Monday 15 September 2014

Magnaman's road trip continued.

Magnaman continues his road trip.
 Piper PA-25-160 Pawnee ZK-BWP (c/n 25-275) now has a modified forward fuselage incorporating a clear cover over the old hopper area and a re-profiled upper forward fuselage.
 It is currently listed with the BWP Syndicate of Taupo.
 Fletcher FU24 Walter M601-D conversion ZK-CCT (c/n 102) was withdrawn from use in 2010 and its registration was cancelled on 15-07-2014 - along with several other of the Super Air Fletchers (ZK-BHG, ZK-BXS, ZK-CKA ZK-DUJ and ZK-EFM).
Above. Still active is the Fletcher FU24-950M ZK-CQB (c/n 7) of Super Air. 
1951 was a good year for the Cessna 170's. ZK-OCC is an "A" model which spent its first 23 years in the States and the next 20 in Canada before arriving in NZ for the Phoenix Trust of Huntly in early 2008.
This Cessna 182RG VH-MII (c/n R18200131) first arrived in Kerikeri back on 18-03-2008 having been registered to Grant Craigie (now with a Kapiti Coast address) in May of 2006.
It arrived in OZ in about 1979.
Above - At Taupo the HeliPro Aerospatiale AS355 F1 Twin Squirrel ZK-HYN2 (c/n 5286) is about to lift off.
Whilst its Company comrade Robinson R44 Raven ZK-IBJ (c/n 1008) sits at Rotorua.
Back at Taupo the Pacific Aerospace 750XL ZK-JQK (c/n 118) partially hides the CAC Winjeel ZK-WJL.
This 750Xl departed for work in the UK in mid 2005; returning via the States in 2013.

Above we see the Skyline Aviation's Beech C90A ZK-ZZA (c/n LJ-1407); their Beech 200C ZK-PLK (c/n BL64); and their Cessna 421C ZK-MFT (c/n 421C0886) in the Hawkes Bay Air Ambulance Centre hangar at Hawkes Bay Regional Airport at Napier.

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