Wednesday 30 September 2015

Something different at NZCH today.

 Something not normally seen at Christchurch International is a Raytheon 1900D with a cowl off and a committee in session !

Seen today at Rangitata Island. ZK-CVK.

Ross Marfell reports from Rangitata Island today and sent in these pics of the ICP Savannah XL ZK-CVK2  (c/n 10-07-51-916) as listed to the South Eyre Trust since 09-02-2015.
 It was built by an owner/pilot of Perth and hangared at Northam about two hours drive to the east of the City. It is powered by a Rotax 912 with a Bolly three bladed propeller.
It was shipped in a container from Freemantle to NZ.
You will note that it still carries its Australian Ultralight Federation markings (often referred to a phone numbers) but the fifth star on the rudder has cunningly been covered with a NZ sticker.
Well done Alastair.

ZK-IGA returns

 The McDonnell Douglas 500N NOTAR ZK-IGA (c/n LN078) entered the NZ register thanks to Heli Maintenance at Christchurch International Airport on 16-12-2014 registered to CVI Aviation Ltd. It had been imported from Canada.
 The pic above was snapped at Heli Maintenance back on 21-01-2015 prior to it being exported to Oz.
Above we see it back marked as VH-IIQ in the Heli Maintenance hangar on 15-09-2015 awaiting transfer back to the NZ register again.
It was re-registered back to ZK-IGA on 29-09-2015 to Glacier Country Helicopters Ltd  and will join their AS 350BA ZK-HFH and the Kawasaki Hughes 369HS ZK-HBS at Franz Josef.
It is seen above today outside the Heli Maintenance facility.
It is nice to see a bit of colour has added to it.

Monday 28 September 2015

Question time # 180 resolved

And the winner is Anonymous with

Piper PA28RT-201T Turbo Arrow IV ZK-TFD.
My next question is :-
How do I deliver the said chocolate fish to you Anonymous ?
Want to give me a clue ?

Another almost forgotten skiplane.

Pilatus PC-6 B1-H2 Porter ZK-FZB c/n 634.

This Porter was built at Stans in Switzerland and registered to Pilatus Flugzeugwerke on 10-03-1967 for delivery to A/S Flytransport of Norway to become LN-VIJ from 06-02-1969.
It was damaged at Hamar on 15-07-1969 and rebuilt by Pilatus.
Next I have it listed as VH-FZB from 14-10-1975 with Forrester Stephen (the Australian agents) for use by the Australian Antarctic Program.
The two photos below show it as VH-FZB.
Above we see it "on the Ice" reasonably well tied down in a bit of a "blow".
Note the lift destroying beams on the upper wing.
The above shot was taken at Essendon in November 1976 and comes from the Mike Madden archive via Tony Arbon. 
Note it still has skis fitted and miscellaneous airborne survey aerial arrays.
On 07-11-1977 ownership transferred to H C Sleight Aviation Ltd of Melbourne.
It arrived in NZ on 27-09-1981 with its Australian registration being cancelled on 01-10-1981 for it to become ZK-FZB for The Mount Cook Group Ltd of Christchurch from the following day.
Below we have two photographs of ZK-FZB, with skis, as seen at Twizel (Now known as Pukaki) on 18-10-1981.
Note the "VH" letters still faintly visible on the fuselage side.
Alas it was blown over at Mount Cook Airfield on 17-07-1982 and was then stored at Queenstown for a few years before being exported to Canada in an "as is" condition.
Its NZ registration was cancelled on 22-06-1989 for it to enter the Canadian system as C-FPZB on the 27th to Air Alps/Glacier Air - still on skis.
The pic below shows it at Squamish British Columbia as C-FPZB on 23-05-1993 . Pic by Damiano Guildoni.
In July of 2007 it departed Canada and popped up on the German register as D-FSCB the following month with FSC Bruchsal. 
During 2000 it was upgraded to a B2-H2 model and was given the name "Phoenix". In early 2003 it appears to have become a B2-H4 model and  in April of 2004 it was fitted with a PT-6A-34 engine with four blade prop.
Below we see it at Malsch-Heidelberg on 13-07-2008 thanks to Harry Kruger.
In February 2012 ownership moved to Skydive Westerwald/Phonix Air GbR and then to Skydive Westerwald/Maurer Meinhard. that July.
If you have managed to read this far  - you may be interested to know that this aircraft is currently for sale.
Check out :-

Sunday 27 September 2015

Question time # 180

Time for another Question!
You know the jazz.

Likely registration
Chocolate Fish.

