Thursday 18 September 2014

Wanaka yesterday from Matt Hayes.

Matt Hayes spent some thirty minutes at Wanaka yesterday (17-08-2014).
Here are some of his pics.
 Piper PA-18-150 ZK-BPA (c/n 18-6175) of Knights Point Air Ltd was at Twenty24 Aero Maintenance at Wanaka receiving attention. The port wing tip looks like it has been recovered and the aileron and flap are missing. Also the clear cockpit overhead panel, side door and some inside panels are missing. Looks also like the firewall area has received some attention.
Hard to keep a good Cub down.
 Aero L-39C ZK-CCP (c/n 332639) is registered to ADT Trust of Queenstown.
 Fletcher FU24-954 Walter ZK-EUD (c/n 285) is still listed with Skydive Queenstown Ltd.
whilst the PAC 750XL ZK-ROK3 (c/n 167), below, is listed with Skydive Wanaka Ltd.
 Above is the Aerospatiale AS 350B2 ZK-HAA2 (c/n 3700) from the Alpine Group.
This was first registered in NZ as ZK-IDV on 17-04-2014 and re-registered as ZK-HAA on 24-06-2014.
 The lovely Beech D18S (Ten Two) N43927 (c/n A26) has taken up residence at Wanaka.
Final pic is the Australian registered Piper PA-22-150 VH-BRG (c/n 22-6716) of David Murray from West Australia. Is it being packed up to go back home to WA ?
The MRC blog mentioned that the Piper PA22 Pacer VH-BRG arrived at Kerikeri from Norfolk Island 16 July 2014.  A very informative news article was recently published, so check it out at stuff.

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