Tuesday 9 September 2014

Calling Brisfit ZK-VTV

On 21/7/14 The Vintage Aviator registered a "new?" Bristol Fighter F2B ZK-VTV with the constructors number of C 794.  (and on 5/9/14 a change of colour scheme was registered).

I understand that the aircraft was test flown at Masterton and that it has now been sent overseas.

Can anyone supply a photo of ZK-VTV?  And can anyone supply any more information about the aircraft including where it has gone to?


  1. It's in Poland!

  2. Actually I have my doubts about whether thr Bristol Fighter in the Polish Aircraft Museum in Krakow is ZK-VTV. The post about the museum does say that the aircraft was built by The Vinatge Aviator, but it also says that it is able to taxy only. If it is a non-flying aircraft then why register it? (The TVAL-built non-flying Sopwith Snipe in the RAF Museum at Hendon was not registered). Also the timing to put the Polish Bristol Fighter in Poland by early September does not tie up with ZK-VTV.

  3. It made it in France actually...

  4. F-AYBF - https://www.flickr.com/search/?text=F-AYBF