Thursday 13 May 2010

Question time # 97 resolved - but !

Mit scores with the Schneider ES-52 Kookaburra glider ZK-GBB , c/n ES52/11-26 , taken at German Road on the 20th March 2010.
This first flew on 14-09-1957 having been registered to the Marlborough Gliding and Soaring Club (Inc) of Blenheim on the 11th.
But - can you tell us what has happened to it since about 1995 ?
Mit - well done - flick me an email to with your postal address & the fish is yours.


  1. It first had a cessna thrown on top of it in high wing wrecking the tailplane and rear fuse, then the wing fell off its trailer on the way from Rotorua to Inglewood. since then it has been restored by volunteers at the Norfolk road Aviation club. its interesting to note it is NZ's last remaining side-by-side glider. Am I close?

  2. Yo there Mit.
    Tell me more.
    Keep it coming.

    What Cessna - Where - what date ???

    Any idea of the date of the trailer incident ?

    I ask because I really do not know.

    Sounds like it has had a substantial rebuild then !

    Would you class the Stemme GDC & GTR as side by side gliders ?


  3. I just looked up my old logbook and seems I flew GBB in Blenheim on October 31 1966 [44 years ago!]in order to get a tow rating.I still remember it was a horrible thing to fly!

  4. Designed and built in Orstraylya, so what else would you expect ?

  5. Hi there, Im not to sure which cessna or where or the trailer of that matter, but I do have a book a home it may be in.
    Yes to true about GDC and GTR, I was misinformed!

  6. Yo there Mit.

    Tks anyway.

    You would probably be correct if you added "Vintage" to your "last remaining side-by-side"