Saturday 22 May 2010

Soon to be ZK'd................

Arriving at Ardmore in October 2008, Mike Condon photo

Citation 501 N800DT has been resident in NZ since 19 December 2002 when it arrived at Ardmore concluding its delivery flight to Auckland businessman Barry Coleman. Its arrival was really the beginning of what has been a resurgance in the business jet population for NZ and it has now far exceeded that of the heady days of the late 80's prior to the sharemarket collapse.

N800DT has been resident with Dennis Thompson's Corporate Flight Services since delivery and was operated by them on behalf of the owner. However time has marched on and the aircraft has moved to the Air National stable located at Auckland Airport arriving there on 19Mar this year. In keeping with the other business jets operated by Air National, N800DT will soon be placed on the ZK register thereby making it available for charter work adding to the already extensive and somewhat under utlised fleet of aircraft already 'on the books' for such activities.

the addition of N800DT to the ZK register will see the business jets on our local registrations consist of:
Citation Mustang : LCA, MOT, MUS, PGA
Citation Sovereign : JTH
Citation CJ3+ : TBM
Citation 501 : (N800DT)
Gulfstream G200 : RGB
Westwind II : RML
Learjet 35A : XVL
and soon to be registered
Gulfstream 550 : KFB

In addition, Auckland has Falcon 900EXE N146EX and Global Express XRS N57LE as residents.

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