 01-07-1959 and moved it on to Jack Ashworth a couple of months later, who in turn released it to the Rotorua Aero Club on 04-04-1960.
Next in line was R Insole and the Glen Murray Flying Club in 1961.
It was returned to Airwork (NZ) Ltd on 22-05-1962 who moved it on to the Taihape Aero Club in October of 1962 with whom it is seen below.
I then have the Cub listed to Distributing Co Ltd of Taihape and that it crashed at Karioi on 30-05-1965.
The two lower photos show the Champion 7GCBC Citabria ZK-COF (c/n 7GCBC-9) also on the Folley strip but I suspect on a different date.
The Middle Districts Aero Club registered ZK-COF on 20-06-1966 (which is after ZK-BFQ had been crashed). It was in use by the Taihape Flying Club for a while - no doubt a stand in for BFQ.

ZK-COF went on to be damaged at Ngamatea Station on 28-02-1970 with its registration being cancelled some nine months later. It was rebuilt for Mort Saunders Ltd of Mt Maunganui from 23-05-1973 but was crashed on 02-09-1976 at Pongakawa.

Saturday 27 September 2014

Whatever happened to ?

We all know that the Boeing 737 ZK-NGK is slowly disappearing at Christchurch  -
 But what about the ANZ Sport and Social Club hangar and its contents ?
The upper pic was taken on 16-09-2014 and shows the Club hangar alongside the Boeing.
The shot below was taken yesterday looking across the Club hangar concrete slab towards the Boeing !
Where have the Club and its aircraft (Cessna A152 ZK-FSL, Reims/Cessna 172P ZK-EXE, and the Cessna 172RG ZK-NAC2) moved to ?
I know that the Taylorcraft 20 ZK-BQM is now tied down on the NZCH western grass but what about the other aircraft hangared there ?

SAANZ Auckland Meeting at North Shore Today 27-9-2014

The Auckland Chapter of SAANZ held a BBQ lunch meeting at North Shore airfield today.  This was in lieu of their regular monthly Thursday night meeting.  It was well attended with several members flying in as well as North Shore based aircraft, as in the photo below.

The photo shows Jodel D 18 ZK-JAC, Peter Armstrong's Dyn Aero MCR 4S ZK-PSA, Piper Cub ZK-BKW, Gavin Magill's Zenith CH 601 ZK-ZKZ (obscured), the Wilkinson's Starlets ZK-TOY and ZK-TNT, Des Barry's RV 7 ZK-DES and David Wilkinson's RV 8 ZK-WLK.  Not shown in the photo is Evan Wheeler's Murphy Rebel ZK-WEM.

Noel Bailey flew his Jodel D 18 up from Te Kowhai.  Noel told me it has now flown nearly 1,000 hours now.

Leanne Butler and Kevin Paulsen flew up from Ardmore in Leanne's Piper Cub ZK-BKW.