Friday 26 September 2014

Hughes 369D ZK-HAY

The Hughes 396D ZK-HAY3 was visiting Pacific Helicopters at Christchurch today.
 This was poked out by Hughes in 1979 as N58346 and changed to N54Wk in August of 1992 for Universal Pacific Investments of Bend, Oregon. It was cancelled on 10-03-2003 and sent over to Hungary to become HA-RTL.
 The next I heard of it was when it became ZK-HAY3 on 12-04-2012 with Phoenix Trading 2002 Ltd of Christchurch. Ownership changed to Lisburn Farms Ltd on 20-09-2013.
Below - it still carries this Hungarian ID plate.
Below is a photo of her in her Hungarian markings. It was noted in an all white scheme in 2008
ZK-HAY2 was a Bell 206B JetRanger which became ZK-HTX2 in 2012.

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