Monday 31 May 2010

In the circuit at NZRT ZK-TFW.

Captured today pounding the Rangiora circuit was the Cessna U206F Stationair ZK-TFW , c/n U206F-02273 , operated by Canterbury Aviation. It had been briefly registered in Australia as VH-AKX and prior to that a short stint as T8A-101 of Palau.
It arrived in NZ in February of 2001 to become ZK-PMM for the Kapiti Districts Aero Club. It had a bit of a whoopsie on Durville Island in July of 2001 and then moved down to Te Anau for Fiordland Experience Group from 16-09-2002. They re-registered it as ZK-TFW on 26-09-02.
On 29-08-2006 it was listed to Robinson Air Ltd of Mt Palm (North Canterbury) and operated under the Amuri Helicopter ticket until being listed to them on 24-11-2006. Somewhere about here it spent time with Flight Corporation of Nelson before returning south to Canterbury Aviation from 03-03-2008.

Robinson R22 Beta 11 ZK-HIJ

Joining our register on 27-05-2010 was this Robinson R22 Beta 11 , c/n 3129.
Top pic shows it in Japan in its original JA7961 markings which were issued on 25-09-2000 to Alpha Aviation.

This shot is of it in the Pacific Aircraft Services Hangar at Christchurch on 11-05-2010 with most of the bubble wrap removed.

Here was have it as ZK-HIJ4 and ready to be uplifted by its new owner, from further south, on June the 2nd.

Citation ZK-NBR

Photographed under tow at Auckland late last week by Wayne Grant was Barry Coleman's Citation 501 ZK-NBR which is yet to be placed on the NZ register. Barry of course owns the National Business Review newspaper which is advertised on the engine cowls so the registration comes as little surprise.

The new, and not so new.............

Faram Aviation Group of Hastings has recently imported this Eurocopter 350B3 ZK-HQK/2 and was placed on the local register 17May and was outside Eurocopter today, 31May.

Also visiting Ardmore 31May from the Hawkes Bay was Hughes 369D ZK-HRF.

Sunday 30 May 2010

Those two Cessna 182's ZK-DFQ & ZK-DCJ

This photo was sent to me by westland831 (check out his great blog at It shows a Cessna 182 marked as ZK-DFQ. But what you see is not what you get. (it is actually ZK-DCJ cunningly disguised).

I will now try and sort out the tale of these two Cessna 182's ZK-DCJ and ZK-DFQ.

ZK-DCJ is Cessna 182Q Skylane 11 , c/n 182Q-65963 , which came to NZ as N759FR on 28-09-1977 to be registered as DCJ on 06-10-1977 to the Ministry of Transport, Civil Aviation Division. (The registration block from ZK-DCA to ZK-DCR were all allocated to the MOT, DCA , CAA, CAD, Secretary for Transport - Call then what you will.)

DCJ carried out its official duties until 27-07-1987 when it over ran the strip at Lake Ferry. Its registration was cancelled on 26-11-1987, with its engine going to ZK-DCR. However this was not the end of it. Pic above shows ZK-DCJ with its MOT decal on the tail, lurking in the CAA hangar at Paraparaumu (Now Helipro's). Its remains went to Drake Aviation at Christchurch.
Now then ZK-DFQ was a Cessna 182N Skylane , c/n 182N-60360 , which arrived in NZ from Australia and Norfolk Island as VH-RLV on 10-09-1971 for Dennis Thompson Aviation Ltd for registration to Alpine Helicopters on 12-10-1971.
Pic below shows it at Taieri on30-03-1972. It went through a series of owners including Dalhoff & King Aviation Ltd of Ardmore on 05-10-1978; to Airwork (NZ) Ltd Christchurch on 04-04-79; to A B Robinson of Rotherham (North Canterbury) from 14-12-1979; then to Drake Aviation of Christchurch on 15-09-1983. It then went to D S Latter initially of Cheviot from 08-05-1984 and then at Christchurch from 24-11-1986.

Now the damaged airframe of ZK-DCJ was repainted to represent ZK-DFQ to be used in a movie (the name of which I have long forgotten) which involved crashing the aircraft into the bush.

I recall seeing the movie and the crash scene clearly showed the ZK-DFQ registration.
This view of ZK-DFQ was shot at Christchurch on 13-06-1986 with its new paint job.

Behold, two ZK-DFQ's as spied at Christchurch on 04-03-1988 although I had seen them both on 26-02-88. The one on the right is the real DFQ with DCJ on the trailer - note its bent prop.
The real ZK-DFQ continued aviating and was sold on to Mike Thomas of Killermont Station (at the northern end of the Lindis Pass) on 28-10-1994 and then on to Mike Manion at Christchurch on 13-05-1996. Its demise came with an over run and overturn on the Waitomo airstrip on 29-12-1996. Its registration was revoked on 27-06-2001 - end of story for DFQ to date.
After the movie the remains of ZK-DCJ went back to Drake Aviation and it was rebuilt using parts from another damaged Cessna 182P. This was c/n 182P-62799. Unfortunately I failed to record its previous identity at the time, but a bit of homework reveals that it was actually the remains of Peter Elworthy's Cessna 182P Skylane ZK-DOW which had over run through a fence and some small trees on 17-01-1982 at Double Hill Station (Upper Rakaia River).
Below is the damaged fuselage of ZK-DOW about to be cut and pasted into ZK-DCJ which was re-registered on 07-06-1990 to Bruce and Rae Drake.