NZRT Visitation 27-09-2015

My regular Friday pie run to Rangiora was a day late this week.
Here we have a selction of the late Saturday mornings activity.
Above is the Nelson Aviation College Cessna 152 ZK-NAI3 (c/n 15285392) arriving. This one previously operated as ZK-EWI from 1982 until changing in August 2012.
 The Canterbury Aero Club was out in reasonable numbers with the Alpha R2160 ZK-VCF (c/n 160A-07013) doing its share of circuits. Was originally registered as ZK-CTV2 back in 2007.
 Fully dressed and looking all set to go is the Tony Hay Piper PA-22-150 Caribbean Tail Dragger ZK-ZTH (c/n 22-6967).
Two old Air Force buddies out doing it.
The NZAI CT/4B Airtrainer ZK-JMF (c/n 086) returns to earth whilst the Brian Hall, Ashburton based, North American NA88 Harvard III* ZK-ENE (c/n 88-14672) is preparing to depart.
ZK-JMF was previously NZ1938 whilst ZK-ENE is ex NZ1066.
 Below we have -
 The Tim Gould Zenair CH701 STOL ZK-SLO (c/n 7-6442) joined our aircraft register on the 14th of this month.
 Out getting a cold soak in the mean Northeasterly breeze was the Piper PA28RT-201T Turbo Arrow IV ZK-TFD (c/n 28R-7931086).

Saturday 26 September 2015

Sunny mini trip for Magnaman today.

 Over at Raglan Magnaman found the Hawera Aero Club's Cessna 172N Skyhawk II ZK-EOS (c/n 72633). This has been with the Club since new in late 1979. 
Also noted there was the Grant Halliday Cessna 180 ZK-BSP and the R44 ZK-HHS3.
 Over at Hamilton Magnaman  found the Robinson R44 Raven II ZK-HRR4 (c/n 10084) inside the new Helicopter Corporation Ltd's hangar, with the Connell's Bell 206B JetRanger III ZK-HBG5 (c/n 3941) beyond.
Parked at Hamilton was the Kiwi Regional Airlines SAAB SF340A ZK-KRA (c/n 340A-065).

Easy Riser

The above photograph comes from Russell Woods and shows the Easy Riser, probably at Waitohi, some years ago.
Below is the blurb covering the Easy Riser now in the Timaru Aviation Museum.
Pic below was taken in the Museum on  05-10-2008.

That oft overlooked ski plane.

A very much overlooked skiplane is the Cessna A185F Skywagon ZK-DJM (c/n 18502156) which Air Safaris and Services Ltd of Geraldine purchased new via Rex Aviation (NZ) Ltd in May of 1973.
 It gained its C of A on 11-05-1973.
This replaced their Cessna 180 ZK-BDE which they had operated out of Mesopotamia Station in the Upper Rangitata.
Photo below comes from the CMM collection and was taken at Christchurch in August of 1973.

These two monochrome shots were taken at Timaru on 21-12-1973.
 Below we see DJM at Dunedin receiving regular maintenance - dated 11-02-1975.
From the CMM collection we have a shot of ZK-DJM with skis attached outside Dalhoff and King at Dunedin Airport - alas not date.
 And taken from the Air Safaris and Services web site is a shot of her at the Tekapo Ski Field.
This 185 was sold to J Chesswass of Maxwell near Wanganui in February of 1982 and a couple of weeks later transferred to Walter Holdings Ltd of Brunswick.
Andrew Stevenson of Gisborne took it on from 26-11-2001 and it is seen below at Napier on 13-04-2002 in meat bombing mode -

- with a transfer to his company Farmers Air Ltd on 07-01-2011. 
 It was photographed at Hamilton on 29-03-2009 by Peter Lewis.
Current owner Edward Pinckney Ltd of Otautau listed it from 11-12-2013. 

Friday 25 September 2015

Squirrell ZK-HOQ

Finally I have managed to capture the Aerospatiale AS 350BA Squirrel ZK-HOQ3 out in the sunshine.
This served all its earlier life with Ste Helicap Isles-Les Meldeusies, initially as F-OGNB from 16-06-1986 followed by F-GDXR from later that same year. 
It was assembled by Pacific Helicopters Ltd and registered to Christchurch Helicopters 2001 Ltd on 06-08-2015.

Ardmore trio Tuesday 22nd.

Magnaman visited Ardmore on Tuesday the 22nd September and offers these three photographs as evidence.
Above is the Air Chathams Douglas DC-3 ZK-AWP (c/n 33135/16387).
 Of 1945 vintage it served with the RNZAF as NZ3543 from May of 45 until becoming ZK-AWP with N.Z.N.A.C in July of 1952. It has had an interesting civilian career - probably worthy of a separate post at some point.
 One of Bryan Comerford's latest imports for onward sale is this Eurocopter AS 350B2 Ecureuil ZK-IDI (c/n 4284). This is another ex ERA Helicopters machine with whom it had been registered as N328BF.
It got a mention earlier at :-
Above we have the NAM Syndicates Cessna O-1F Bird Dog ZK-NAM2 (c/n 24106)  ex 57-2928 with the US Army and the Republic of Vietnam Air Force.

