Thursday 6 May 2010

Question time # 96 resolved.

ZK-CKE gets the type correct as Miles Messenger.

Roger gets the airfield correct as Taieri.

Greybeard (welcome back aboard) gets the registration correct as ZK-AWE and adds some useful comments.
(I suppose you want your share of the chocky fish then ! I didn't actually ask for the registration).
The photo is of Miles M.38 Messenger 2A ZK-AWE ,c/n 6717 , and was taken at Taieri in March of 1968.
We have been blessed with five of these on our register, with one, ZK-CMM2 still currently listed.
Does anybody know the current status of the project to revive ZK-ATT (mid North Island), and what about c/n 6707 G-AKEZ, which I believe came to NZ in 2006 ?
Now if roger would like to flick me an email ( with his postal address I can forward a king size sprat.


  1. G-AKEZ currently being painted. Hope to fly later in the year.

  2. Thanks Bruce.

    Is it remaining as G-AKEZ ?

    Be a change from Tigers and Robins etc.

  3. Second thoughts.
    Pencilled in as ZK-AKE.