And ZK-DCJ as spotted at Omarama on 06-01-1992.

Saturday 29 May 2010

A couple of Robinson Helicopter moves.

These two Robinson Helicopters appear in the recent CAA ownership change listing.
Top pic is of the R44 Astro ZK-IVP , c/n 0293 , as seen at Hanmer Springs on 20-05-2009. This was imported from Japan in early 2003 by Skysales and joined Amuri Helicopters at Hanmer from 26-08-2005. It was noted for sale on Trade Me early this year. It is now with Highland Hunters Ltd of Auckland - listed on 14-02-2010. Its replacement at Hanmer is the Raven 11 ZK-HTF5.

Bottom view is of the R22 Beta ZK-HDJ5 , c/n 4410 , taken on 15-03-2010, which Skysales Aviation (NZ) Ltd at Christchurch registered on 30-01-2009. It has remained as a stock item. See earlier posting at On 29-04-2010 it was relisted to Quantum Learning NZ Ltd of Whangarei.

PAC 750XL c/n 139 D-FGOJ news.

Pacific Aerospace 750XL c/n 139 was ZK-JDQ2 from 12-02-2008.
It headed offshore from Hamilton to Auckland and Lord Howe Island on 22-04-2008. It went through to Longreach the next day and then to Darwin on the 24th and Denpasar on the 25th.
It was heading to GoSky AG of Berlin for its skydiving activities. Its NZ registration was cancelled on 18-03-2009 for it to become D-FGOJ. It has recently been working in Portugal and recently made the headlines.
The above photo was taken at Hamilton on 20-03-2008.

Miles Hawk Trainers

To me, the Hawk Trainers seem to have been designed during F G Miles ugly phase.

ZK-AYW I think at Waharoa

A pity that ZK-ALO was not the one chosen to be rebuilt at MoTAT as this had a far more significant NZ history. It arrived prewar and served with the Otago aero club as ZK-AEY before wartime service as NZ586.
Postwar it returned to Otago as ZK-ALO and then moved to Waipawa before arriving at Matamata in 1952.

ZK-ALO at what looks to be Mangere

L8353 is currently in a high-up dark corner of the display area at MoTAT, and is impossible to view or photograph in that location. Pity.

Friday 28 May 2010

I remember when.

This view of ZK-AYW was taken in February last year when I dropped into Te Kuiti.
The locals were busy painting the exterior of their Club House (Most were actually partaking of tea and scones).
On the wall of the Club House are several photographs. This was one of them. Alas I failed to notice the reflection from the windows.

Built as a Miles Hawk Trainer Mk111 for the Royal Air Force about September of 1938 it was allocated the RAF serial of L8353 and carried the constructors number of 779. It served well during World War Two, including time back with Miles Aircraft during 1940/1941. It also spent time with the 8EFTS (Elementary Flying Training School) during 1943 and wore the code FD-TE and flew over 3500 hours before being demobbed. It was inducted onto the UK register as G-AMMC with W A Rollason Ltd in 1953 for export to NZ for the Waitomo Aero Club. It became ZK-AYW on 18-11-1953 and received its CofA on 03-12-53. It was damaged at Raglan on 22-02-1954 but was repaired and remained with the Club until sold to R G Perry (still at Te Kuiti) on 14-02-1961. By July it was with the Piako Aero Club of Matamata until being withdrawn from use on 02-09-1962 with 4302 flying hours. Its Gipsy Major engine I believe went to the Tiger Moth ZK-DAM some years later.
It was presented by L R Nicholson to MoTaT on 20-11-1967 and its registration was cancelled on 19-12-1980. It is now preserved at MoTaT using parts from fellow Magister/Hawk Trainer ZK-ALO and wears its military L8353 colour scheme.

Photo below shows the workers at rest.

Question time # 99

A photograph from the archives.
Caution ! viewing this photo for too long may sear the eyes.

I will make it a triple banger question time.

1. Can you put a name on this fine specimen of humanity. (This would have to be worth a chocolate fish) ?

2. What is the aircraft make and model being "worked" on" ?

3. Would you care to offer a possible ZK registration ?

Be advised that no correspondence will be entered into and names may have to be changed to protect the innocent.

Trans Alpine Scooter Rally. Chains required.

Not directly connected to NZ Civil Aviation, but supported by some well known aviation names.
The annual fund rasing Trans Alpine Scooter Rally is meant to move out from Christchurch tomorrow.

I managed to capture this shining example being readied.
Click on
And then look in "Support A Rider" and you will see some familiar names participating.
I wish them well in these inclement meteorological conditions.

Tuesday 25 May 2010

Twin Squirrel ZK-HXO

On my second visit to Ardmore for the day (!), I stumbled across AS355 Twin Squirrel ZK-HXO in the livery of its most recent operator, Rick Lucas Helicopters.

