Thursday 4 September 2014

Last Post from Queenstown

My apologies to any readers who don't appreciate scenic shots....

But I thought I would post this last photo from Queenstown, which does have an aviation aspect.  The photo is taken from Coronet Peak, from where you can see part of the airport.  Most airports are in pretty boring flat areas but Queenstown is different.  So this photo shows the huge landscape, but also an Air New Zealand Airbus A 320 taking off - it is just below the arrow in the photo.  I thought that the photo shows how tiny man's efforts are in comparason to nature.

The photo also gives an idea of the airliner climb-out flightpath from Queenstown - the Airbus turns slightly to the right shortly after where it is in the photo and then commences a left hand climbing turn until in is right over the airport again but now much higher, and then heads off for its destination.

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