Saturday 29 May 2010

PAC 750XL c/n 139 D-FGOJ news.

Pacific Aerospace 750XL c/n 139 was ZK-JDQ2 from 12-02-2008.
It headed offshore from Hamilton to Auckland and Lord Howe Island on 22-04-2008. It went through to Longreach the next day and then to Darwin on the 24th and Denpasar on the 25th.
It was heading to GoSky AG of Berlin for its skydiving activities. Its NZ registration was cancelled on 18-03-2009 for it to become D-FGOJ. It has recently been working in Portugal and recently made the headlines.
The above photo was taken at Hamilton on 20-03-2008.


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  2. Looks like the 750XL is sporting a 4 blade prop now