Tuesday 30 September 2014

Requiem for Fletcher ZK-CKA

 ZK-CKA started as a Fletcher FU24 Mk11 with the c/n 100. It had been pencilled in to become ZK-BPW but in the end became ZK-CKA with James Aviation Ltd and gained it CofA on 12-10-1964 having first flown on the 8th. It was transferred to the James Subsidiary Advance Aviation Ltd of Kaitaia on 19-10-1964
It is seen below in the standard James Aviation scheme with Advance Aviation titles on the engine cowl and fin.
Another fine pic from the Allan Wooller collection.
It had a heavy at Maungaturoto on 01-04-1966 - was upgraded to a FU24-950M model on 01-02-1968 and transferred to James Aviation Ltd at Hamilton the same day.
At Hamilton date unknown as sprayer in James markings.
Hamilton date unknown 
Above - Te Kuiti (I think) date and photographer unknown.
From the CMM collection
 Above At Te Kuiti via Jim K. unknown date.
It was withdrawn from use in 1977 but was cranked back into life and listed to John Rika of King Country Air Services on 23-04-1987 and became part of the Super Air team on 28-10-1988.
Conversion to Walter M601D turbine was completed with its first flight as such on 29-12-1999.
Two views at New Plymouth on 21-02-2009 
Landing back at Stratford 29-04-2010 from Nick Furmage. 
It was withdrawn from service during 2010 and its registration was cancelled on 15-07-2014.


  1. why have they been withdrawn,you think with spring they would be busy i guess its real expensive to get your farm topdressed like eveything these days

  2. 1968 sounds too early for her to have been converted to 950M status. More like 1970...

  3. I now own the cockpit from CKA firewall to behind the seat, including canopy and screen + flight stick and parts. Its getting turned into a home simulator at the moment in Rotorua. (it will fly again:-)

  4. Evening Brandon. Well done.
    Any chance of a photo and a few words about your project for an updated posting please ?
    My email paulldj@xtra.co.nz

    1. Sure will email you over the weekend with the progress to date.

    2. And here I was thinking I'd be giving you a "scoop"! I found Brandon's project through the Fletcher fanpage on Facebook: https://crescoproject.wordpress.com/about/ and I thought an update on the blog would be cool. Congratulations on a stunning project Brandon!

  5. Deane Baunton of Blenheim has recently purchased CKA's cockpit from Brandon and is planning to fit it with a typical 400hp instrument panel etc and use it for VR flight simming. I'll keep you posted with pics etc as and when - she was delivered yesterday...Deane's birthday!