At Mechanics Bay 19Mar 2004 with Helilink/Airwork whom it operated with from its initial importation in July 2001.

At Ardmore 28Aug 2007 looking very much like the Police "Eagle" machines with the addition of Helilink titles and a not so easy to read "XO" on the tail.

And at Ardmore 25May 2010 in full Helipro colours.

Question time # 98 resolved

ZK-CKE scores again.
It is indeed the Bristol 170 Freighter ZK-EPA1 as seen at Awhitu.
Three photos show it lurking in the bushes on 25-02-2009. The bottom view is of it at Ardmore on 09-08-1985.As you can see, it is an ex RNZAF aircraft.
It started with the Bristol Aeroplane Company as G-AINS with the construction number 12833 on 27-01-1947 and was allocated (but did not wear) the manufacturers serial of G-18-99. It was delivered to NZ and taken on charge by the RNZAF as NZ5902 on 13-12-1951. Its UK registration was not cancelled until 17-04-1952.
It was withdrawn from RNZAF use at Whenuapai on 23-03-1977.
It, along with several others went to R S Dwen of Ardmore with whom it became ZK-EPA on 17-08-1978. Its NZ civil registration was cancelled on 01-03-1988.

So I would like to know if it just sat at the Dwen yard for nearly ten years ; and when did it go out to Awhitu ?

View of ZK-EPA at Ardmore on 09-08-1985.

New to the register

The second Citation 510 Mustang to wear the registration ZK-MUS arrived at Ardmore during the evening of 24May and was still there this morning. It was delivered to Wellington 23Apr10.

AS350B Squirrel ZK-HSE/4 was registered to Rotorflite of Clevedon 05May10 and it was also at Ardmore today. The colour scheme displays that typically worn by aircraft of Japanese lineage. It was noted departed Ardmore southbound 29May and underwent an ownership change 01Jun to Stewart Island Helicopters.

Monday 24 May 2010

Question time # 98

Now what type of flying machine was this then ?
What ZK registration would you care to put on it ?

Beech A23-24 Musketeer ZK-FRO

I have received some low resolution photos from Peter Layne, taken recently, showing the fuselage of ZK-FRO in the Seaview Wreckers yard at Porirua, two of which I have included at the bottom of this posting.

Beechcraft A23-24 Musketeer Super 3, c/n MA-181 , was I believe a 1967 production aircraft which arrived and was uncrated at Hawker De Havilland at Bankstown on 10-04-1969 and was registered as VH-DYG1. The only listed Australian operator I can find was Sunland Aviation Service Pty Ltd of Archerfield.
On 08-11-1969 it was registered as ZK-DAD to the Wellington Aero Club. Colour scheme was from memory - blue lower fuselage with white upper and tail, with red and gold trim lines.
Top pic shows her at Wellington on 06-07-1971 with the Pig ZK-DAI behind.
Second view is after take off from the Picton airstrip on 17-04-1972.

On 03-01-1973 it looked like this at Wellington.

And on 19-07-1973 it was even more naked, being prepared for a repaint outside the Aero Club hangar at Wellington

Ending up like this - In the Club colour scheme of yellow and black trim with stylised WAC on the tail

Same day
It then passed to a series of owners, including Westland Air of Hokitika from 04-03-1974; Hired to the Stratford Aero Club briefly in 1974; To A P Orchard at Greymouth on 12-11-1974. R E J Turner of Ardmore had it from 01-04-1977 followed by T C Williams and K T Lochore at Masterton from 16-07-1977. B W Saunders of Auckland appears on 26-07-1988 and on this same day it was re-registered as ZK-FRO.
Under its new rego it passed through the hands of T R Willigers at Whitianga from 20-05-1997; R J & D J Lees of Thames from 29-09-98. To F P Radisich at Thames on 02-09-99 and the to Abdul Hamees of Auckland on 04-10-2002.
It had fuel problems on take off at Hamilton on 15-01-2004 and force landed at Rukahia. Its registration was revoked on 02-06-2004.

These two shots show ZK-FRO at Hokitika on 09-03-1993, and a nice view of her at Omarama on 19-01-1995

Two recent views from Peter Layne showing ZK-FRO in the wreckers yard.

Sunday 23 May 2010

Draggin out the photos of ZK-AXI

The first time I saw the Dragon was at an airshow at the old Fenton Street airfield at Rotorua, 9th March 1963. Owned by the Nelson Aero Club, it was silver with black & red trim. Purchase price paid by the club was £2700.

Shortly after this, in July 1963, the Dragon was laid up at Nelson, awaiting overhaul.
Bradshaw bought ZK-AXI 'as is' and carried out the overhaul work.
Seen here under his ownership at Wanganui 7th February 1967

The aircraft was sold to AFS for sold £1250.
Seen here at Ardmore in April 1967. The signwriting reads 'Mini Liner' and '1932 DH84 Dragon' which is stretching the truth a bit.

In an Ardmore hangar after the April 1967 crash

Overhead Omaka 8th April 2007