Thursday 24 September 2015

Hood May 1957

Here we have three great photos from Andrew Phillpotts collection - thought to be taken by his father at Hood Airfield on 24-05-1957.
The photograph below was taken out in front of the Airlift hangar looking Northeast across the tailplane of De Havilland DH82A Tiger Moth ZK-BFC.
This was c/n 82301 and was registered to Airlift (NZ) Ltd on 04-07-1954 after import from the UK. It was broken up at Masterton in January 1959.
The photo below (a photostitch from two small black and white prints) is looking back towards the Air Contracts hangar and was taken the same day.
Behind the FE loader (center frame) is the Tiger Moth ZK-ASA (c/n 3630) of Air Contracts Ltd. This was originally ZK-AFO until impressed into the RNZAF for wartime service as NZ720. 
Post war it became ZK-ASA with the Hawera Aero Club but was not used by them and went to Tom Withey who was an aircraft engineer with Air Contracts-  to whom it was registered on 20-04-1950.
Beyond is the fuselage of Air Services (Wairarapa) Ltd's Tiger Moth ZK-AYX which was soon to be transferred to Dave Phillpotts ownership.
In the right background are two of Manawatu Aerial Top Dressing's Cessna 180's (either ZK-BDB, ZK-BGG, ZK-BNE or ZK-BEL).
Regarding the two Fletchers that appear.
An educated guess would lead me to think that the Air Contracts one -with a rear view in the top pic and the forward half in lower shot - could well be ZK-BIK - known as the "Ruptured Duck", and The Air Services (Wairarapa) one could well be ZK-BIJ.

The third photograph looks towards the WRAC club house.
The two Tigers on the left are unidentified but a note on the rear mentions the Agricola ZK-BMK and the Auster ZK-AWU.
 The Airlift (NZ) Ltd's Auster Agricola ZK-BMK (c/n B.103) was the one that Mike Daniels put into the Waingawa River shortly after tale off due to ice on the wings on 11-05-1957. It appears here wingless and with what looks like a damaged propeller. It was cancelled from the register on 26-09-1958.
The Auster rear view is of the Mk 5 ZK-AWU (c/n 1828) which at this point in time would have been with Eddie Enterprises and just before sale to D H Rutherford of Leslie Hills (North Canterbury) from 24-06-1957).

More Missing friends.

 There was mention of a book to be published called "The Green Feather" in the post at the following link.:-

This is now available for those interested from the Online bookshop at CopyPress, Nelson for $24.95. 

Tuesday 22 September 2015

ZK-SVQ Cessna 402B

Cessna 402B Utililiner ZK-SVQ (c/n 402B0601) from Kiwi Air Ltd was captures late this afternoon at Hokitika by Ben Patterson.
This aircraft operated in NZ between 1991 and 1999 as ZK-FXS and also recently on its Australian registration of VH-SVQ in the aerial survey role.
It was listed to Kiwi Air Ltd of Gisborne on 07-08-2015.
See previous post at :-

Sunday 20 September 2015

Rangitata Island Spring fly in

In weather that wasn't all that brilliant the Spring Fly In at Rangitata Island went ahead. Cold overcast conditions with aircraft arriving from Cheviot in the North and Taieri in the South and all places in between. A total of 27 aircraft.
A great day for a hot sausage sizzle and a coffee.
Allan Bowman has sent in these photos taken today.
Up from Taieri was the Craig Mitchel Cessna 177B Cardinal ZK-DFV (c/n 17701662) which was originally a New Plymouth Aero Club aircraft from 1972.
Parked beyond is the Cessna 172RG Cutlass II ZK-JCL (c/n 177RG0732) from Timaru.
ZK-DMR is a recent re-registration of Pat Driessen's ZK-RPR (c/n 406) to the DMR Partnership of Timaru.
A Rangitata Island resident is this 80% scale Airdrome Aeroplanes Fokker D-VII Replica ZK-FKR2 (c/n NZ101) as built by Paddy McDonnell for Greg Burt.
 First flown at Ashburton by Evan Belworthy on 06-05-2012.
This Murphy Rebel ZK-FMR2 (c/n 565R) as built by Laurence Farmer of Oamaru - a project started in early 1997 and first flying  on 13-03-2004 - but now with D T Davies of Fairlie.
Something a little different is this Rotorway Exec 162F ZK-IGH2 (c/n 6632) as listed to Jet Exec NZ Ltd of Timaru.
This Rans S-7S Courier ZK-JWK (c/n 0411556) was built by John W Keenan at Timaru. I believe John has headed back to Malta and has sold what was named "Miss Margaret" to Richard Johnson of Timaru in July.
Sid McAuley of Timaru has just taken over this Cessna 182T Skylane ZK-KBL2 (c/n 18281825) from its previous Oamaru owners. Syd also has the Cessna 172S ZK-SID (probably for sale now !).
Jeremy Talbot's Rans S-12 Airaile ZK-KII (c/n 1093446) popped in.
And three locals - Rans S-6-ES Coyote ZK-RHZ (c/n 08031519). Rans S-6-ES Coyote T/D ZK-JOA2 (c/n 01051632) and the DH82A Tiger Moth ZK-BRL (c/n DHNZ123).